13 Jr. Cast

Ryder McCall (Evan)
Ryder McCall is playing the role of Evan Goldman in both casts. Ryder is a 6th grader who has enjoyed participating in past GMS theater productions, including his most recent role as Plankton in Sponge Bob Jr. Other acting experience includes continued participation in summer theater in Gilford and Winnipesaukee Playhouse, as well as a past production with OneLight Theater. Ryder is a Gunstock Ski Club racer and music-lover, who spends as much time as he can playing his electric guitar. Ryder would like to thank Mr. Demko for giving him the opportunity to perform, and his family and friends for coming to the show!
Hannah Powers (Brett)
Hannah Powers is playing Brett in both casts. She hasn’t been in a musical for 4 years. She loves hanging out with her best friend Morgan Eastman. She loves playing softball and plays for the Gilford Middle School team.
Londynn Campione (Richie)
Londynn Campione plays Richie in the Indiana cast. She has performed in Bye Bye Birdie, Annie, SpongeBob, Finding Nemo, Musical Review, and Singing In The Rain. She will be in Willy Wonka soon.
Melody Wright (Ensemble)
Melody Wright is a fifth grader in the ensemble of the NYC cast. She loves to sing, dance, draw and perform! This is her third year in Gilford theatre. She wants to thank her Mom for being so understanding and kind all the way through, her Dad who always helps her through hard things and makes her laugh hard. And her Sister, who can sometimes drive her crazy, but loves her to the moon! Last but not least, her friends: Emma Milligan, Norah Thurston, Quinn Larrare, and Ayla Balint! Thank you all for being there and for the supporting!
Morgan Eastman (Patrice)
Morgan Eastman is playing Patrice in the NYC Cast. She has played Little Fiona in Shrek the Musical, Cruella Deville in A Hundred an One Dalmatians, and recently Squidward in SpongeBob the Musical. She loves hanging out with her best friend Hannah Powers and loves going to concerts and listening to music.
Sophia Comeau (Lucy)
Sophia Comeau is in 8th grade and is very excited to be playing Lucy in the NYC cast in her last show at GMS. Sophia has been doing theatre since she was eight years old and has been in 17 shows. Her past roles include Lina Lamont (Singin’ in the Rain Jr), Rosie Alvarez (Bye Bye Birdie), and Sandy Cheeks (SpongeBob). Sophia has never felt happier than when she is on stage, especially when it comes to singing. Sophia would like to thank her parents, Mr. Demko, and all of the friends she has made through theatre for making it such an enjoyable experience for her.
Stella Moneysmith (Ensemble)
Stella Moneysmith has been in 2 GMS shows, SpongeBob and Raise Your Voice. She will be playing in the ensemble of 13jr in the Indiana cast. When not singing or dancing on stage she likes to read, write stories, and draw. She would like to thank her stepdad, Myles, her siblings, Mom, Dad and her stepmom,Tara.
Erik Carlson (Ensemble)
Erik Carlson is a 5th grader at GMS and in the NYC cast. This is his second production with Mr D. Erik would like to thank Mr D for giving him a chance to shine. A special thank you to Mrs Sawyer for being Erik’s voice and support. Erik would also like to thank Mom, Dad, Mimi, and Rich and Sloane for encouraging him. When he is not at school he can be found making silly videos, and listening to music.
Landon McLane (Ensemble)
Landon McLane is a 4th grader at GES and in the Indiana cast. He is excited to be in his first drama production. Other activities he enjoys are participating in golf and flag football.
Harper Mossey (Ensemble)
Khloe Mossey (Ensemble)
Tanner Olson (Archie)
Tanner Olson is excited to be playing Archie in both casts. Tanner is in the 8th grade and has been a part of theatre since he was 6 years old. 13 Jr. marks his 30th production. Some of his favorite and most current roles include: SpongeBob Jr. (SpongeBob), Beauty and the Beast Jr. (Gaston), The Secret Garden (Colin Craven), and The Sound of Music (Kurt). Tanner has always loved the stage, and is excited to continue his love of performing in high school starting this fall. Tanner wants to thank his parents and Mr. Demko for all the opportunities he has had. Enjoy the show!
Tony DeCesare (Malcom)
Anthony DeCesare plays the part of Malcolm in the Indiana cast in 13 jr. Some recent plays Anthony has performed in are Spongebob (ensemble), Singin in the rain (ensemble), Bye bye birdie (Randolph Macafee) and will be in Willy Wonka Jr. here, and in Matilda at the Winnipesaukee Playhouse.
Shayla Bowes (Ensemble)
Shayla Bowes is a 4th grader at GES and in the NYC cast. This is Shayla’s first theater production! She has a love for gymnastics, ballet, tap, & hip hop. You can also find her hanging out with her friends and making videos. Or on the look out for more Stitch or Squishmallow merch!
Isla Hogan (Eddie)
Ilsa is in the NYC cast.
Jovie Carder (Cassie)
Jovie (Cassie) has been involved with theater since she was very young. She was in Sponge Bob the Musical and Singing in the Rain. She enjoys playing volleyball, tennis, dancing, and singing. She would like to thank her family, Ms. Sanborn, and Mr. Demko for all of their support.
Ryan Hooper (Richie )
Ryan Hooper is currently in 7th grade. He will be playing the role of Richie in the NYC cast. This is his first musical production and he is really enjoying it. Ryan enjoys music, skiing, flight training, and most all outdoor activities. In his free time you will find him fishing all local ponds, rivers, and streams.
Maya Amour (NYC Ensemble)
Maya is in 4th grade and is part of the ensemble, NYC cast. Maya loves to ski, ice skate and roller blade. She is in band (clarinet) and in chorus, and plays the piano. This is her first show and she is very excited to be part of this production.