Bring It On! The Musical Cast

Ashley Bryan (Campbell)
is a senior, she had participated in Drama Society since 8th grade. You may have seen her last year as Matron Mama Morton in Chicago or this fall as Demetrius.
Morgan Weatherbee (Eva)
Morgan is a senior in high school and has been singing and performing for over nine years. Her first show began with The Wizard of Oz Jr. with the River's Edge Arts Alliance Summer Theatre program when she was seven, and she had fallen in love with theater ever since. Morgan has gone on to play some of her favorite roles, including Roxie in Chicago, Scar in the Lion King Jr., and Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka Jr. Morgan is so thankful to the entire cast and crew of Bring it On! and is excited to be back on the villain track.
Abi Stone (Skylar)
Amelia Dufour (Kyler)
Chase Bolduc (Steven)
Cassia Andrade (Danielle)
Bella Morais (Nautica)
Thuy-Tien Nguyen (La Cienega)
Rory Marshall (Cameron)
Elliot Olynciw-Olkuski (Twig)
McKayla Russell (Bridget)
Dylon Medeiros (Randall)