About The Seagull

It's tough to live up to your parent's expectations, and tougher when your mom is a famous-and very critical-actress. Such is the plight of Arkadina's son, Konstantin, as he tries to make his mark as a playwright, while holding on to Nina, the woman he loves. Artistic temperaments abound as Arkadina, her lover (the famous author, Trigorin) and the rest of the charismatic cast fall in and out of love and the limelight in this darkly funny, tragic story by the master of modern drama. Anton Chekhov with a fresh translation by Project Gutenberg. 

Content Disclosure: The Seagull contains substance abuse, violence, mental illness and frank talk of death including suicide. It may not be suitable for younger audience members.

This production of THE SEAGULL includes an off-stage depiction of suicide that occurs at the end of the second act. The first act includes frank talk of death and attempted suicide, using prop weapons. Sound effects at the end of the second act include a recorded gunshot. If you have additional questions about content, we strongly encourage you to email [email protected]

The Suicide and Crisis Lifeline is available 24 hours a day by calling 988. Representatives are available in English and Spanish. Student and Community resources are available under Student Support Services at dcps.duvalschools.org

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