Society has collapsed. America is on fire, figuratively and literally. In its wisdom, the U.S. Government has tasked 5 middle school girls with rewriting the Constitution for the new world. In a week.

But, like... has anybody even read the Constitution? 

Join our adult actresses as they rediscover the politics of girl drama, and cause alliances to form and break as these young ladies struggle with grief, power, and what it means to grow up in a broken democracy.

Appropriate for all audiences. Includes strobe effects and a discussion about puberty.

Echo Theatre

Now in our third decade, Echo is proud to present Women's Work! Because plays written by male playwrights are produced in far greater numbers nationally and internationally, Echo Theatre exists to address that imbalance. We produce engrossing, excellent plays written by women and women+ playwrights, and the script variety is never-ending.  

As we close our 24th Season with this wonderful new play, we thank you for returning to enjoy live theater. The Audience is the final player in a well-done production, and we can't wait for you to experience this new work by a lively new theatrical voice!

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