She Cast

Paris De La Huerta (She)
Elizabeth Rose (Maddy)
Steven Silvers (Robert)
Patrick T. Rogers (Robert u/s)
Hayley Silvers (Adora)
Christine Adams (Babette)
Lauren Rachel (Toni)
Aubrey De La Huerta (Trish)
Emily Redman Hall (Nadine)
Emily Redman Hall (Nadine) is thrilled to return to the Elite, having previously appeared in 2021’s “Andronicus.” Off-stage, Emily works as a music educator, coaching voice, choir and piano in schools and theatres around Ventura County, as well as directing Ojai’s Renaissance singing group Madrigali. This emotional roller coaster of a role is definitely their most ambitious to date, and they are so grateful to Kim for trusting them with her beautiful words and stories.
Lea Roman (Victoria)