Love, Lies & The Doctor's Dilemma Cast

Nancy Fichera (Olivia St. Claire)
is happy to be working with this great cast! She has been doing theater for over 20 years, learning the ropes from many shows at the Amesbury Playhouse. Some of her favorite shows are Diary of Ann Frank, Steel Magnolias , and Plaza Suite right here at GTW. She also was lucky enough to perform in the interactive show Wicked Real Housewives of the Mob Boston. Theater and the wonderful people associated with it have made some of the most amazing friends, moments and memories. Nancy considers herself blessed to be among these talented performers, and especially thanks Pudge for agreeing (after much begging) to act with her again.
Tamara Melnick-Mendoza (Rachael)
is absolutely thrilled to return to the stage. Her final performance at the former Amesbury Playhouse was where she played Truvy in Steel Magnolias. Some of her other most notable roles include Miss Casewell in The Mousetrap, Angie in Breaking Legs, Ellie Mae in Tobacco Road and also appeared in The Vagina Monologues. She studied "Social Change through Theater" at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She credits her family and friends for always supporting her and inspiring her to take to the stage. She has had a passion for theater since performing with her sister and cousins each and every Saturday evening as a young girl.
Rick Christine (Chris)
is excited to return to the stage since being in Deathtrap. His first theatrical role was in They Came Two by Two, also with the GTW. He has written, produced, and acted in several independent short films and regularly participates in the Boston 48 Hour Film Project.
John Flynn (Sandy)
became known as “Pudge” because every other cousin and kid in the neighborhood was also named John. Growing up, he developed a good sense of humor and learned to talk to anyone and everyone. His mother put it another way: “The damn kid just won’t shut up.” Pudge started at WBZ-TV on Rex Trailer’s Boomtown taking care of Rex's horse Goldrush -- and whatever Goldrush left behind. That was followed by many years at WHDH Radio in Boston working with Norm Nathan and then producing The Jess Cain Show. He has been in numerous shows throughout NH and MA. In the non-theatre part of his life, he enjoys singing at the top of his lungs in his car, eating hot and sour soup at the nearest Chinese Restaurant, and spending time at his log cabin in North New Portland, Maine. But, his favorite thing to do is to talk in strange voices to his grandchildren, Grady, Jolee, Rowan, Asher and Graham.
Elaine Schneider (Joan Scheller)
is a seasonal resident and a new member of the GTW. She has acted, directed, and stage managed in productions since growing up in Framingham, Mass, Maryland and Arizona, where she winters. She has acted in diverse roles including Miss Hennessy in Mr. Peepers, Clarice in You Know I Can't Hear You When The Water Is Running, Aunt Jessie in The Prisoner Of Second Avenue, Sarah Good in The Crucible and Trina's Grandmother in 40 Carats. She is delighted to be back on stage with the GTW, a fun and talented group.