Tartuffe Cast

Logan Holbrook (Orgon)
Master of the house, provided great service in the last war; married to Elmire; he has fallen under the influence of Tartuffe.
Caleb Lindsey (Damis)
Orgon’s son by his first wife; a hothead who would enjoy nothing more than slicing Tartuffe to ribbons.
Sam Hopper (Cleante)
Elmire’s brother, he’s the voice of reason and calm Valere, Mariane’s suitor, the love of her life.
Jameson Zoller (Valere)
Hopelessly in love with Mariane
Connor Defevers (Tartuffe)
A religious hypocrite and con-man; he weasels his way into the Orgon’s household and almost walks away with the house; lusts after Elmire
Rowan Cavanaugh (M. Loyal)
A bailiff serves eviction papers to Orgon. An officer of the court.
Jonah Moore (Officer)
An officer of the court
Ben Pfetzer (Laurent)
Tartuffe's lackey
Phia Veshapidze (Madame Pernelle)
Orgon’s mother; totally deluded by Tartuffe.
Grace Shuley (Elmire)
Orgon’s second wife; Tartuffe lusts after her.
Jonah Listerman (Dorine)
Mariane’s maid, but much more; a saucy commentator of the action.
Peyton Pope (Mariane)
Hopelessly in love with Valere, and helpless without Dorine; daughter of Orgon.
Nellie Albritton (Flipote)
Silent maid to Mme. Pernelle and Orgon's family.