About Life on My Knees

Dr. Helen Hand is drowning in student debt, the repo man is stalking her Saab, and she has zero prospects. What the hell was she thinking getting a PhD in English Lit? So, when Grace Bible College calls offering her a teaching job, she drunkenly agrees to leave Berkeley, California, and move to rural Kansas. The problem - she's a liberal, agnostic and gluten intolerant. She enters a world of rigid moral rules: no smoking, no alcohol, no interracial dating, and no sex. She sets out to take this fundamentalist college into the twenty-first century. This comedy examines faith, reason, and our divided country.

Elite Theatre Company

The Elite Theatre Company (ETC) has been entertaining, educating, and enriching its audience since 1994. Located at Channel Islands Harbor Fisherman's Wharf at the site of the old Maritime Museum, the company produces the highest quality theater in Ventura County on its Main and South stages. ETC brings together the local talents of amateurs and professionals who share a passion for theater and who generously volunteer their time on the stage and behind the scenes. This collaboration creates a variety of quality live theatrical productions showcased in our unique setting.