About Shrek The Musical Jr.

Director's Note: 

We would like to thank each and every one of you for supporting this production of Shrek Jr. We are all so blessed to work with these amazing students and staff here at Dock. For years, the students have been requesting to select this production for the Middle school musical. After reviewing the script, we all appreciated the focus on celebrating the individual strengths that God has given us. We are all loved and beautiful in the eyes of God. We want every student involved to be acknowledged for their unique gifts and talents on and off the stage. We are so proud of all of these wonderful kids for their hard work, dedication and support of each other! “What makes us special, makes us strong”


Cast List

SHREK : Jonas Camilleri / Caleb Snedigar  

DONKEY : Scarlett Derstine / Justine Myers 

FIONA : Lydia Sensenig / Matilde Bertolo  

FARQUAAD : Adrian Fowkes / Max Brannon 

GINGY : Kate Bergey / Avery Goldcamp 

DRAGON : Jane Bennett / Belyse Landis 

PINOCCHIO : Joseph Grisafi / Naomi Kaczor 


Mama Ogre : Maddie Bergey  

Little Ogre – Asher Sensenig 

Captain of the Guards: Lillian Kulp  

Teen Fiona : Jasmine Muhlfeld  

Young Fiona – Tessa Stanek   

Pig 1 : Ashlyn Koelzer 

Pig 2 : Emily Merrill

Pig 3 : Naomi Rosenberger

Papa Bear : Landon Bergey  

Mama Bear : Allie Guntz

Baby Bear – Mackenzie Afanador

Big Bad wolf : Emma Landman  

Wicked Witch : Abul Deng 

Peter pan : Claire Nyce  

Duckling : Sarah Alderfer  

Puss in Boots : Ella Weaver 

Pied Piper : Taelyn Landis  

3 Blind Mice: London Bey, Rylee Kennedy, Estella Nunez

Storyteller 1 : Avelynn Myers

Storyteller 2 : Aliyah Masih

Storyteller 3 : Rachel Snedigar



Kayla Bieler, Clara Gahman, Danica Frederick, Sophia Gaugler, Sierra Jaffe, Naomi Gboyah, Adlee Wheeler, Talia Salvatori, Tyler Knowles


KJ Immel, Jesse Ehst, Seibou Doucoure, Jonas Miller

Tapping Rats

Tyler Knowles, Asher Sensenig, Avery Goldcamp


Ashlyn Koelzer, Taelyn Landis, Sierra Jaffe, Naomi Kaczor, Jasmine Muhlfeld, Lydia Sensenig, Matilde Bertolo 

Stage Manager  

Reese Hamm

Dock Mennonite Academy

EC-8 Campus, 420 Godshall Road, Souderton, PA