About Mauritius

“The play focuses on two half-sisters, Jackie and Mary, who inherit a stamp collection which might be worth a fortune. The title refers to the "Blue Mauritius", one of the world's rarest stamps. The sisters become involved with three men, including the owner of a stamp store Phillip and Dennis, whose occupation is somewhat mysterious. The characters try to out-do each other in attempting to reap possible rewards from the stamp collection.”

Kansas City KS Community College

The Department of Theatre is rooted in the liberal arts tradition.

Our program is one of inclusion and noted for its professional atmosphere, its comprehensive nature, and its close faculty/student working relationship In the department students have the benefits of a small, close-knit program within the environment of a comprehensive, urban community college with courses taught by some of the best professional actors, designers, and technicians in the Kansas City area.

Theatre students are most likely to succeed when they understand completely the theoretical, historical, and practical elements of the theatre. 

We have a very active Drama Club that produces two mainstage plays; one in the fall and one in the spring.

These productions are fully realized by the members of the drama club and only mentored by the faculty.