About Daughters Of The Moon

“THE DAUGHTERS OF THE MOON is a thrilling survival adventure, historical and poetic, with strong themes on race, gender, and empowerment.” —Cleveland Centennial

“In THE DAUGHTERS OF THE MOON by playwright Reginald Edmund, matters of race, gender, politics and history all combine for a thrilling, thoughtful plot.” —Houston Press

THE DAUGHTERS OF THE MOON follows a runaway slave girl and a former plantation mistress wanted for murder as they embark on a perilous journey North towards freedom, guided by an Ancient African Goddess.

Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga

Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga is a 501c3 non-profit organization which serves to culturally enrich the Chattanooga landscape through compensated opportunities for artists and unique experiences for audiences.  Since 2007, ETC has presented more than 100 productions, toured locally and nationally, and partnered with several area non-profits in the creation of programming that benefits our great city.  Our goal is simple to create a living wage regional theatre that introduces the complexities and vastness of our craft through meaningful experiences that are reflective and personal for both the artist and audience.  

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The Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga has committed to producing a nine-play cycle from Chicago-based playwright Reginald Edmund over the course of the next several seasons.  The cycle of plays, which Edmund refers to as The City of the Bayou Collection, is the playwright’s attempt at making a contemporary House of Atreus through an Afro-Surrealist lens.  The House of Atreus referring of course to the mythological cursed family line of ancient Greeks Agamemnon and Menelaus, who themselves have been the protagonists to many Greek tragedies.  

I thought it was an amazingly brilliant idea for the Chattanooga Theatre Centre to commit to the presentation of the entire canon of August Wilson plays, it was inspiring to us an organization to follow suit and look for our own cycle of plays that would allow ETC show its commitment to diversity and to the telling of everyone’s stories.  ETC has a very specific style of presentation, and it was important to try and find a playwright with a style of storytelling that matches.  Edmund’s plays evoke a theatricality and an engaging style presentation that seamlessly move through time and space and theme, maintaining a sense of suspense and intrigue that never seems trite or forced.  The plot might sound simple enough but the way Edmund delivers the story is anything but.

ETC veteran Kashun Parks will helm Daughters of the Moon, the first play in the series.