KING LEAR - Will be Wild

Seated-Eric Doss (Fool), Greg Mullavey (Lear); Back row: DazMann Still (Edgar) Jonathan Reed Wexler (Edmund), Calley Luman (Cordelia), Amy Frances Quint (Goneril), & Camelia Iturregui Fuertes (Regan).  Photo by Maria Baranova


Shakespeare's timeless tale of family, madness, political violence, and love brought to you by the critically acclaimed Frog & Peach Theatre Company. Starring Greg Mullavey (of Broadway's Clever Little Lies, The Soap Myth, and TV's classic Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman) as the royal King who demands to know which of his daughters love him the most, and sets off one of the bloodiest family conflicts in theatre history.

Here's what the critics say about Frog & Peach: 

"The always adventurous and daring Frog and Peach Theatre Company, under the direction of the dynamic Lynnea Benson, must be commended. Strong performances make us feel that we are part of the production." - JK Clarke, Theatre Pizzazz

“The perfect combination of smart directing and excellent acting made this show very easy to follow, despite the tangled storylines and Mr. Shakespeare’s renowned style of language.” - Kate Seabury, Manhattan With a Twist

“Frog and Peach Theatre surprised me with its originality--a wonderful job of taking something old and making it new. If you’re in New York and looking for some pure happiness in your life, hurry and see them!” - Christina Papoleone, Grain of Salt

King Lear includes gruesome acts of violence and other situations that may be disturbing to sensitive viewers. Discretion is advised.



The acclaimed Frog & Peach Theatre Company makes Shakespeare's plays exciting, fun, and accessible! 

Frog & Peach's beautifully acted, fast paced Main Stage productions are on the must see list of Shakespeare fans from all over the tri-state area.  

But our reach goes far beyond the typical theater-goer.  Frog & Peach has turned thousands of people who are younger, less affluent, or less confident about their English--anyone who feels left out or priced out of the cultural conversation--on to the pleasures of Shakespeare, exciting new works, interactive bilingual theatre, a viral comedy web series, and high quality arts education.  

Don't miss this long-awaited production of King Lear!