About A Gilbert & Sullivan Musical Revue

Enjoy an evening of favorite scenes and songs from the works of Gilbert and Sullivan at 7 pm on Saturday, October 15th at the New Surry Theatre in Blue Hill.  Above all the shenanigans of a pattering preamble from John Wellington Wells, the discovery of a piratical paradox, and the ringing of merry bells on board the HMS Pinafore, one thing is clear…faint heart never won fair lady! 

Tickets $15 

Performers include: Dorothy Ahlf Wheatcraft , Pepin Mittelhauser, Roland Dube, Zack Field, Deiran Manning, Joe Marshall, Celeste Mittelhauser , and Debra Hangge, with pianist Jessica Mehre, and directed by Deiran Manning.

Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Maine

The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Maine was established as a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization in 1976. Our mission is:

  • to preserve the vitality of the classic works of Gilbert and Sullivan by producing and promoting live musical theater
  • to develop the skill and talent of people of all ages in our cast, crew, and orchestra
  • to inspire, entertain and educate the community through concert performances

Every year since our founding (until the COVID-19 pandemic) we have produced a full Gilbert & Sullivan opera with all the trimmings–singers, chorus, set, costumes, orchestra, programs–plus any number of smaller productions and educational events.

Contact Info

If you need to send us an email, [email protected] should work for most any purpose.

If you need to send us old-fashioned snail mail, write to PO Box 1791, Ellsworth, Maine, 04605.