How Does The Journey End? Performers

Kelly Nguyen (Artistic Director)
Kelly Nguyen started her dance journey four years ago when she joined the County Prep Dance program. In these last few years, Kelly discovered her passion for the wide variety of things that do with the arts, from movement to pencil on paper. Kelly will be attending NJIT with the intentions of becoming an architect one day. She would like to thank her family and closest friends for being with her on her journey to where she is today.
Paul Osanya (Artistic Director)
Paul Osanya has been dancing since he was 7 years old. He studied with Jersey City Dance Academy for multiple years and transitioned to Nimbus Dance School for one year and has continued his dance training at County Prep. He has also performed in the school’s annual Open Mic Nites and has volunteered at many of the Dance program events. Osanya has been in 407 Moves Dance Company for two years and has been studying Violin since the age of 13. Paul will be attending New Jersey City University and will be studying Dance in hopes of becoming a professional Dancer. He hopes that she will continue to pursue Film and song recording in the future. This year, he thanks both parents and everyone that has made an impact on his life and future endeavors.
Ebony Freeman (Artistic Director)
Ebony Freeman has enjoyed dancing since she was younger and has been majoring in dance at County Prep High School since her freshman year. Dancing with her fellow classmates has been a memorable time for her and a big part of her high school years. While Ebony will be majoring in Recreational Therapy in college, she still wants to continue incorporating dance into parts of her life.
Sasha Johnson (Artistic Director)
Sasha Johnson has been dancing since she was three years old. She has been training at Ms.Huguette’s Broadway Dance and Theatrical Studios for all of her dancing career. She has been a part of their Intensive Study Group program for 7 years. She has performed in numerous Inspire Us productions. In 2019 Sasha was the Nutcracker in the Nutcracker. Sasha was a member of the 407 Moves Dance Company for 2 years. She will attend NJCU in the fall majoring in Sociology.
Nadeen Farag (Senior Dancer)
Nadeen Farag has been in 407 Moves since her freshman year. Before entering high school, she didn’t have any prior dance experience. Nadeen is also a varsity volleyball player. She wishes to continue dancing as a hobby throughout college. Nadeen will be attending Rutgers University, where she will start her pre-law track, in hopes of becoming a lawyer.
Valerie Pedraza (Senior Dancer)
Casandra Landry (Senior Dancer)
Casandra Landry has been dancing since she was 6 years old, and has been majoring in dance at County Prep High School since her sophomore year. Her early years at Dawn’s Dance Studio, The Viibe Dance Center, and lastly, The Source Dance Lab, have given her opportunities and experiences that she is thankful to have. Casandra is unsure as to what she wants to be when she is older, but knows that she will always remember the people she got to meet, and time here at County Prep.