About Feeding The Cat, Incorrectly, Several Times Over

Winner of the 2023 Texas Shout Out Playwriting Competition for Women+ BIPOC Authors

Playwright: Shyama Nithiananda
Director: Katie Ibrahim

Jo and Jen live parallel lives: They study medicine. They pay the rent. They fight with their partners.
And they keep big secrets. When Jo's decision to keep a patient's secret backfires, she is forced to
reckon with her responsibility to partners, strangers, and enemies alike.

Content warnings for language, blood, adult themes, depictions of medical procedures, and
discussions of domestic violence.

Echo Theatre

Echo Theatre Presents: A Very Uneasy Season
A chill in the room, a shadow down the hall, or a feeling lurking in your gut...

For Season 26, Echo Theatre presents three premiere productions which explore the off-putting, painful, inscrutable, and unexplainable aspects of humanity that would normally cause us to look away. This year, Echo Theatre stares them straight in the eye. What will YOU see?

Echo Theatre enjoys plays that encourage learning, growing, and evolving together as people and as an institution. We look for work that cries out to be performed in a theatrical setting. Whether a script is an experiment in form and language, a comedy, a drama, a work about historical characters, or a new translation, we pledge to produce rich and compelling creative work with high quality artistic effort.

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