About Flamingo Court

Flamingo Court is made up of three short plays all taking place in an apartment building where several retirees live. Angelina, in 104, is a Neil-Simonesque piece where resident Angelina starts to fall for her neighbor Dominic. The only problem is her sick husband in the other room. Surprises abound as their mutual friend tightropes between being matchmaker and keeping each of their secrets.

Clara, in 204, is the shortest piece and also more somber of the three. Clara is suffering from memory loss and struggles with the idea of being away from her husband, Arthur, in a nursing home.

Harry, in 304,  deals with an eighty-nine year-old gentleman who is trying to celebrate his birthday his way; with a hooker. Upon the arrival of his daughter and son-in-law who are trying to get every last penny they can out of their father, Harry has to get even more crafty with his stories. 

Iron Mountain Stage Company, Inc.

Iron Mountain Stage Company, Inc.

PO Box 83, Ringwood, NJ 07456

(201) 452 2031 [email protected] 


IRON MOUNtAIN STAGE COMPANY was founded in April 1993.  We are an award-winning, non-profit performing arts company located in the beautiful mountain setting of Ringwood, New Jersey.  Our goal is to continue to be an integral part of our unique community, and a significant cultural and educational resource to the surrounding areas.  We will present theatrical productions of classic and contemporary plays, and live performances in a variety of styles, constantly striving for the highest artistic standards.

Board of Directors
Bill Benzie, President
Marie Cannici, Vice President
Linda Gerdes, Treasurer
Patty Sullivan, Secretary
Laura Jacobson
Sue Klein