Pride and Prejudice Cast

Lady Hazel Hornsby (Elizabeth Bennet)
Lady Hazel is thrilled to bring you Pride and Prejudice! She's been in every Godwin production since freshman year and is very excited to continue the tradition. Outside of theater, she enjoys creative writing, conjuring spirits of the unknown, and reading silly romance novels. Please sit back and enjoy the show!
Davis Hollister (Mister Darcy)
Davis has been a part of Godwin Theater since 9th grade and has done many productions outside Godwin. He plays 4 instruments in 4 Godwin bands and is on the Junior Class Council. He was on set crew all of last year and is excited to be back on stage.
Eryn Kermgard (Jane Bennet)
This is one of Eryn’s first lead roles in a major production. They are sixteen years old and have always had an interest in theatre and the performing arts from watching their father’s rehearsals in different community theatre productions as well as the influence of their mother and grandmother.
Faith Wood (Mary Bennet)
Faith has had a love for theater since she was a kid, this will be her fourth show with Godwin High school where she will be portraying Mary Bennet, one of the five sisters. Faith also loves to participate in competition pieces for theater and is excited to audition for Phantom Of The Opera this spring.
Samantha Weiss (Lydia Bennet)
Samantha is making her stage debut in Pride and Prejudice. She is excited to perform on stage with her friends and make a lasting Godwin Highschool memory. Lastly, she wants to thank her friends and family for supporting her throughout this experience.
Olivia Mulliez (Kitty Bennet)
Olivia Mulliez is so excited to play Kitty Bennet in Pride and Prejudice. As a freshman, she is thankful for the opportunity to play a lead role. She wants to shout out her mom, dad, sister, and brother, for cheering her on and helping her prepare for the opening night.
Maggie Schoonmaker (Mrs. Bennet)
Maggie is a junior and proud to perform in her third production at Godwin. She has been in several shows including Sister Act (Nun) and Urinetown (Little Sally). She thanks her family, friends, and Mr. Solomon for supporting her. She hopes you enjoy the show as much as she has!
Reeves Kapel (Mr. Bennet)
Reeves is very excited to be performing in his first ever production! He would like to thank his friends and family for being so supportive during this new endeavor.
Matt Cippoletti (Mr. Bingley)
Matt is making his stage debut in Pride and Prejudice. He has been on tech crew for the past two Godwin productions, and is excited to finally be on stage. He would like to thank his parents and friends for encouraging him to audition.
Jude Lindsay (Mr. Wickham)
Pride & Prejudice is Jude's debut performance! He's optimistic about his role in the show and is ecstatic to get on stage. He thanks his friends for keeping him on-track and he thanks his parents for always encouraging him to take on challenges. Also, thank YOU show-goer for attending!
Garrett Carlton (Mr. Collins)
Garrett is a Junior at Godwin. This is his third production at Godwin, the first being ensemble in The Comedy of Errors and the second being Robby the Stockfish in Urinetown, as well as being his second play. He's been really excited to get to meet new people and see old faces again while entertaining audiences of people.
Anika Kashyap (Caroline Bingley)
Anika is a senior in the Godwin Players and president of Thespian Honor Society. Previously, she has been in 12 Angry Jurors (Juror 11), Sister Act (Ensemble), Comedy of Errors (Angelo), Urinetown (Ms.McQueen), The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon (Narrator 1), & Badger (Irene). Anika is thrilled to be playing Ms. Bingley!
Emily Huneycutt (Lady Catherine de Bourgh)
Emily is beyond thrilled to be apart of Pride and Prejudice! She was a member of Sister Act (Tina), as well as outside-of-school performances by West End Academy of Dance. She's grateful for her family and friends for encouraging her and supporting her for so many years!
Jamie Madden (Charlotte)
Jamie tried out for the role of Charlotte assuming it was about a spider befriending a very smart pig. Turns out there are no animals in Pride and Prejudice. But despite that, Jamie is thrilled to play a human with two legs instead of eight.
TyQuan Brown (Mr. Gardiner)
TyQuan is making last appearance on stage for fall plays! He has a love for dance and has done it since he was little. He also is a Student Director in Harmonium. He would love to thank Mr. Solomon for encouraging his love for theatre. If it wasn't for him TyQuan would never show his passions for theatre.
Helen McDowell (Mrs. Gardiner)
Helen McDowell is delighted to be a part of Pride and Prejudice! She has previously been in the 2021 Spring Showcase: Cut (Shannon), 12 Angry Jurors (Juror 9), and Comedy of Errors (2nd Merchant), and has been on the tech crew for both Sister Act and Urinetown. Enjoy the Show!
Aaden Turnbull (Sir William Lucas)
Aaden is making his way on stage as the fancy man himself, Sir William Lucas! On the outside, Aaden may come off as a nonchalant soldier, but on the inside he's very excited and quirky, which are two great personalities to have. Also, he's single, so any lady is welcome to show up.
Judah Lue (Colonel Fitzwilliam)
Judah is a junior this year, after transferring last year. He has a dream to essentially create or interpret stories in general throughout his life, whether it be in the form of professional occupation or it be in the figure of an unprofessional hobby. He was in one program last year ("Comedy of Errors") as an ensemble member, but this year he has lines, and even a name! Overjoyed is he at this shocking development, truly. That is all he wants to say about himself. Iron Within, Iron Without.
Gia Bartuch (Housekeeper)
Gia is a senior this year and has been doing tech crew for the past 2 years in Godwin Productions. This will be one of the first years that she will be on the big stage outside of our competition piece last year.
Maksim Godbout (Officer)
Maksim Godbout is a professional magician and actor. After his successful debut in theatre world with "Comedy of Errors," he loved performing on stage and decided to take a new challenge by auditioning for "Pride and Prejudice." He will be playing the officer in the play and is very exited.
Hope Wikingstad (Georgiana Darcy)
Hope has been in two plays here at Godwin including 12 Angry Jurors and Comedy of Errors and did backstage for Urinetown. She is so excited to be working on Pride and Prejudice as her third play onstage and more theater activities.
Maysoun Ahmed (Ensemble)
Maysoun, a passionate ensemble member, joined the play out of her love for theatre and desire to explore new opportunities, She is grateful to Mr. Solomon for the opportunity and to her mom for always being there to support her, picking her up from every rehearsal.
Vicky Alberti (Ensemble)
Vicky is very grateful to be in pride and prejudice, she loves Jane Austen. Vicky has participated in 3 plays and one musical before, she loves acting and is very excited to see the production come to life.
Hannah Armpriester (Ensemble)
Hannah is 16 and a junior. She loves to sing and practices singing two hours or more daily. Her love for the theater began when she was in 2nd grade and was cast in her first play, "Alice in Wonderland Jr.", as a royal cards man and a rock lobster. This love for theater continued when cast as a fairy in the play "Peter Pan Jr." In her freshman year, as an understudy, she filled the roll of the judge in Godwin's production of "12 Angry Jurors". Her love for theater continues to grow and she looks forward to auditioning for Godwin's upcoming musical "Phantom of the Opera"!
Rachel Beavers (Ensemble)
Rachel is so excited to be a part of a play, she enjoyed being able to be with her friends during rehearsal. She loved the process of making the show come together and she can't wait for the musical. She is extremally excited to see how Pride and Prejudice turns out, and is so proud of her friends who took on lead roles.
Nyibol Dau (Ensemble)
Nyibol is in the play! She is apart of the Blue Ridge Leaders Club, which is a volunteering organization. She enjoys helping others and contributing to a greater cause. Theatre allows her to express her creative mindset.
Tanusiya Debnath (Ensemble)
Tanusiya is performing in Pride and Prejudice as ensemble! She's had a passion for dance and singing since she was six years old. She attends Bharatnatyam classes and has performed at the Festival of India several times. She wants to thank her parents for supporting her journey as a dancer.
Emma Dismuke (Ensemble)
Emma is in ensemble she's very thankful to get an opportunity to participate in the show and getting to meet new people. She did stage crew in 8th grade and enjoyed it so she decided to participate again. She cant wait to see the show all put together and hopes everybody enjoys it.
Emma Golembeski (Ensemble)
Emma ha been a part of Godwin Theater since her sophomore year. So far she has been in 12 Angry Jurors, Sister Act, Comedy of Errors, and Urinetown. She is looking forward to Pride and Prejudice this year.
Gabi Gonzales (Ensemble)
Gabi is so excited to be in her first play. She's always liked theatre and found an even deeper liking while taking theatre arts last year. She looks forward to being in more plays with her friends.
Alina Green (Ensemble)
Alina has done theater before when she was younger, and is excited to continue on in high school. She loves going to plays and concerts.
Viktoriia Harkusha (Ensemble)
Viktoriia wanted to be on stage for a while now! She has been dancing for 5 years in her childhood and she misses the stage and audience. She thanks her friends for giving her a great idea to be joining theater!
Lily Holtz (Ensemble)
Lily has been doing theater for a few years, but this is her first ever play! She loves acting and being able to have fun with her friends!
Natalie Im (Ensemble)
Natalie is honored to be here and be part of this production. She has been part of a theater since elementary school. She is thankful to her past theater teachers for encouraging her to continue.
Joy Kababu (Ensemble)
Joy is currently a sophomore at Godwin who loves the theater department here. She can be described as a carefree, optimistic individual. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Naan Land (Ensemble)
Naan has been apart of Godwin theater since their freshman year as an ensemble member of "Sister Act". They were apart of stage crew for "Comedy of Errors", the fall play their sophomore year and ensemble in "Urinetown". They thank their friends and family for always supporting them.
Elle Ley (Ensemble)
Elle has been so honored to be a part of this play! She is lucky to be the understudy of one her best friends Olivia playing Kitty. In her free time she enjoys running and hanging out with friends. She hopes this play turns out amazing! She wants to give a big thanks to her mom, and coach that allowed her to be able to do this show.
Finley Madden (Ensemble)
You will see Finley Madden on stage as a “servant #4” or “that girl who moves that chair.” Finley once supported the invasion of Canada, but now, seeing the plight of servitude through her role, she has dedicated her life to overtaking Britain and freeing all the hard working butlers.
Caroline McIntosh (Ensemble)
Caroline has loved being part of Pride and Prejudice. Her favorite role she has played is Mrs. Darbus in High School Musical Jr. at QMS. Caroline would like to thank her parents, her old drama teacher, and her wildcats from Quioccasin for sparking her love of theater.
Camille Miller (Ensemble)
This is Camille's first time on the stage in a theatrical production. She enjoys reading and watching rom-coms. She's loved getting to make friends and become close with other members of the cast.
Sophia Savenko (Ensemble)
Sophia has never been in a play before, so she is excited to participate in Pride and Prejudice this year! She has been ballroom dancing for 4 years and currently attends Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Short Pump. She is very grateful for the opportunity to be in the ensemble!
Ivan Smith (Ensemble)
This is Ivan's first time on stage, 2nd time working in theatre. He is in the 11th grade and wishes to pursue a career in theatre tech. He loves art, music, and history. He wants to thank his family and friends for encouraging him to audition for Pride and Prejudice.
Maryam Surani (Ensemble)
Maryam Surani is a sophomore here at Godwin and is very excited to see Pride and Prejudice in the act. It is a production she enjoys and is happy to see it in the works at Godwin. This is her first year in theater experience and loves it.
Fae Summers (Ensemble)
Fae is a junior and this is their fourth show with Godwin. Previous shows include: Sister Act, Comedy of Errors, and Urinetown. She enjoys art, video games, and souring the ancient and profane texts. She hopes you enjoy the show and that you at least pretend the accents are good.
Kai (Kaylee) Young (Ensemble)
Kai is a new actor to the stage. Kai has been doing drama for a year, but this is his first time being in a play, he's excited and proud to go further in acting.