Puffs Cast

Noah Cerneka (Wayne Hopkins)
Noah is a sophomore and does not respect deadlines.
Jim Eckert (Oliver Rivers)
Jim Eckert is a Freshman at FHS, and member of the Symphonic band, Jazz band, frequent pep band contributor, and new to Theatre. Puffs being his second show, debuting in Allbritton in Mamma Mia! as Eddie. In popular words, “This is a lot for high schoolers to handle.” His dedication is to milk, “Do You Like It?”
Rhian Austin (Megan Jones)
Rhian Austin is a junior and Fulton high school. She is a member of goldrush, Fulton ffa, evolve dance academy and their elite team, minority club, and theatre. This is Rhian's third show at Albritton theater, but her sixth show all together. She was the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz and Lisa in Mamma Mia. This show is dedicated to my sixth-grade self who was lying to herself saying she was in Gryffindor when she went to universal whenever she thought it was embarrassing to be a Slytherin :)
Gabby Nielsen (Narrator)
Gabby Nielsen is a Sophomore at FHS and this will be her third show. She made her debut as a tree in The Wizard of Oz and had a blast as Rosie in Mamma Mia. She is a member of the Fulton Chamber Singers. She is so excited to be the Narrator in Puffs and hopes you enjoy the show! (And the chocolates, which will make sense later)
Louis Chuang (Ernie Mac/Others)
I am an Asian saxophone man. They call me Pepper. Yassu Kukla Moo. Pass E-Say?
Andrew Holmes (J. Finch Fletchley/Others)
Andrew Holmes is a Junior at Fulton High School. This is his third production in Allbritton theater but only his first play. Outside of theater, Andrew is involved in Basketball, Tennis and Chamber Singers. Andrew would like to “thank” Ms. Diemler and Rhian Elizabeth peer-pressuring him into this production. Andrew would also like to thank Mr. Raines for helping critique the little things that make this show pop. Wow, I just said “pop”... I’m turning into a theater kid.
Madeleine Cerneka (Hannah/Others)
Maddie is a senior and does not respect deadlines.
Kassidy McGrath (Susie Bones/Others)
Kassidy Mcgrath (Susie Bones) is in her Freshman year at FHS. She is involved in Chamber Singers, Drama Club,Theatre, and Gold Rush. This will be her second Show in the Allbritton Theatre. But she has been involved in other shows such as Cinderella, Narnia, Treasure Island,Sleepy Hollow (all through TRYPS-Fulton) and Winnie the Pooh the Musical at Mcintire. Kassidy would like to give a big thank you to her mom, Molly McGrath, for working on all her lines with her and making me laugh when I was frustrated, but thank you most of all for spending time with me. And thank you to all the cast and crew for making this so special for me it has been such a fun year with you all.
Lexi Hux (Sally Perks/Others)
Lexi Hux (Sally Perks and others) is the Freshman class secretary at FHS. She is a member of the Drama Club, Art Club, and Student Council, and this will be her fourth show in Allbritton Theater and seventh show overall. She’s been involved in plays and musicals since a very young age, and you might have seen her in shows such as The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at William Woods as Gladys Herdman, Cheaper By The Dozen as Lillian at William Woods, FHS’s production of Annie Get Your Gun as Jessie Oakley, William Woods’ production of Twas the Night Before Christmas as the lead, Amos the Mouse. Also, she very briefly appeared in FHS’s performance of Bright Star as an unnamed character that simply ran across the stage. And more recently, as an ensemble member in FHS’s Mamma Mia. Lexi would love to dedicate this show to her two wonderful pet cats, Annie and Luna, who absolutely love the Harry PAW-ter series.
Cheyenne Studer (Leanne/Others)
HI!! Cheyenne Studer is a sophomore in high school and this will be her third production at FHS. She has also been in The Wizard Of Oz and Mamma Mia both as ensamble. Cheyenne is also involved in Soccer, Volleyball, Choir, Student Council, Drama Club, Crochet Club, and Educators Rising. Cheyenne is so excited to get to play Leanne, she is a fantastic character. The cast and tech has done a wonderful job working to get this show ready for everyone. Puffs is an amazing and hilarious show and she hopes you all enjoy it as much as she does. “Hi Mom and Dad!!!”
Nate Buckwalter (Cedric/Mr. Voldy)
Nate Buckwalter (Cedric & Mr. Voldy) is in his Freshman year at FHS. He is a member of Sudent Council, Cross Country, Band, and Jazz Band. This is his first show at the Allbritton Theater, though he did participate in a few performances at the Brick District Playhouse, such as The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe as Peter. Nate would like to dedicate this show to his family for encouraging him to try out for this show.