THREE SECONDS TO MIDNIGHT by John Mabey: On New Year's Eve, Bonnie confronts Father Time, they both get new beginnings right as the clock strikes midnight.

MOTHERS AND OTHER STRANGERS by F.J. Hartland: Ethan tries very hard to remind Grace of her beginnings, but he comically struggles

.TO FIX A DINOSAUR by Emma Rund: A doctor who has had enough of tragedy and a mother looking to find some relief from her son's tragic state collide in a stairwell where they both discover new outlooks on their situations.

THE GOD PART by Dana Leslie Goldstein: Leah and Matthew, each with their own traums, meet each other in a support group

WORDS TO THAT EFFECT by F.J. Hartland: an hierloom piece of jewelry finds a new purpose connecting mother to son even though life's journey has separated them.

ROSA AND LEO by Adam Szudrich: Leo, in need of a new beginning, calls old flame Rosa for a second chance

BLACK, WHITE, AND RED ALL OVER by Daniel Prillaman: Terrence, a penguin, gets a new take on existence when he meets someone that looks like him, but isn't.

SEAL ISLAND by John Patrick Bray: Claire finds her new beginning on Seal Island, but only after she closes a previous chapter and opens herself up to fantastic possibilities.

Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga

Garry's Garbles

We produced our first Short Attention Span Theatre in 2009 at the St Andrews Center location in Highland Park.  Eight short plays, no real connection of theme or content.  Our material included two exciting plays from up and coming writer Marco Ramirez (who is now an Emmy-nominated writer and contributed to ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, Marvel's THE DEFENDERS and SONS OF ANARCHY and more) and a cast that included ETC's newly appointed Executive Director Thomas Goddard.  Since then we have produced six more of these evening of short plays and presented in total close to 60 scripts.  Some of them were world premieres like Daniel Guyton's FATHER AND SON and John Patrick Brays GREEN SOUND, both playwrights from the Atlanta area, some were written specifically to be performed by ETC in a SHORT ATTENTION SPAN THEATRE festival like Nancy Gall-Clayton's AN ILLUSION AT ROCK CITY and my own play FINDING FATHER.  Many were were just the lucky ones our of hundreds of submissions from playwrights all over the country.  Through SAST, ETC started building relationships with playwrights and started discovering our niche as a producing organization.  It wouldn't be until the pandemic hit, where we fully embraced what SAST had allowed ETC to do.  

LIGHTS UP! (the ETC podcast) developed as a result of our work and the realtionships we developed doing Short Attention Span Theatre.  This podcast, four seasons completed now, paved the way for us to reintriduce our BRAVE NEW WORKS Development Series.  In the summer of 2023, we premiered three staged readings of unpublished musicals.  Bringing one to full production this past December and with plans to bring a second one to full production in just a couple of months.  This year will see two unpublished plays and two more unpublished musicals.  All around the world, the Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga has been mentioned because of our work with developing, staging and producing new works, new playwrights, or playwrights you haven't herad of…yet.  

Theatre begins with a story.  The story begins with a playwright.  So we kick of our 2024 season, a season of new beginnings, with not one playwright but seven.

Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga is a 501c3 non-profit organization which serves to culturally enrich the Chattanooga landsc ape through compensated opportunities for artists and unique experiences for audiences.  Since 2007, ETC has presented more than 100 productions, toured locally and nationally, and partnered with several area non-profits in the creation of programming that benefits our great city.  Our goal is simple to create a living wage regional theatre that introduces the complexities and vastness of our craft through meaningful experiences that are reflective and personal for both the artist and audience.  

We are the Ensemble Theatre that CREATES, CONNECTS, COLLABORATES and CARES