About Twelve Angry Jurors

Franklin Theatre Fellowship presents a gripping production of Twelve Angry Jurors, the classic drama by Reginald Rose. Originally presented in the mid- 1950’s as a ground-breaking teleplay and Oscar-nominated film, Twelve Angry Jurors centers around a diverse group of New Yorkers seated on the jury of a murder trial. A troubled teenage boy from a rough background is up for the death penalty for the murder of his father. As deliberations unfold, we begin to realize that sometimes “the facts can be colored by the personalities of the people who present them.” Oftentimes justice isn’t blind. The play is a powerful character-study, as well as a thought-provoking look at the beauties and flaws of the American democratic process.  Through the vision of award-winning director Melanie Sutton, this talented cast of local professional actors brings audiences to the edge of their seats. Frought with tension, suspense, and emotional depth, this is one drama that will stay with you long after the curtain falls. Get your tickets today!


About Franklin Theatre Fellowship

This is the inaugural production for Franklin Theatre Fellowship, a semi-professional theatre company with a new vision for the performing arts in Franklin. FTF exists to bring human beings together through the shared experience of live theatre. We strive to bring the kind of arts programming to our city that not only entertains an audience with excellence, but also challenges all of us to be a better community. We believe that the telling of stories and the sharing of laughter, tears, songs, or powerful words help us understand one another more fully. Our productions also include good old-fashioned southern hospitality-- with local snacks and beverages lovingly offered free of charge. We also provide an opportunity for thoughtful conversation with our cast, director, and your fellow audience members after each performance. In an era of loneliness, isolation, bitterness, and division we need this kind of interaction more than ever. Welcome to FTF… make yourself at home.

Visit our website FTFshows.org to learn more about our unique vision and mission.