Alyson Oates (Janie Foster)
Alyson Oates is a 15 year old freshman at John Carroll Catholic High School. She has been performing on stage in various forms since she was 9 years old. Wherever life takes her, she is sure her future will include circus arts.
Codi G. (Soloist; Bungee & Moon. Silks & Lyra)
I have loved the creative outlet of performing aerial arts for three years. At school, I am on the Diving team in the fall and Baseball manager in the spring. In my spare time, I also enjoy hanging out with my friends, the beach, boating, four-wheeling, travel, mission trips, and cuddling with my two dogs!
Brent Durham (Jay Foster)
Brent Durham has been coaching gymnastics, full time, for the past nine years. He teaches competitive gymnastics, tumbling, parkour and recently started working in circus arts. Brent is a member of FADCA’s circus pro troupe and loves performing and teaching circus arts
Celeste Cahill (Val Harper)
Celeste Cahill just turned 12 and is in 6th grade. She has been studying aerial silks for almost 4 years and is thrilled to be part of Cirque Pret in her 2nd season flying with FADCA. Celeste had a great time competing and placing in Aerialympics National Competition and also enjoys being at home with her 4 retired racing greyhounds.
Sammi Axler (Aerial Silk, Lyra; Night Sky & Asteroid)
Sammi is 15 years-old and is a freshman in high school. She has a true passion for training and performing as an aerialist, and loves having a creative outlet to challenge herself. She is a member of the Cirque Pret Troupe and has been part of FADCA for 3 years. Sammi was excited to compete and place in national competitions over the past year, and is looking forward to more performance opportunities.
Jacqueline Anson (Jerica Foster)
Jacqueline is a senior at Jensen Beach High School and will be attending Florida State University in the fall. She has always loved performing and has been practicing aerial circus for over ten years. When she’s not in the air, she loves acting, singing with her school’s choir, spending time with her family, crocheting, and snuggling up to watch a Disney movie.
Julianne Reed (Aerial Silk; Meteorite & Mermaid)
My name is Julianne and I am 7 years old. This is my second year with FADCA. I enjoyed competing in the Aerialympics this year (Julianne is the 2020 Regional Champion in her division) I love doing silks because it feels like I'm flying and I have a great teacher! If I'm not doing silks, you can find me at the barn with my pony.
Paige Williams (Aerial Silk, Net, Lyra, Wheel)
Paige is 16 years old and a sophomore at Martin County High School.She has had the opportunity to train and grow in the Circus Arts with Ms Maria Elena for ten years. During school she is a member of National Honor Society and People for Animal Welfare.She enjoys traveling and hanging out with her friends and her two faithful dogs
Gabrielle Alfieri (Aerial Silk; Night Sky Soloist)
Gabrielle Alfieri is 19 years old and has been training with Florida Aerial Dance and Circus Arts for five years. She is a full time freshman at Indian River State College and is majoring in health science. Gabrielle enjoys the beach and loves spending time with her family. She is also a teacher for FADCA and teaches students at Performing Arts Academy in Jupiter.
Ayla Thieme (Lorraine)
Ayla Thieme is 15 years old, she goes to Southfork, and has been practicing aerial silks for 4 years. She inspires to be a circus entertainer and to perform for Cirque du Soleil.
Avery Kantroberg (Aerial Silk; Meteorite & Mermaid)
Avery Kantroberg, 7 years old just started silks in September 2020 and Loves it. Avery loves to spend her time swimming, crafting, biking, scooters, surfing, shopping, gymnastics, and spending time with her cousin/bff Brielle!
Soleil Chang (Soloist; Lyra, Canes, Spanish Web, Moon.)
I am fifteen years old and finishing my freshman year of high school. I have been training at FADCA for 3 years which helped me prepare and led me to win a first place award at West Coast Aerial Arts Competition. I love using my strength and bravery to climb all the apparatuses possible and rock my handstand canes; I hope to continue this as long as my body lets me!
Isla Jones (Aerial Silk; Meteorite & Mermaid)
Isla Rhys Jones is 11 yrs. old and loves Circus Arts, Irish dance, Science, free time with her friends, and climbing trees. She prefers the outdoors, especially the beach where she boogie boards but is eager to be a proficient surfer.
Coraline Hulen (Aerial Silk; Meteorite & Mermaid)
This is Coraline's 2nd year at FADCA. Before joining FADCA, she did competitive gymnastics, but loves learning so many new skills. She's excited to progress in this art.
Annaliese Hulen (Aerial Silk; Meteorite & Mermaid)
This is Annaliese's 1st year at FADCA. She is also an active dancer in ballet, acrobatics & lyrical. She's thrilled with everything she's learned here this year.
Gaby Dunn (The Great Rambini)
Gaby Dunn is jazzed to dazzle the screen as Great Rambini in this production. In the past, she has entertained in live productions such as a Brilliant Light (Danielle) and various other roles with FADCA. She has been an Aerial Arts Student for over 7 years. Currently a student at Jensen Beach High School, she is excited to further her passion for the arts for many years to come.
Avery Furtwangler (Aerial Silk; Meteorite & Mermaid)
Avery is 7 years old and attends St. Joseph's Catholic School in Stuart. She loves horses, dogs and spending time with family and friends.
Cora Williams (Aerial Silk; Meteorite & Mermaid)
At 10 years old, Cora is the 2020 Aerialympics Regional Champion in her age division. She likes to raise butterflies and place them around her pool. Cora also enjoys going to the beach and bodysurfing with her Mom and Dad.
Cayenne Cortes (Aerial Silk; Meteorite & Mermaid)
Cayenne is 7 years old. She loves Aerial Dance, has the greatest teacher, and wishes to be there every day. Cayenne also loves the beach and going Paddle boarding with Mom and Dad.
Vala Williams (Aerial Silk; Meteorite & Mermaid)
Vala is 6 years old and in Kindergarten. She is youngest performer to ever qualify for FADCA's Youth Troupe. In January 2021, Vala represented the Troupe at the Aerialympic Nationals. Vala loves going to the beach and bodysurfing with Mom and getting Tacos with Dad!
Sofia Buzatu (Betty)
Sofia Buzatu is 16 years old and in 10th grader. She has studied Aerial skills for almost 4 years. Sofia enjoys volleyball and spending time with family and friends.
Bella Holt (Aerial Silk; Night Sky)
Bella is 14 years old and has been performing with FADCA for 3 years. This is her first year in Cirque Pret. She will be attending MCHS as a freshman this Fall. She likes to play guitar, has two favorite pets, cat Toklee and dog Stella, and she has two sisters, Hailee and Brittni.
Glenna Dull (Aerial Silk; Night Sky Soloist)
Glenna Dull has been an aerialist with FADCA for several years and looks forward to many more both as a student and instructor. She is currently a university student studying Biochemistry and hopes to apply it either in the medical field or doing research involving animals. Although she'll be returning to university soon, she hopes to visit her Circus Family as much as possible.