Murder on the 518 Cast

Sidney Bennett/SWING (Jimmie Wirt)
Jimmie is a sophomore, and is excited to be back to the stage! He has been with Pinckney Player's since 2016, and has done shows with Prelude Theatre Group in Hartland. He also dances Ballet, Jazz, and Hip-Hop at Glenn's School of Dance in Howell.
Rachel Knox (Sarah Wright)
Sarah is delighted to be back in live theater at Hartland High School. She has a passion for theater and art and plans on pursuing Musical Theater professionally. Thanks to the ingenious cast and Mr. Usher, this show will be forever unforgettable!
Caleb Knox (Felix Sleeman)
Felix is a creative, enthusiastic actor.
Elliot Williams (Therin Preiss)
Therin is an aspiring actor wishing to make an impression in his high school career. He has done numerous shows such as The Lion King and Into the Woods. Whenever he is sitting at home, he is spouting lines and memorizing his roles.
Mike Umbar (Tommy Persons)
Tommy has performed in 15 prior shows and musicals, including the play Clue with the High School Drama Club. He is very excited to perform once more, and would like to thank all those who helped and encouraged him to become the actor he is today.
Holly Barnes (Annah Stang)
Annah is delighted to return to the stage for her 8th production. Outside of Drama Club Annah is in choir, Colorguard, and leads in student government. She’d like to thank Mr. Usher and Sidney Furge for their dedication and her mom for inspiring her.
Lauren Maloney (Allison Ehlfeldt)
Allison is a creative person and surrounds herself with all kinds of art, from sewing to ceramics. She has been in drama club since her freshman year and is excited to be playing Lauren Maloney during this production. She's grateful to have the opportunity to perform this year.
Abby Wells (Laurel Comiskey)
Laurel is thrilled to have been cast as Abby Wells in this years production. Lasy year, she performed in 'Digital Dramatics. She is a part of the Hartland Marching Band's Color Guard team and has expanded her acting skills a lot this year!
Nelson Henry (Travis Palmer)
This is Travis’ 3rd year being apart of Hartland Drama Club, and final year here at Hartland High School. Aside from Drama Club, he is involved in 6 other clubs and Chamber Choir. He is happy to perform again and hopes you enjoy the show!
Ellen Casey (Carmen Pushman)
Carmen has been acting since the age of 5, participating in over 50 shows! This is her first year in a drama club show and she’s so excited for the shows to come! Carmen would like to thank her parents, family, and Director for all their support!
Derrek Warren (Preston Dixon)
This is Preston's first Hartland High School show and he's so thrilled to be part of this wonderful cast. Preston enjoys volunteering and playing piano. Special thanks to the flyer he saw on the gym floor that helped him get into this show!
Jennifer Warren (Sienna Dietze)
Sienna is absolutely thrilled to be back on stage after such a peculiar year. This is her 4th production with Hartland Drama Club, and 11th overall. She wishes to thank cast and crew for being amazing, and Mr. Usher for making this show happen.
Avery Millen (Rachel Mah)
This is Rachel’s third complete show with the Hartland Drama program. Although last years virtual activities with drama club were amazing, she is excited to be back on stage! In her free time she enjoys church, choir, art, and her friends and family.
Jillian Hill (Alayna Miller)
This is Alayna Miller’s third production with Hartland Drama Club. She has also appeared in Fiddler on the Roof and Music Man. In addition to Hartland Drama Club Alayna has also appeared in several productions with the Encore Youth Theatre.
Isabella Madison (Brielle Short)
This is Brielle's first year with Hartland Drama Club and first time being cast in a play. She loves performing. During her free time you will find her taking vocal lessons or playing her guitar.
Lucy Blake (Sidney Furge)
This is Sidney's 7th production with Drama Club and 21st overall. During this show, she was able to work alongside Mr. Usher, and helped direct the show as Student Director. She couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity!
Waiter/Police Officer/Swing (Marissa Kelly)
This is Marissa’s debut theatrical performance. She will be playing the roles of waiter one and police office two. Marissa is also part of the set crew. Marissa would like to thank her family for encouraging her to audition.
Chef/ US: Lucy Blake (Lauren Wilhelm)
This is Lauren's first HHS Drama Club production! She's honored to have worked with Mr. Usher and such a talented cast. She thanks God, her family, and her best friend Gabby Blondin for all their amazing continuous support. She hopes everyone enjoys!
Police Officer/Waiter/SWING (Josie Archer)
Josie has been acting since she was eight and she's very thankful for the help from her family. Her brother introduced her to acting at a young age and has proceeded to perform on and enjoy every minute of the journey.
Ticket Seller/US: Caleb Knox (Skye Schlueter)
Skye's first theatre experience was as a boys band member in HHS's 2019 production of The Music Man. He's trilled to be back interacting with his drama family both on and off stage, this fall in Murder on the 518!
Ticket Seller/SWING (Ella Falkenhagen)
This is Ella’s first production with Hartland Drama Club. She has preformed in five shows outside of the high school. She wants to thank her incredible parents, friends, and crew mates for giving her this awesome opportunity to get back to what she loves.
Chef/US: Sidney Bennett (Malia Klumpp)
This is Malia's second production with the Hartland Drama Club and the first time as part of the Marketing Crew. Malia enjoys time both on stage and behind the scenes. Malia looks forward to involvement with many future productions.
Waiter (Bridget Bills)
Bridget is a junior this year and this is her first play. She was supposed to be in the production if Fiddler on the Roof in 2020, but we were unable to complet that production. Shes happy to be back on the stage again and to preform for all of you.
Sous Chef/US Avery (Avery Lesnek)
Avery has never before been interested any play or musical. She thought she would give this show a try and has discivered she loves being part of an amazing production with amazing people. She is learning so much from “Murder on the 518” and is delighted to have mat so many amazing people.