Singing in the Rain Jr. (Make 'Em Laugh cast) Cast

Amelia Costea (Lina Lamont)
Amelia is excited to play Lina in Singin In The Rain jr. Amelia has been in many shows with Gilford School and Gilford Summer Theater and has also done community theater shows. A few of her favorite shows she’s been in are Newsies where she played Sietz and You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown where she played Sally. Amelia wants to thank the directors, choreographers, techies, high school helpers and her fellow cast mates for putting on this amazing show!
Ryder McCall (R. F. Simpson)
Ryder McCall will be playing R.F. Simpson in tonight’s show. He has loved to ski since he was two years old, and he’s a proud member of both the Gunstock Ski Club and GMS Ski Team. He loves science fiction movies and writing stories. This is his first performance, and he would like to thank Mr. Demko for giving him such a great part in this musical.
Kainan Sanville (Dexter)
Kainan is a sixth grade student who is enjoying learning theatre in this his third performance. Kainan also plays basketball and football and volunteers in the community frequently. Kainan hopes you enjoy the show!
Chloe Sofronas (Miss Dinsmore/Ensemble)
Chloe is in 7th grade and was in High School Musical in 2021. She was a background character in that show. She is very excited to be in this show. She is really happy to have this opportunity. Thank you Mr Demko.
Emma Panker (Pedestrian #2/Ensemble)
Emma is very excited to take part in the winter musical “Singin’ In The Rain”. She has never been in a play but has done choirs for a few years. She also plays the saxophone in the band. If you need her to sing I'll be ready. She would like to thank her friends (Kierra and Olivia O) for pushing her out of her comfort zone to try out for the play. She hopes to continue to do theater all through middle school.
Finn Butler (Cosmo Brown)
Finn is in sixth grade and is looking forward to playing his role in Singin’ in the Rain. He has performed in 3 plays including Beauty and the Beast, Newsies, and Legally Blonde. He would like to thank his parents and cousins for encouraging him in his acting career so far.
Kate Kelly (Stagehand #1/Ensemble)
Kate will be making her GMS debut in Singing in the Rain Jr! In past shows, Kate has played the role of Poodle in 101 Dalmatians and Paige the Spy in the Winnipesaukee Summer Theater Camp. Kate would like to thank her friends, family, and Mr. Demko.
Matthew Scudder (Policeman/Sound Engineer/Ensemble)
This is Matthew's first time appearing in a Gilford Middle School production. He enjoys singing and dancing and looks forward to being on the stage. Matthew would like to thank his family for always being supportive and a constant audience.
Oliver Bartlett (3Rd Assistant/Ensemble)
Oliver is very excited to play Directors Assistant #3 in the winter musical. Oliver has been in 3 other shows including: Newsies, Legally Blonde, and 50th Anniversary of Streetcar. Oliver would like to thank his mother, teachers, friends, and directors for all their support.
Emily Aguiar (Kathy Seldon)
Emily is super excited to be able to be part of Singin in the Rain Jr. She has been in several shows including shows with GMS, Gilford Summer Theatre and One Light Theatre. Some of the roles she’s played include Linus in Charlie Brown, Charlotte in 13 and Specs in Newsies. Hope you enjoy the show!!!
Catherine Buttermore (Dora Bailey)
Catherine Buttermore is an 8th grade student at GMS. She has been active with Theater since her first day of school last year and has enjoyed being in many shows. She has also participated in One Light Productions “Rock Of Ages.” She is very excited to be playing Dora Bailey in "Singing in the Rain Jr.” Catherine also enjoys going to lots of the performing arts productions that she is not in as well.
Jovie Carder (Fan #1/Ensemble)
Jovie is very excited to be a part of “Singing In The Rain”. She has always been a big fan of musicals. She would like to thank her family, friends, teachers, and directors for their support and guidance.
Kierra Walker (Roz)
Kierra is so happy to be a part of the winter musical, Singing In The Rain. Kierra is in 6th grade and she will be playing Roz. This is Kierra’s second show, previously she was Chutney in the summer musical, Legally Blonde. Kierra enjoys singing and being a part of school activities as well as community events. Kierra plays the clarinet, this is her third year. She would like to thank her parents, and especially her grandparents, who are incredibly supportive of everything she does.
Madison Stimpson (Teacher/Ensemble)
Madison has been doing theatre for 3 years now and has done 5 shows. Some of the show’s that she has been in include Legally Blonde, Beauty And The Beast, and High School Musical. She would like to thank her friend Allie and her family.
Tony Decesare (2nd Assistant/Ensemble)
Anthony Loves Musicals This is his second musical. He plays the role of Dexter's second assistant and loves this role. He is also doing Frozen in the roles of townsperson 3 and 5 and the steward. He hopes that you enjoy the show.
Briella Silvestre (Broadway Dancer 2 / Kathy’s Girl)
This will be Briella’s first play but she has past performances in dance. Briella would like to thank her parents, friends and teachers.
Claire Tousignant (Young Lady/Ensemble)
Claire is very excited to be part of the Ensemble of Singin’ in the Rain Jr. Previously, she has been part of the Ensemble in Beauty & the Beast Jr., The Little Mermaid Jr., 101 Dalmatians Jr., & Elf Jr. She would like to thank her big brother, Zack Tousignant for encouraging her pursuit of theater.
Addie Baron (Chorus Girl #2/Kathy’s Girl)
This is Addie’s first year performing with the Gilford Middle School Performing Arts program. She enjoys very much performing on stage in front of an audience. Her first debut was in Legally Blonde this past summer. Addie looks forward to performing in many other shows throughout her middle school years. Addie would like to thank her friends and family for their support.