About 30 Horrible Catastrophies of Middle School

Dodgeball! Flirting! Selfies! The cool bench! Body spray for men! All the Horrors of Middle School! Plus, the usual victims: The nerds, the jocks, the preps, the punkers and many others, team up to demonstrate the “worst” catastrophes of their generation in this one-act comedy about fitting in and finding acceptance. While poking fun at teenaged insecurities and superficial stereotypes, this fast-paced vignette-style play examines the obstacles and pitfalls of middle school and reminds all those who have already traversed that world that nostalgia isn’t what it used to be. This cheerful production will warm the heart of anyone who dares experience the 30 Horrible Catastrophes of Middle School!

Hungary Creek Middle School

We're very excited to be able to be back on the stage again!! This is our 19th year and we are super excited to present “30 Horrible Catastrophes of Middle School!!"

Our past productions include: What Happened After Once Upon a Time, Into the Woods, Jr., Excuses, Excuses, Godspell, Jr., Mulan, Jr., After Hours, The Monster Journals, Aladdin, Jr., Alice in Wonderland, Jr., Cinderstein, Schoolhouse Rock Jr., Snapshots, Willy Wonka Jr., How to Eat Like a Child, and many more!!