About Murder at the Pie Auction

This is “Dessert Theater”--included in the ticket price are: Desserts, Snacks, and Coffee.  BYOB!  

We expect there will be no tickets at the door.  When you order, please note in the Comment box if you want to sit with specific people. 

Mother Mabel's Pie Auction and Contest is always fraught, but usually not murderous--until the pie bakers and contest organizers land in the tiny town of Mynute, Alaska, and mayhem ensues.  Legendary Julia Lyle has won 4 years in a row--will she win again?  What about young Eve Simone, and her ex-boyfriend, Roger Marble, with their delicious pies?  And will missing professional Betty Botter ever show up?  Look forward to lots of food puns, laughs, and twists and turns of plot, at “Murder at the Pie Auction.”


Phoebe Muffet, editor of the local newspaper: Dorothy Shull; 

Minaret Towers, Phoebe’s best friend: Beth Saufler; 

Felicity Hubbard, pie contest coordinator: Karyn Diamond; 

Mark Tucker, Felicity’s high-strung assistant: David Wallace; 

Rex Roberts, actor: Nate Levesque;

Julia Lyle, pie-baking legend: Shirley Bernier

Eve Simone, eager to replace Julia in pie-baking awards: Nancy Kenneally; 

Roger Marble, handsome, stylish: Jared Lennon; 

Guy Templeton, pie connoisseur and judge: Phil Chin.

Director: Linda Duarte.  Kitchen: David Hansen. 

Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Denver, CO.



Freeport Players

Freeport Players is a community-based organization that runs predominately on volunteer labor and provides a variety of theatrical performances and theater-based opportunities to local and regional adults and children with the purpose of building a lively community through creative endeavors that build skills, enrich, inform and entertain.  Our guidelines:  Laugh. Think. Enjoy. Create.

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