About The 6th Annual JGW Bowl-a-Thon


Only school appropriate behavior will be tolerated at this event. That means that all students and adults must abide by the school code of conduct, or risk being asked to leave without a refund. This is supposed to be a fun and exciting fundraiser for all of us, so please help us out by cooperating with the rules enforced by our helpers and by Academy Lanes.


Show off your bowling skills in an afternoon of fun and excitement!! $10 per student and $15 per adult will get you a game of bowling (shoes included), 4 arcade tokens, a slice of delicious pizza, a drink, and an unforgettable experience!! There will also be some concessions for sale: bags of chips and bottles of water will be sold for $1.00/each, cookies and brownies will on sale as well, and additional slices of pizza will be sold for $2.00 each.

Throughout the event, everyone will have lots of chances to win a prize. For every spare that anyone scores in their game of bowing, they will earn 2 arcade tokens. For every strike that they score, they will earn a raffle ticket to participate in our raffle table. (This does not include any student or adult who uses bumpers.)
There will also be a “Beat Mr. G” tournament throughout the duration of the event, where students will have a chance to bowl 6 balls against Mr. Gariepy and try to beat him. If the student facing him wins, then they will receive a ticket to the raffle tree. For every loss, Mr. G will be taking a water balloon to the face in the parking lot. Everyone who participates in Bowling Night will have a chance to beat Mr. G at least once. After their first shot, each additional try will cost $2.00.


To reserve a spot, please buy your ticket(s) from this site.

The JGW Drama Club (Haverhill's Best 2023)

The JGW Drama Club has been active at J.G. Whittier Middle School since 2018. The club has produced Hairspray Jr., Willy Wonka Jr., Moana Jr.,  The Lion King Jr.,  Matilda the Musical, and most recently Into the Woods Jr. The drama club also hosts an annual talent show and chorus concert, both of which help to provide funds for the club in return. These efforts have led to complete self-sustainability without the need of additional funding.

Since established in 2018, The JGW Drama Club has gross profited over $20,000. This past year, The JGW Drama Club was voted HAVERHILL'S BEST AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM 2023 by The Eagle Tribune and The Haverhill Gazette.

Mr. Gariepy has been the music teacher at JGW since August 2018. An HHS and JGW alumni (JGW '08-'10 & HHS Class of 2014), Mr. Gariepy has a B.A. in Music from Bridgewater State University (BSU 2021) and teaches private music lessons downtown. He specializes in professional voice instruction and beginners piano.

Mr. G has been the sole choreographer, stage director, and music director for various productions including Hairspray Jr. (2019), Willy Wonka Jr. (2021), Moana Jr. (2022), The Lion King Jr. (2022), Matilda the Musical (2023), and Into the Woods Jr. (2023). He has also starred in local productions like Firehouse Newburyport's RENT (Role: Benny, 2021) and Pentucket Players' Into the Woods (Role: Wolf/Cinderella's Prince, 2021).

"I strive to provide the opportunities I craved to have when I went to school in Haverhill as a child. I can't imagine being anywhere else in my life other than where I am today." -Mr. Gariepy, JGW Music Teacher