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Bridgett Rayburn
is a senior Theater Performance major and has appeared in several shows at JSU including, Imaginary Invalid (Beline), Once Upon a Mattress (Lucille), and A Midsummer's Night dreams (Quince and varying characters) but this is her first Main Stage show where she is directing. Recently she had the opportunity to direct in the One Act Festival this past November. She would like to thank her DINO-mite cast and RAWR-some production team for helping create this amazing show. She would also like to shout out her mentor Carolyn Conover for being a constant support system!
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Stage Manager
Addie Zaner
is a 20-year-old sophomore here at JSU with a major in Theatre Production. This is her second show Stage Managing with the Theatre and Film Dept. and she is so excited to show off the hard work all the student and faculty have put into this show! She hopes it will spread a good message to people of all ages and provide a smile or laugh to anyone who needs it!
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Costume Designer
Eleanor Boozer
Is beyond ecstatic to be the designer of such a fun and wonderful show! Ellie is a fourth-year production student specializing in costume design here at Jacksonville State. She was the costume designer for The Shakespeare Project’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and JSU Drama's production of Boy Gets Girl. Ellie recently was seen in JSU Drama's production of The Importance of Being Earnest as Miss Prism. She is currently an intern for costumes for CAST Kidz Community Theatre company. Ellie would like to thank her fellow production team members for making this process "Dino-Mite!" Please enjoy the show!
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Scenic Designer
Jessica Collier
is excited to be scenic designing JSU Department of Theatre and Film's production of The Big Bad Bullysaurus! Jessica is a junior here at JSU with a concentration in scenic and costume design. She has worked on shows: The Importance of Being Earnest, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Boy Gets Girl and The Laramie Project.
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Props Assistant
Christian Watts
is 22 years is and a drama performance major and this is his first production project and had a fun time doing props for the show and want to thank Jessica Collier for mentoring him and giving me the opportunity to do a hands-on project.

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