About The Odd Couple

Oscar: a divorced sportswriter and a proficient slob, content with living as a bachelor ever since his wife packed up the kids and left him.  

Felix: an uptight, type A and finicky man recently kicked out of his house by his wife who has filed for divorce. 

Out of sympathy for the devastated Felix, Oscar invites Felix to move in with him.  It isn’t long before their two very distinct personalities begin to collide – you don't want to miss Neil Simon's The Odd Couple, a comedy about life and friendship!

First Company Theatre

First Company is the Theatre group at First United Methodist Church.  They have been presenting major theatrical and musical performances here at FUMC for over 30 years.  Creativity and passion for performing arts by everyone involved are the main keys to the success that First Company achieves in every show they present.  If you have questions, or would like information on how to get involved with First Company, you may contact [email protected].