The Speakeasy Project: Area 22 Cast

Becky Andrade (Aunt K (Window Dressing) / House Manager)
Becky has been with Fractured Actors for several years. She was a bouncer at the door for the first Speakeasy production. She has also played a Space Pirate, Aunt Mae in two productions, and a witch in the Traveling Terrors Halloween Circus. She would like to thank Shannon McNally Ham for casting her in the show as Aunt K. It is a pleasure to work with an awesome Director, Stage Manager and Cast. She also thanks both Jeff Ham and Shannon McNally Ham for Fractured Actors Theatre Company, and Suite J. She dedicates her performance to her brother Robin Lind.
Emma Bangs (Ella: IGM / Girl:Hard Bargain / Emma: Window Dressing)
Emma is making her debut with Fractured Actors after a certain pandemic cancelled her would-be debut as a lead in the Spring 2020 performance of Comic Potential by Alan Ayckbourn. Daughter of legendary production team member Jared Bangs, she hopes to be the onstage foil to his backstage expertise. She dedicates this performance to her late grandmother, Dianne Gill (1928-2021).
Amy Brookes  (Wedding Planner (Window Dressing) / EMT 2 (Collider))
Amy Brookes is not new to the stage, but is making her debut with Fractured Actors. She has enjoyed theatre and singing since she was young and has found the challenge of a live local show thrilling. She would like to thank Jeff and Shannon for the opportunity to share the stage with the theatre family this summer. Amy has produced theatre for young actors at schools in Ventura and in Michigan where she lived for a while. She is married to a hot and talented musician and together they have two teenagers who are cool sometimes. She would like to dedicate this show to their Goldendoodle, Chip, who is always happy to see her, unlike the teenagers.
Ken Brookes (Keith (IGM))
Even though Ken was in the chorus of his High School production of Camelot, and several church musical holiday productions in the 70's, his career had been mostly as a church soloist, both in the LA area and in Ventura. After portraying Lazar Wolf in Fiddler on the Roof in Simi Valley in 2015, he has been in several FATC productions, including Arsenic And Old Lace, Inherit The Wind, and The Speakeasy Project. Ken would like to thank God for this opportunity to work with a supportive church family in this quality production.
Erica Connell (Emily (IGM) / Woman (Hard Bargain))
Erica is over the moon to be onstage with Fractured Actors again. She has spent much of her life onstage and behind the scenes, earning a degree in Directing from UCSB along the way. Erica also runs Wonderland Stage & Screen, teaching kids to tell their own stories by creating theater and film shorts. She’s especially grateful to Liam, Maggie, and Joe for their love and support.
Anthony Contreras (2022 (IGM) / EMT 1 (Collider))
Hello! Anthony is once again fortunate enough to join the Fractured Actors on stage for this year’s Speakeasy! Anthony has been hard at work learning the craft of acting and making the most of every opportunity. He has appeared on various stages and screens, big and small, over the course of his acting endeavor. Anthony wants you to know it is never too late to follow your dreams and hopes you find the spark that lights your fire. Anthony dedicates this performance to his Pops. Thank you for your unending Love and Support. Deuces.
Magnolia Fife (Maggie (Window Dressing))
Magnolia has just recently started acting, but has always had a passion for theater and the arts. Although she has taken classes for acting, this will be Magnolia’s first time officially performing. She would like to thank all the cast and crew for this year’s Speakeasy Project for making all of this possible and for the wonderful experiences along the way.
Amber Hair (Bride (Window Dressing))
This is Amber’s first time appearing in a theatrical production. She enjoys working with Fractured Actors, and in her daytime, works as an editor with the Pacific Coast Business Times. Amber thanks her mom, Nita, for inspiring her first steps onto the stage, her two cats, Snickers and Serena, for being excellent participants as she was learning her lines, her little sister Bea, and River, Amber’s partner.
Harper Ham (Flower Girl (Window Dressing))
My name is Harper Rose, and this is my first time being in the Speakeasy Project. I like rehearsing in the theater with the other performers. And I’m really excited to eat snacks backstage.
Hudson Ham (Henry (IGM) / Boy (Collider))
Hudson is very happy to be back onstage with Fractured Actors. Proving that he was comfortable being a ham onstage in all the school plays, Hudson’s parents started him as an assistant stage manager for the company’s production of The Foreigner. He debuted as an actor in the second Speakeasy project: American Roadhouse, having roles in two plays. During the pandemic, he had two roles in Fractured Actors You Tube comedy special, Laughter in Place. Hudson is grateful to be back together with his theater family, and to be doing live theater again.
Jeff Ham (Tom Winstone (Co-host))
Jeff has been working in theater for a very long time. He is proud to call Fractured Actors his home, and he is thankful to this stellar crew of artists for their commitment and tireless work ethic. His heart belongs to Hudson, Harper and his partner in mischief, Shannon McNally Ham.
Shannon McNally Ham (Bergen, Helga, Marianna, Zelda)
Shannon McNally Ham has been a writer, actor, director and producer of community theater for many years, and is proud to be working with this group of dedicated actors, musicians, and technicians. She's happy to be sharing the stage with Hudson Cash Ham and Harper Rose Ham, and is glad she answered the call to Jeff Ham years ago when he asked, “Wanna do a play?".
Rosemary Molloy (2023 (IGM))
Rosemary is delighted to be back with Fractured Actors, having last appeared in The Speakeasy Project. In her native New Jersey, she was active in the Little Egg Theatre Company and Our Gang Players, appearing in Night Must Fall, Steel Magnolias, Hedda Gabler, Our Town, and many other productions. (On stage, she was murdered three times, but doesn't hold any grudges.) She has also performed in dinner theatres and conducted "Acting for Amateurs" classes for mature adults in both Jersey and California. Her original plays have been staged in Atlantic City, and other venues in Jersey.
Rita Nobile (Friend (Window Dressing) / Carol (Collider))
Rita is delighted to be a part of her first production with Fractured Actors! Her most previous role was Ensemble/Swing for In the Heights with the Highstreet Arts Center. Some of her favorite roles include Ensemble in Pippin with the Conejo Players, Oberon in A Midsummer Night's Dream with the Ventura College Theater Arts Department, and Rosie in Sweet Charity also with the Conejo Players. She has also performed in the ensemble for Mamma Mia, Much Ado About Nothing, Light in the Piazza, and Sweeney Todd. Rita would like to thank the cast and crew, her family and friends, and her cats for all of their support and encouragement.
Sandy Sipe (Annie (Collider))
Sandy is making her second appearance on stage. Her debut work was with The Speakeasy Project 2019. Sandy lives in Ventura with her husband, two boys and four dogs. She works as a physical therapist and would like to thank Ventura Orthopedics for their generous flexibility in allowing time for rehearsals. She would also like to thank her husband Josh and her sons Seamus and Caleb for their support. Lastly, she would like to thank Fractured Actors for this awesome opportunity to share the stage with them again.
Benjamin Wilson (Jim (IGM) / Man (Hard Bargain))
In the midst of Benjamin Colby Wilson's break from walking across America, he found himself back home on the intimate Fractured Actors stage surrounded by the passionate people he loves as much as he loves the art of theatre. Offstage Benjamin is educating as many people as possible about veganism, he encourages everyone to watch the documentary "What the Health" on Netflix and "Earthlings" on YouTube. Some of Benjamin's performances were Nick in Family Furniture, Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, and Billy Bibbit and McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Watch on Instagram as he completes his journey walking across America xvxcolbyxvx.
James Dorward (Specialized Alien Reconnaissance Android for Better Understanding of Human Behavior aka “Santiago” / Music Director / Drums)
James is a longtime local Ventura multi-instrumentalist who occasionally plays in real bands as well as fake bands in plays by his favorite lil community theater group Fractured Actors. The Star Trek characters he relates to most are Data, Tuvok, and Seven of Nine who, incidentally, all spend a lot of time trying to learn what it means to be human.
Ashley Gwaltney (Vicki Vortex / Keyboard / Vocals)
Ashley Gwaltney works as the Office Administrator for Liminal Church of Ventura. She was born and raised in the East Valley of Arizona and moved to Ventura in 2013 with her husband, Chris. She does not miss the heat. Her hobbies include reading, baking, painting, and growing a human who will join the world in November 2022.
Chris Gwaltney (Special Agent Wolf Sculder / Vocals / Guitar)
Chris Gwaltney was a theatre nerd in high school where he grew up in Anderson, Indiana where he taught himself to play guitar and sing. Chris became enamored with how music brings people closer together and reveals truths they otherwise wouldn't be able to see. Most of his music experience has been directing music in various Christian church settings, where he has spent 15+ years leading bands in corporate worship gatherings. He became involved with Fractured Actors on their Inaugural Speakeasy Project in 2018 as “Reed Morton”, where he took his first stab at 1920s jazz music. In 2019 he was "Ridge Skaggs" in the American Roadhouse Speakeasy Project. He's excited to have another cool name for this production.
Rachael Lynde (Goldie Rose / Lead Guitar / Vocals)
Rachael is a musician, artist, and performer originally from Phoenix, Arizona. Over the past several years she has gratefully called Ventura her home. Rachael has been teaching music independently for thirteen years, and performing and writing music under the stage name “River Ripley” for the past three years. Rachael is excited to be participating in Area 22, and would like to thank Jeff and Shannon Ham for embracing her and inviting her to take part, as well as James Dorward for being an incredible band leader!
Lauren Sexton (Sylvia Sparkledust aka “Space of Bass” / Bass Guitar / Vocals)
Lauren grew up in Ventura until leaving to go to college, live abroad, and tour the country for a few years with her sister as their band, The Brave Kind. She spent most of Covid scoring a documentary film and designing beer cans. She loves poetry, french fries, and backpacking. She is currently working on writing songs for her solo project, Strange Confetti.
Bryan White (Richard (IGM) / Vincent (Collider))
Bryan ALWAYS enjoys being part of The Speakeasy Project. He will be always grateful to the amazing group of artists, both on stage and off, that have made this production a reality! Bryan is so grateful to be back on the boards. Some of his past favorite roles include - Sigmund Freud in Freud’s Last Session, Sgt. Merwin J.Toomey in Biloxi Blues, and Paul Zara in Farragut North. Lastly, a big THANK YOU is ever deserved for his best friend and love of his life - Katherine, for the continuing journey.