About For The Love of it: Insomnia

Brandon Leake performs his one man show “Insomnia” at The Ooley Theatre. We are so very pleased to have Brandon gracing The Ooley stage with his powerful work! This is both an in person and live streaming event to raise funds for The Ooley Theatre thanks to Brandon. Please visit our donation page to contribute to our amazing little space to help us install much needed central AC. We are thrilled to have Brandon as our first intimate live show that allows for that small in house feel for those of you both in the theatre and on line. 

INSOMNIA is a spoken word poetry play written and executed by Season 15 Winner of America's Got Talent, Brandon Leake. This is a fictional portrayal of a college senior who is at odds with what will happen post graduation, but most sincerely an inner grappling with traumas of his past and his own commitment issues. 

Brandon Leake

VIP Tickets: Gives Patrons an early meet and greet with Brandon Leake. This time will give patrons early access to merchandise, pictures, autographs, and a Q&A for all present. $45

General Admission: $30

Live Stream: $20 to $50 (Watch Party)

For further assistance or questions please contact the EMH Box Office at [email protected] or 916-214-6255. Assistance from EMH on the date of your show you choose to attend is available until 3pm. Thank you. 

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