Nickelodeon SpongeBob the Musical Cast

Justice Alexander (Sardine Soloist)
Loves singing and is also in the EHS Jazz Band.
Emma Bennett (French Narrator/Bikini Bottom Resident )
Emma is a theater fanatic. She loves listening to musicals and picking out possible solos. When she’s not doing theater she participates in scouting in troop 21 and does homework. She is very excited to be in SpongeBob the Musical!
Luke Seeley (Perch Perkins/US Plankton)
This is Luke's second time appearing in an Eastside production, his first being The Little Prince where he played the roles of the Snake and Conceited Man. He would like to thank his extraordinarily talented peers for encouraging him and making this show one to remember.
Rose Concannon (Larry the Lobster)
Rose is a junior at Eastside and is the thespian troupe’s publicity officer. She has (simultaneously) held both technical and on stage roles in shows like “The Tempest”, “Little Shop of Horrors”, “The Little Prince”, and multiple others.
Maren Engebretsen (Mayor)
Maren is Dual Enrolled at Sante Fe. She was last "heard"on stage as AUDREY II in Little Shop Of Horrors.
Lily Eyman (Spongebob SquarePants)
Lily is a senior in the IB program and this is her eighth production at Eastside High School. Her previous credits include The Rose and Student Director of The Little Prince, Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors, and a soloist in Ages Ago and Yesterday. She would like to thank her friends, family, teachers, and especially Ms. Meyers for all of their support and encouragement. She hopes that you will enjoy the show and that today is the Best Day Ever!
Alivia Fondren (Sardine/Resident)
This is her first time on stage!
Terry Ford (Mr. Krabs)
Terry is thrilled to be a part of this fantastic cast and crew. For the last three years, he has been running sound for the shows, but this is his first time performing on the stage.
Megan Godwin (US Spongebob SquarePants/ ELECTRIC SKATE)
Megan is a junior in the IB program and is so excited to present SpongeBob the musical on the Eastside stage. She would like to thank her family, Ms.Meyers, Mr. Lytton, and her best friend Guilherme for being so supportive.
Eleanor Gurka (Featured Dancer)
Is a dancer at Pofahl's dance studio and a member of The Next Generation.
Madeline Gurka (Featured Dancer)
Dance for Dance Alive. She is a member of The Next Generation dance troupe.
Evan Daley (Old Man Jenkins)
Evan is a junior enrolled in the IB program. This is his first high school production, and he is very excited to be doing it. He thanks his parents for helping him out as he works on his drama abilities.
Rebecca Levin (Patchy)
Rebecca Levin (Patchy the Pirate, Ensemble): Rebecca is a junior. This is their sixth show at Eastside. They would like to thank Ms. Meyers for this opportunity, as well as their family for their support.
Zoe Levin (Patchier)
This is Zoe’s fifth show at Eastside. She would like to thank Ms. Meyers, Mr. Lytton, Ms. Rollo, and Ms. Cook for all their help with the show!
Anna Niemann (Bikini Bottom Resident)
nna is a freshman at Eastside High School. She enjoys theater and other extracurriculars such as Scouts (in troop 21, the best troop ever) and doing homework.
Xavier Thomas (Sandy Cheeks)
Xavier is a senior at EHS. He enjoys drawing in his free time, and has been in 2 shows with the EHS theatre program! He hopes you enjoy our production of SpongeBob the Musical!
Elizabeth Offerle (Electric Skate/ US Pearl/Sardine Soloist)
Elizabeth is a junior who has been involved in Ages Ago and Yesterday, Little Shop of Horrors as "Crystal", and The Little Prince. She would like to thank her family and Ms. Meyers for their support.
Daina Perez-Fletcher (Electric Skate/Sardine Soloist)
Daina is a first year student at EHS.
Darionna Rich (Pearl)
Dadrionna has a bubbly personality and she’s a nice person. She’s also been in both plays Little Shop of Horror and Little Prince and has a heart for musical theater.
Rory Sowers (Plankton)
Rory is a sophomore in the IB and culinary programs. He played the Nutcracker in a fourth grade production of The Nutcracker and is happy to have a role in Spongebob the Musical!
Jasmine Sullivan (Bikini Bottom Resident)
Jasmine is in culinary and this is her first Eastside thespians production.
Sachin Joshi-Guske (Bikini Bottom Resident)
Sachin is a sophomore at Eastside High School. This his his second show with Eastside, after his premier in Little Shop of Horrors, and he would like to thank his family, as well as Ms. Meyers for their support.
Early Whitaker (Squidward Q Tentacles)
Early is an IB senior and is very excited to be a part of her ninth spongetastic Eastside production. You may have seen her recently as the Prince in The Little Prince or Mr Mushnik in Little Shop of Horrors. She would like to shell out thanks to Terry, her family, Bernadette Peters, and most importantly Ms Meyers and Mr Lytton for their wonderful direction.
Rachel Wynn (Karen The Computer)
Rachel is a senior, and is thrilled to be in her third Eastside production! Enjoy the show, and remember that the best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time!
Flora Xu (Patrick)
Flora is a Pre-IB freshman who likes to sing. She is currently in the Eastside Chamber Singers.
Naila Salimbaba (Bikini Bottom Resident/Sardine)
Naila is a freshman who loves singing and acting. She has taken part in theatre since sixth grade and is looking forward to participating in this production.
Raphael Judkins-Cooke (Bikini Bottom Resident)
Raphael is a senior. He has performed before with Eastside Theater as L'Aviateur in "Le Petit Prince", and he is glad to return and be able to work more on and off the stage.
under the direction of Jackie Collins, these talented middle schoolers grace the EHS STAGE: Mia Nakanishi Mia Moore Mia Winter Nitya Rao Kaayana Sharma Ashlynn Coe Olive Sowder Carys Maltby