Begets: Fall of a High School Ronin Cast

Storm Kopitsch (Emi)
Storm is thrilled to be onstage with Ixion again! She’s previously been in Over The Ledges Songs About Stuff; Ixion Theatre Ensembles Let’s Eat, Fight Girl Battle World, and She Kills Monsters; Peppermint Creek Theatre Company’s Gloria; and LCC Theatre’s Let the Right One In. Storm has a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Sciences and puts it to good use as a librarian by making TikToks for her library. Otherwise, if Storm’s not onstage, she’s usually playing board games, crafting, or reading. Storm would like to thank everyone involved in this production for their generosity, kindness, and silliness. She’d also like to thank all the amazing people who support her behind the scenes.
Jillian Tosolt (Inside Girl)
Jillian/JT is a software developer who has never let go of their theatrical hobbies. Some of their previous shows include Let’s Eat, Fight Girl Battle World (Ixion), Fabulation (Riverwalk), Bright Star (Peppermint Creek), and Macbeth (Roial Players). They would like to thank their family, friends, and The Gamers for supporting them and listening to them ramble about this show for over a year. Also, they’d like to send a special shout-out to Storm, who has been such a joy to be around, on-stage and off, and they can’t imagine doing this show without her. LET’S DO THIS!
Colton Bennett (Patrick)
Cole Bennett plays Patrick in Begets. In the past, he directed a short play, Don't Put Carrots In The Oubliette, as a part of Ixion's Let's Eat show in the spring of 2022. A first-year student at Michigan State University, Cole majors in Digital Storytelling with a concentration in Filmmaking. He looks forward to future collaborations with Ixion, as a member of the cast, and the crew.
Charlsie Cole (Laura)
Charlsie call excited to see you with Ixion theatre once again. She was previously in fight girl battle world and the amazing Jesús. She would like to thank her family and friends and cat for always supporting her.
Neysa Nohara (Mary)
Neysa Nohara has performed in a few plays throughout her 18 years of life including Alice @ wonderland with Mid Michigan Family Theatre, The wolves with Ixion, and Wizard of Oz with Eastern High school. She has also been apart of the hair and makeup crew in previous shows such as Thumbelina and Number the Stars with All of Us Children's Express. Her hobbies include singing, spending time with friends, traveling, and theatre. Neysa's life outlook is to find the little things in life to make you happy.
Tobin Bates (Trey & Sheldon)
Tobin is excited to be back on stage after a long hiatus, and to be rounding out Ixion’s Qui Ngyuen trilogy with “Begets: Fall of a High School Ronin.” He has previously been seen in Ixion’s other two Qui Ngyuen shows, “She Kills Monsters” and “Fight Girl Battle World.” Tobin has an associates in theatre from Lansing Community College. He would like to thank his friends, family, the cast and crew of Begets, and every one in the audience.
Daniel Bonner (DJ MC & Dustin)
Daniel has been in a number of plays among other things. He grew up in Detroit and graduated from the Detroit School of Arts. He made his Ixion debut in She Kills Monsters, received a Pulsar nomination for his role in Brokeology and appeared in Welcome to the White Room. He most recently appeared in Ixion's production of "Skeleton Crew".
Rachel Steffens (Andrea, Chantal & Thatcher)
Rachael Steffens is excited to be back on stage as Shogun Andrea Anderson, Thatcher, and Chantal. Previous productions include "2" The Wolves (Ixion Ensemble), "Pearl MacIsaac" Belle Moral (LCC), and "Dorothy Gale" The Wizard of Oz (LHS). She dedicates her performance to all her supporters, as she could not do this without you.
Sara Frank-Hepfer (Principal Parker)
Kris Vitols (Vice Principal Francone & Freshman)
Kris is excited to be a part of "Begets," his fourth show with the Ixion Ensemble. He is proud to be working with this talented group of performers, several of whom he shared the stage with this past summer, as part of the the "Let's Eat" cast, an award-winning venture with Ixion. When not on stage, Kris enjoys reading, writing, fooling around with his Spotify playlists, and watching too many movies.
Laura Nguyen (Counselor Theresa)
Laura is so excited for her Ixion Ensemble debut! She is a student at Lansing Community College. Some of her past work includes Jenny/Letta in Death of a Salesman (Flint Repertory), Somebody in Everybody, Jessica Bisset in Women Playing Hamlet, and Tybalt Capulet in Romeo and Juliet (LCC). In her free time, Laura loves to go play laser tag and paddleboarding. She would love to thank her family, friends, cast and crew for their love and support. Enjoy the show!
Julie Hartley (Jillee Lee & Kristy)
Holly Sleight-Engler (Mom)
Steve Ledyard (Dad)
This is Steve's... jeez, how manyeth show with Ixion? Dunno. He usually has someone for this. Sorry. It's been awhile, but he is thrilled to be returning to the fold, and also to a stage in the mall, where he used to perform sellout shows five days a week for various corporate overlords. Those days are done, but his days in the theater community at large are possibly just nearing a middle!
Leo Poroshin (Walter)
Richard Kopitsch (K-Dawg)
Richard is excited to be making his debut as a fight choreographer with Ixion! You might have seen him on stage in Let's Eat, Fight Girl Battle World, and a few other Ixion Productions. Enjoy the show!
Tatum Cho (Krystal/Sarah)
Begets: Fall of a High School Ronin is Tatum’s very first show with Ixion, and marks her return to theater after a 10 year hiatus! When not playing pretend on stage with her friends, she spends most of her free time making art and playing TTRPGs with her incredible partner and favorite people in the world. She wouldn’t have had the courage to return to theater without them, and she is thrilled to be able to put on a show both for and alongside those who inspire her the most every day!