About The Shroud

What if you lived your whole life one way—and found out you were wrong? Red Broida (inspired by a real person) is an avowed atheist and scientist working at Los Alamos. Red worked on the atomic bomb and other nuclear weapons. He has no regrets—even though the Bomb (he helped create) killed 200,000 innocent people. It also ended World War II. And has kept us out of World War III, so far. What if the Japanese had built the bomb first? Used it? It was them or us. For Red, there's only one way to go: "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition," because there is no God, no Christ, who can bring peace. Red believes, as animals, humans only understand and obey one thing: fear. So, when a Los Alamos colleague invites Red to become part of a scientific team that will test The Shroud of Turin, the alleged burial cloth of Christ—for authenticity—Red willingly joins the team. In his mind, Red will do the world a favor by scientifically proving once and for all, that the Shroud—and all the "faith" it stands for—is fake. … Is he right?

Elite Theatre Company

The Elite Theatre Company (ETC) has been entertaining, educating, and enriching its audience since 1994. Located at Channel Islands Harbor Fisherman's Wharf at the site of the old Maritime Museum, the company produces the highest quality theater in Ventura County on its Main and South stages. ETC brings together the local talents of amateurs and professionals who share a passion for theater and who generously volunteer their time on the stage and behind the scenes. This collaboration creates a variety of quality live theatrical productions showcased in our unique setting.