Shrek The Musical Cast

Wicked Witch (Jessie Abdow)
This is Jessie's first show with Inly Players, but she has been an avid performer for her whole life. She participated in countless dance and theater shows through high school and college, but took some time to find performance opportunities in her adult life. That's why she is so excited for SHREK! Outside of school, Jessie is happiest when jamming with her newly-formed band, reading an engrossing novel, or hanging out with friends and family.
Duloc Villager (Bree Antico)
Bree is excited to be performing in her third Inly Players production, having been a Seagull in JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH and a Munchkin / Winged Monkey in THE WIZ. Bree loves riding horses, playing field hockey, playing piano, learning TikTok dances, and joining her father and sister for Broadway performances.
Lord Farquaad (Paul Antico)
Paul is thrilled to be back for his 15th Inly Players performance with so many amazing friends and castmates, particularly his wonderful daughter, Bree. Recent Inly Players roles have included Grasshopper in JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH and Mr. Mayor in SEUSSICAL, as well as David Selznick in MOONLIGHT & MAGNOLIAS (North River Theater). Paul would like to thank his wife, Muffy, for her support of his acting passion and for putting up with his borderline unhealthy obsession with "his" New York Rangers.
Thelonius/Duloc Villager (Stacey Best)
Stacey is a proud Inly parent and has enjoyed watching nearly all of the Inly Players productions since 2014. Stacey is excited to be making her theatrical debut with the Inly players. Stacey enjoys trying new things. This year, in addition to theater, she has taken on running a non-profit, Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers (LCL), and powerlifting.
Pig #1/Fairytale Ensemble (Kayla Black)
Kayla is a fourth-grade student at Inly School. This is her first performance with the Inly Players, however, she has done level plays at Inly and has performed in several other Junior Edition Broadway Musicals locally. Kayla loves to read, play games, and spend time with family and friends.
Young Fiona/Fairytale Ensemble (Violet Black)
Violet is a third-grade student at Inly School. This is her first performance with the Inly Players, however, she has had roles in several other Junior Edition Broadway Musicals locally. Aside from acting and singing, Violet loves gymnastics, art, and playing with her puppy, Kenzie!
Pig #2/Fairytale Ensemble (Anna Cooper)
A third-grade student at Inly, Anna has been waiting for a really, really long time to be an Inly Player. She especially enjoyed rehearsing with her friends and her favorite grown-ups for SHREK. When not performing, Anna can be found playing soccer for South Shore Select, cuddling her AWESOME cat (Boo) who can jump as high as a bunk bed, counting down the days to visit her cousins, or driving up to New Hampshire to visit her horses. Anna would like to thank Meri-Lee, Martha, Marcie, Colleen, and the stage crew...and also, everyone for coming. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Pig #3/Fairytale Ensemble (Emma Cooper)
Emma is a third-grade student at Inly School and is excited to FINALLY be an Inly Player! Emma is thrilled to be part of SHREK because she has met new people. When not on stage, she enjoys playing basketball, showing horses, and spending time with her many (many) pets. Emma is grateful for all the friends, family, and animals who surround her with love.
Cow/Fairytale Ensemble (Amelia Crespo)
Amelia is in the 5th grade at Inly, and this is her first show with Inly Players. She has recently been in productions of ALICE AND WONDERLAND and WILLY WONKA. Outside of acting, Amelia enjoys singing and horseback riding. She also loves her six-year-old dog, Kali.
Shrek (Chris D'Orio)
Chris is blessed to have the chance to work with a wonderful intergenerational theater experience here at Inly. After starting on the professional stage at the ripe old age of 4, he has performed regionally and locally since coming up to Massachusetts in 1997, at The Company Theater (Amos in CHICAGO), Mansfield Music and Arts Society (Herr Schultz in CABARET - nominee - supporting actor; Nick in AVENUE Q), The Warner Theater in Connecticut (Blake in GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS), and Cohasset Dramatic Club (Uncle Fester in ADDAMS FAMILY, Nicely-Nicely in GUYS AND DOLLS). W.C. Fields was wrong - performing with kids and dogs is kind of awesome... especially these kids. Love to my North Star, and my four bags of gold.
Wolf (Alvin Delgado)
Alvin has previously been a part of smaller productions, including BRIGADOON and PIRATES OF PENZANCE, and he is very excited to be performing with the Inly Players for the first time. When not on stage, Alvin is at home on slopes at 12000 feet and can also be found enjoying the sun and surf on Nantucket beaches. Alvin is the proud parent of 2 Inly students and is very grateful for the support of his family who makes every day a great adventure.
Princess Fiona (Caroline deLima Rubb)
Caroline is very excited to join the Inly Players and to do her first show ever with her boys Leo and Banjo! This is Caroline’s second year as a teacher in Toddler House 3. Having last been on a stage almost 20 years ago, Caroline is happy to dip her toes into the performing pool again. Every thanks to Eric for being my behind-the-scenes partner and Ellie for being so easygoing about others putting her to bed!
Blind Mouse 1/Fairytale Ensemble (Banjo deLima Rubb)
This is Banjo's second-ever production and first with the Inly Players. And it is certainly his first with his brother, Leo, and his Mom! Banjo's other interests include soccer, football stats, and reading.
Bluebird/Fairytale Ensemble (Leo deLima Rubb)
This is Leo’s first play! Offstage, Leo loves playing with his siblings and cousins. He plays soccer and has found a new love of Karate. Leo can often be heard beatboxing or drumming on any nearby surface - he wants to be a Blue Man like his dad one day!
Humpty Dumpty/Fairytale Ensemble (Lily Dell)
This is fifth-grader Lily Dell’s first year at Inly and performing with the Inly Players. She has been in multiple small plays such as Kids’ Cabaret’s JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH. As well as acting, Lily loves comedy improv, and drawing. Her first love is her full-of-personality Ragdoll kitten, Mochi.
Mama Ogre/Duloc Villager (Leah Dering-Ridley)
Leah's acting career began at age three when she appeared alongside her father in Ibsen's A DOLL'S HOUSE production. It pretty much ended then too. With only minor middle, high school, and college performances peppering her past, Leah continues to find the challenge of acting while singing AND dancing quite daunting, but mostly fun. All with The Inly Players, Leah has appeared as a Boylan Sister in ANNIE, a Bird Girl in SEUSSICAL, a Tornado and Glinda in THE WIZ, and, most recently, as Sponge in JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH. Leah enjoys gardening, walking, spending time with her family, cooking, and making sugar-paste flowers (long story.) She hopes you enjoy the show!
Young Shrek/Fairytale Ensemble (Haven DuClos)
Haven is a fourth grader at Inly, and this is his first role in an Inly Players production. In his free time, Haven enjoys snowboarding, ocean sports, Taekwondo, technology, and all things related to maps, modes of travel, and adventure. Haven has a way with animals and often dotes on his three chickens and two cats, Beau and Arrow.
Blind Mouse 2/Fairytale Enemble (Ellie Dziedzic)
Ellie is excited to perform in her first Inly Players production, having previously taken part in level musicals at school. Ellie enjoys many hobbies off of the stage including gymnastics, basketball, horseback, and sewing. If you ever need a witty one-liner or strong voice of advocacy for fairness, Ellie is your go-to person!
Teen Fiona/Duloc Villager (Emelia Dziedzic)
Emelia is a seventh-grade student at Inly School who enjoys playing basketball and swimming. This is Emelia's fourth time performing with Inly Players. She was Cindy Lou Who in SEUSSICAL, Dorothy in THE WIZ, and was a bug, flower, and seagull in JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH. Emelia has enjoyed performing in other acting venues such as Short Fuse, Theater Project, Inly Summer Camp, and Break A Leg Theater Works. Needless to say, acting on stage is a passion that runs deep for Emelia.
Fairytale Ensemble (Lila Ferguson)
I am a fifth-grade student at Inly School and I have been doing theater for about three years. My passion is music/musical instruments but I do love going to a good musical. I love theater because it's being a part of something special that you helped make come alive!
Blind Mouse 3/Fairytale Ensemble (Caroline Fish)
Caroline is a fourth-grade student at Inly School and a member of the Inly Dance Company. She has performed in several productions with South Shore Stageworks and is very excited for her first role with the Inly Players. Aside from acting, she enjoys dance, singing, artistic swimming, and softball. She especially loves playing with her new golden retriever puppy, Lola.
Grumpy Dwarf/Fairytale Ensemble (Braeden Flaherty)
Braeden is a 4th grader at Inly and this is his first performance with the Inly Players. Braeden follows the legacy of his oldest brother Conor and even older father, Kyle, both Inly Player alumni. When not singing and dancing Braeden enjoys timed Rubik’s Cube solving, skiing, and playing outside with his friends.
Knight/Duloc Villager (Ava Goicoechea)
Ava is happy to be back for her second Inly Players show. Before her debut in JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH, Ava performed in class plays as well as with Inly's summer program. Outside of theater, Ava also enjoys swimming, reading, art, and music.
Mama Bear (Lianne Jasper Gillespie)
This is Lianne's first experience with theater, but she is excited to be a part of this production. Lianne is the Director of Information Technology here at Inly, is a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 4. Lianne is an artist, photographer, avid reader, knitter, and loves to spend time with her family and friends in her free time.
Gingy/Fairytale Ensemble (Diana Lee)
Diana is a Fourth Grade student at the Inly School. This is her first Inly Players debut, and she is excited to have a solo part. Aside from acting, she enjoys playing the violin, drawing, and reading. She is especially interested in Japanese manga, called One Piece. Diana also participated in A.C.T. Summer Camp and did a poetry presentation in Third Grade. She is grateful to her parents because they encouraged her to audition for a solo part.
Fairytale Ensemble (Chelsea Lonsdale )
Chelsea is a fifth-grader in UE1. This is her first performance at Inly, although she has watched many Inly productions when her brother was a cast member. Outside of acting, she enjoys reading, swimming, and painting. She also enjoys playing with her cats Coco and Theo.
Guard/Duloc Villager (Suzanne MacKay)
Suzanne is thrilled to be performing for the first time with the Inly Players in Shrek with her daughter, Lia. To prepare for the role of Guard, she drew extensively from her ensemble experience with Young People's Summer Theater (1983-1985). When not honing her acting craft, she is a physician at South Shore Medical Center. Before 2020, she enjoyed spending time with family and friends, as well as yoga, reading, and travel, and hopes to again soon.
Duloc Villager (Lia Martinez)
Lia is a sixth-grade student at Inly. She is excited to be performing for the first time with the Inly Players in Shrek. New to acting, though not to performing on stage, Lia enjoys tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, lyrical, and pointe. Lia's passion is horseback riding, and she loves spending time with her horse, Chaz, as well as dogs, Tiny and Emmy.
Knight/Duloc Villager (Oliver Massey)
Oliver is excited to be returning to the Inly stage and the SHREK THE MUSICAL cast as a Knight! Oliver previously performed with the Inly Players in 2019 performing numerous roles as Buzz, Bug, and a Seagull in JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH. Oliver is a co-founder and the Director of Entertainment at BowMassey Labs, a company designed to promote the arts, and is looking forward to staging and directing his fourth season of musical theater this summer. When not on or behind the stage, Oliver enjoys reading, drawing, tennis, boxing, karate, and of late soccer. Oliver is grateful to Meri-Lee, Colleen, Martha, and Donna for supporting him every step of the way. Enjoy the show!
Bishop/Duloc Villager (Thomas Mbungo)
Thomas is excited to be back with Inly players! After his role as a Hollywood agent in JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH, Thomas is looking forward to a new role as the Bishop in SHREK, THE MUSICAL!
Duloc Villager (Emma McLaughlin)
Emma recently moved back to Massachusetts from California. This is her first performance with the Inly Players. While living in California, she was able to play the part of Lumiere for her dance company's performance of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. In her free time, Emma enjoys reading, knitting, and sewing.
Donkey (Stephanie McLaughlin)
Stephanie and her family recently moved back to Massachusetts from California. She loves working at Inly as the Upper School Learning Specialist and has really enjoyed being in the same school with her two daughters (Emma, UE3 & Tess, LE1). In her free time, she loves going to the beach, reading, and playing the piano. Stephanie spent her childhood summers at the Harwich Junior Theatre and is excited to be back on stage as an Inly Player!
Dragon (Donna Milani Luther)
An active member of the Inly Players for the past 15 years, Donna loves bringing children's stories to life for the Inly community and beyond! In addition to the honor of serving as Inly's Head of School for the past 26 years, Donna is a member of the Leadership Development faculty for the Creative Education Foundation at the University of Buffalo, where she teaches educators and business professionals the art and science of Creativity. She is also founding director of Summer Stars Camp for the Performing Arts, a summer program for underserved teens.
Duloc Villager (Kai Molchon)
Kai is from Brooklyn and just moved to Scituate last year. This is his first time with the Inly Players. When he has free time he likes to play video games, do 3d modeling on his computer, and just about anything else tech-related. He also enjoys sports like soccer. He has played soccer from an early age and loves to play it now.
Fairytale Ensemble (William Murdock)
William, an Inly fifth-grader, has not missed an Inly Players production since he enrolled at 3 years of age and is very excited to be back with the Inly Players! In addition to grade-level plays at school, Will has performed in REALLY ROSIE and THE SHOW MUST GO ON. Off stage, Will practices taekwondo, plays piano, and loves anything outdoors. He has two sisters, and they are his number one fans. Enjoy the show!
Baby Bear (Stephanie Nichols)
Stephanie is an Upper Elementary Teacher at the Inly School. This is her first performance with the Inly Players and her first musical performance ever. Aside from acting, Stephanie loves knitting, sewing, and spending time with her wife, Dawn, and child, Sasha. She also loves hanging out with Watson, the queen of all bearded dragons and UE3's class pet extraordinaire.
Knight/Duloc Villager (Siena Oliver)
Siena is a seventh-grade student at Inly School. This is her fourth production with the Inly Players and she has performed in all of the offered productions at Inly. She loves all things to do with reading and enjoys writing books along with singing and hanging out with friends.
Knight/Duloc Villager (Axel Pena)
Axel is excited that the Inly Players are back together again. He was last on this stage in 2019 in THE WIZ and the year before in SEUSSICAL. He has performed in multiple other plays at Inly. Axel enjoys playing the violin, the piano, and Nerding out.
Duloc Villager (Cassia Porciatti)
Cassia is a seventh-grade student at Inly, and this is her first Inly Players performance, though she did take part in LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD last year and ALICE AND WONDERLAND this year. She also partook in a Harry Potter talent show and numerous Hollywood and Vine plays. She loves reading, music, Anime, and jewelry making, along with all clothing making and designing. She is passionate about all martial arts and combat, and is really excited to be participating in her first Inly Players production.
Puss in Boots/Fairytale Ensemble (Eve Reichert)
Eve is a 5th-grade student in UE2. She is excited to take part in another Inly Players Production, having previously performed in JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH. Outside of school, she enjoys skiing, horseback riding, and reading. She also loves playing with her cats, Holly and Dancer, and taking her dog, Josie, hiking.
Peter Pan (Tyler Reichert)
Thankful to be back on the Inly stage this year, Tyler played in JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH way back in 2020. When not on stage he enjoys mountain biking, skiing, and camping.
Moon/Fairytale Ensemble (Mari Roth)
Mari is a fourth-grade student at Inly School. While this is her debut performance with the Inly Players, her prior acting experience includes lessons at Spotlight Music and Theater Academy. When not performing, Mari enjoys swimming with the Kingfish Swim Team and playing with her dog, Pickle. She is excited to see her friends and family at the production.
Knight/Duloc Villager (Michael Sheehan)
Michael is a seventh-grader who has participated in every Inly Players Productions since SEUSSICAL when he was in third grade. He loves musical theater and music in general. He is a multi-instrumentalist, he can play instruments such as the guitar, piano, bass, and drums. He has aspirations to be a writer, loves horror movies, alt-rock, and pop culture.
Duloc Villager (Katherine Silvers)
Katherine is a 7th grader at Inly and has performed in several plays, including STONE SOUP, PHANTOM OF THE MUSIC ROOM, and THE LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD RAP. SHREK THE MUSICAL is her 3rd Inly Players Production, following THE WIZ and JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH. At home, she enjoys drawing, photography, and playing games with her siblings and friends!
Ugly Duckling (Ana Sullivan)
Ana, a seventh-grade student at Inly, is thrilled to be back for her fourth Inly Players. She previously played the centipede in JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH, a Munchkin/Winged Monkey in THE WIZ, and a Who in SEUSSICAL. She has also performed in various shows outside of Inly, including a virtual production of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL with Break A Leg Theaterworks and a production of INTO THE WOODS with Bowmassey Labs. Apart from theater, Ana enjoys performing in the Middle School band, reading, and listening to show tunes.
Papa Ogre/Duloc Villager (Mark Sullivan)
Mark's daughter Ana has finally convinced him to jump in and join the Inly Players. For that, and her constant support and guidance, he's very grateful. He's excited to also join his younger daughter Molly onstage. It's not his first time acting though; he's appeared in national TV spots, from his time in NYC. He's been a theater fan for a long time, dating back to his roles in Kids' Cabaret in Hingham, and in any school play that came along. He thanks his wife Cristina for her patience while he practiced his song.
Fairytale Ensemble (Molly Sullivan)
Molly is excited to join the Inly Players this year. She has had fun with theater in the past, with a role as Bertha Lee in her Kindergarten play, NANNY GOATS GRUFF as part of the ensemble in the Lower Elementary production of THE ARTFUL DODGERS and she has participated in an LE poetry event. In her free time, she likes to make crepes, play with her grandparents' Bernese Mountain dog Francine, sew, ski, and go to the beach.
Duloc Villagers (Nora Walsh)
Nora is a sixth-grader in UE2 and ecstatic to be making a return to the stage with the Inly Players. She previously appeared in THE WIZ! and JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH and Inly School’s STONE SOUP, SCHOOL DAZE, PHANTOM OF THE MUSIC ROOM, LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, and JACK AND ANNIE where she played Keenan the dungeon keeper. Nora loves to spend time with friends and family, go to the beach, travel, read, and draw, ... or talk or sing anything Hamilton. She wants to thank all of her friends and family for their support and hopes you enjoy SHREK!
Pinocchio (Alec Whitmore)
Alec's introduction to acting was in the 2016 Kid’s Cabaret musical WILLY WONKA. Since then his love of theatre has grown and he continues to perform in new shows each year. Most recently he played Max in THE SOUND OF MUSIC. When not performing, Alec enjoys playing video games, skiing, and having fun with friends.