Seussical Cast

Carlos Cameron (The Cat in the Hat)
Carlos Cameron (he/him) is making his Conundrum debut playing the Cat in the Hat, the latest wacky character in a career of weirdness. Carlos has appeared as background in short films and television, been a contestant on a dating show, played a killer in a slasher film, worked with Drag Race Alums, and performed lead roles in Elf the Musical and Little Shop of Horrors. Besides acting, he writes and produces his own music under the name CURSE, and has a perfectly healthy obsession with comic books and horror films.
Paige McKibben (JoJo)
Paige McKibben (she/her) is an honor student at Walt Disney Elementary and member of the student council. She is a fan of the arts-- in any medium-- she's a bookworm, a TV watcher, and belts out singalongs with her younger sister, Madeline. She is a gymnast and gamer, sticking landings and slaying Creepers. Paige is making her Conundrum debut in Seussical.
Ryver Townsend (Horton the Elephant)
Ryver Townsend (he/they) is so excited to be making a return to Conundrum in Seussical. You may have seen Ryver as Christian in Fun Home, Alex in The Green Room, Nik in Our Way, or on Youtube with Totally Studios. While they have been doing theatre their whole life and getting a degree in it at AMDA, this show and these people hold a VERY special place in their heart. Ryver would like to thank everyone in the cast, crew and board for making this a fun and safe environment. He also thanks you for being here. Stay up to date on Instagram: @ryver_rapids or like Ryver Townsend on Facebook.
Kate Clarke (Gertrude McFuzz)
Kate Clarke (she/her) is thrilled to be back in another Conundrum production! Kate is a classically trained soprano and earned her Bachelor of Music in 2015 from the University of California’s Thornton School of Music. Kate works as a voice actor and educator. In 2022 she was able to start the Little Riddles youth theatre program through Conundrum Theatre Company, and is so thankful to be a part of such an incredible organization that helps develop the ideas and support the passions of storytellers in the Burbank area and beyond. Some of Kate’s favorite credits include: Anything Goes (Reno Sweeney), Beauty and the Beast (Belle), Cabaret (Fraulein Kost), Hippolyte et Aricie (Cupid), The Miracle Worker (Annie Sullivan), Chocolate Cake (Annemarie), and The Foreigner (Betty). To learn more, check out @thekatesea on all social media platforms.
Alexanda Ackerman (Mayzie Labird)
Alexandra Ackerman (she/her) is beyond thrilled to be making her Conundrum Theatre Debut! Select credits include: IJS (Lisa - Off-Broadway), Grinchmas! (original cast Martha May - Universal Studios Hollywood, CA), When Garbo Talks (Signe Enwall - originated role, world premiere at International City Theater (ICT)), Buddy (Maria Elena U/S / Shirley - Regional Southwest Tour), Kiss Me Kate (Lois/Bianca - AZT), Tony n Tina's Wedding (Madelyn Monroe - CCT), Chorus Line (Sheila - Summer Repertory Theater), Film: Interstate (Veronica). TV: Less Than Perfect; Days of Our Lives; Celebrity Ghost Stories; Herbal Essences national commercial voiceover. Alexandra loves to connect with animals, insects, and creatures of land of air and of sea. She also loves to paint, draw, and enjoys taking photographs of humans. "Thanks a million"(Mayzie quote) to the amazing creative team and cast and crew at Conundrum! Enjoy the show - spread kindness wherever you go - and always know - "I believe in you all! A person's a person, no matter how small!"
Jalana Phillips (The Sour Kangaroo)
Jalana Phillips (she/her) is thrilled to return to the Conundrum stage in Seussical! Previously she appeared in Rent (Joanne) and she's just overall excited to keep singing her face off and making fun choices! Jalana is originally an Ohio native but she's been enjoying her time in the LA theatre and comedy scenes, and she's excited to see what this year has in store! For more updates on any performances or creative endeavors Jalana pursues in the future, you can find her on instagram @jalanaphillips
Ava Heintz (The Young Kangaroo)
Ava Heintz (she/her) returns to Conundrum having previously appeared in last summer's Little Riddles production of The Little Mermaid Jr. Ava has a passion for musical theater and loves performing on stage. In her free time she enjoys soccer, gymnastics, dance, and Roblox. Ava would like to thank Mom, Dad, Jacinda, Ella, and all of her friends.
Wayne Remington (Mr. Mayor)
Wayne Remington (he/him) is proud to be back working with Conundrum on Seussical after just getting off stage with them as Mark Cohen in RENT! He would like to dedicate this performance to those who don’t feel seen. “A person’s a person no matter how small.” Previously you may have seen him in Spring Awakening (Hanschen), Heathers (Kurt Kelly), West Side Story (singing “Somewhere”), Beauty and the Beast (Cogsworth) and Little Women (Laurie). Wayne feels very blessed to do what he loves and even more so to be supported by this company, his family and friends. Let’s save Who!
Jordan Kaiser (Mrs. Mayor)
Jordan Kaiser (she/her) is thrilled to be back performing with Conundrum after having just directed the company’s production of RENT. Jordan also assistant directed the first show of this season Cabaret, produced the A Weekend of One Acts festival, as well as held roles in the recent productions of Wild Party and Into the Woods. Jordan serves on Conundrum’s board as Membership Chair, reach out to her if you’d like to join in on the fun! Thank you to the Seussical team for making this the most incredible experience!
Jeff Gritton (General Schmitz)
Jeff Gritton (he/him) is an editor and voice actor who is thrilled to be playing the role of General Genghis Kahn Schmitz. It’s always been his dream to force children to march around a stage. Kidding of course! Jeff received his BA in film production from Ball State University and is leaving the safe confines of the voice over booth to return to the stage for the first time since being in the ensemble of Peter Pan twenty-two years ago. While this is Jeff’s first Conundrum production, you might have heard his “In a world” voice in trailers for The Croods Family Tree, The Sea Beast, and This Fool, or heard him in the video game Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm (Soldier/Owru/Gillman).
Allie Shapland (Yertle the Turtle)
Allie Shapland (she/her) is so excited to be making her Conundrum debut in Seussical. Some of her favorite previous credits include Rizzo (Grease), Tunny (American Idiot), and Mitch Mahoney (25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee). When she isn't on stage, Allie loves working as a lawyer (not judge) for Disney and is often roaming around Disneyland. She wants to thank Mom, Emily, Johann and Penny for all their love and support!
Blossom Chandler (Bird Girl)
Blossom Chandler (she/her) is super excited to come back to Conundrum Theatre and perform Seussical. Her debate with Conundrum was in Rent back in December and she’s very happy to have found a theatre group like Conundrum! In her free time she loves to play video games and sing. She would love to thank her Mom and Dad for always believing in her and always making her shine brighter. You can check her out @chandler_blossom1604.
Kylie Buckles-Hall (Bird Girl)
Kylie Buckles-Hall (she/her) is just a girl living la vida loca with a heart full of gratitude, rocks in her pockets, and a dream. She would like to thank her friends, family, and voice teacher for always supporting her. IG: @_kylaaaaaaaay
Megan Falcone (Bird Girl)
Megan Falcone (she/her) is thrilled to return to Conundrum to be a part of their production of Suessical! She recently played the role of “Mark’s Mom/Ensemble” in Conundrum’s production of Rent. Megan has her BFA in musical theater from The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, completing both the New York conservatory and Los Angeles campus. Other credits include Evangeline Hartcourt (Anything Goes), Heather (American Idiot) and Lisa (Mama Mia).
Rachel Zambetti (Bird Girl)
Rachel Zambetti (she/her) graduated from Cal State LA with a BA in Television and Film production, but is making her musical theater debut with this amayzing production of Sessical! She is so grateful to be working with the talented and kindhearted artists at Conundrum. In her free time she enjoys going to the LA Central Library for plays, art, and varying books on whichever subject she has hyper-fixated on for that given week. IG: rachel.zambetti for future updates as well as selfies that critics are calling “pretty dece.”
Angelique Fustukjian (Wickersham)
Angelique Fustukjian (she/her) is excited to be back with Conundrum for Seussical as both a performer and props assistant, having previously appeared in RENT, Cabaret, and Wild Party in 2022. She is also a veteran of 14/48 Hollywood and has been working in Los Angeles theatre for the last 6 years. In addition, Angelique is a series regular on the scripted podcasts, Cryptid Cape, and season 2 of St. Mary’s School (for Children with the Stigmata). Angelique is currently co-writing, co-producing, and starring in an original one-act production for the 2023 Hollywood Fringe Festival, premiering this summer. Besides performing, she co-hosts a comedy podcast called The Boozy Botanical Podcast. She is also an avid eater of apples. Check out @theangeliquee on Instagram for updates!
Carolyn Ellis (Wickersham)
Making her Conundrum debut, Carolyn Ellis (she/her) is delighted to be returning to the world of musical theater! For the past fifteen years, she has been performing Butoh and original solo work in venues such as the Kawasaki Art Center (Japan), Center for Contemporary Art (Santa Fe) and Baekkelund Art Culture Center (Denmark). She teaches movement and theater at the Geffen Academy at UCLA. When not performing or teaching, Carolyn writes poetry about her epic nature adventures. She also loves doodling, playing cards, and having a deep chat over a cup of tea. She is immensely grateful to her family, friends, and Moose for their incredible support!
Luke Steinborn (Wickersham)
Luke Steinborn (he/him) returns to Conundrum having previously appeared as Eddie in The Wild Party. He is very excited to bring this show to life.
Shawn Rios (Wickersham)
Shawn Rios (they/them) exuberantly returns to Conundrum having previously appeared in Rent! (Gordon/ensemble). In their free time, they work as a civil engineer for the County of Los Angeles, and follow their passion for fashion by styling and sewing. They have so much love for the Conundrum family, and for always making them feel like they belong! Shawn would like to thank their partner and friends for their support through all this whacky fun!
Sadie Brenneman (The Grinch)
Sadie is thrilled to be returning to Conundrum Theater Company! Sadie has previously appeared in Conundrum’s Little Riddles camp production of The Little Mermaid as Scuttle and as John in Fun Home. When she's not in musicals she enjoys playing piano, drawing, and writing. Sadie is a 4th grader at Providencia elementary school. Sadie thanks the whole Conundrum team for giving her this awesome opportunity. Thanks to Lisa we have a great music director for the show, and also another big thanks to Bryan the director and the whole creative team!
Angel Pierce (Ensemble)
Angel Pierce (she/her) returns to Conundrum after appearing as Ursula in the Little Riddles production of The Little Mermaid. She got her start performing in The Gingerbread Man (Little Girl). She followed up by rocking her school's annual "Kidchella" fundraiser as the lead singer for multiple bands. She has also trained with Garri Dance Studio. She loves books, dancing and musicals, especially Hamilton.
Avalon Kerr (Ensemble)
Avalon Kerr (she/her) is excited to be making her Conundrum debut! An actress/performer based in LA, she recently appeared as The Prince in Cinderella, The True Story with the Nine O'clock Players in Hollywood. She holds theatre degrees from Los Angeles Valley College and Arizona State University. A big thank you to all the great audiences who have come out to support live theatre! IG: @avalonkerr
Bernard Gomes (Ensemble)
Bernard Gomes (he/him) is excited to be making their Conundrum debut in Seussical. His most recent credits include Partygoer 2 (If the world was ending) and Civilian (Temptation Under the Sun). He is usually busy being a neuroscientist during the day. In his free time, he loves to cook, karaoke, and hike. For more updates, check out @bernardgomesny
Bryan Ha (Ensemble)
Bryan Ha (he/him) is ecstatic to be making his Conundrum debut in Seussical. He is an Asian American performer and storyteller who strives to inspire change and forming communities. He loves to thank his family, loved ones, and friends for seeing the show, and the production team for giving him a chance to make it back onstage in a musical. He also posts actively on TikTok, so you can check out his content @astraypersona
Claire Perales-Duckworth (Ensemble)
Claire Perales-Duckworth (she/her) is thrilled to be making her Conundrum debut in Seussical. She is no stranger to theater, having performed in productions in San Luis Obispo to Santa Barbara over the past ten years. Some of her previous credits include Dinah Lord (High Society), Serena (Legally Blonde), Sharpay (High School Musical) and Anybodys (West Side Story). She would like to thank her mom for helping her find many auditions over the years, and her parents for their support.
Coco Carter (Ensemble)
Coco Carter (she/her) is so excited to be making her musical debut in Seussical. She can be seen in short films, Kid Coin and The Rehearsal. She can also be seen in Storybots,on Netflix.For fun she plays basketball,softball and volleyball and is currently writing a book.She would like to thank her Mom and Dad for always supporting her and Cheryl for introducing her to Conundrum. To keep up with Coco check out her Insta @the_cococarter
Crista Henderson (Ensemble)
Bio coming soon.
Darby Shea Del Broccolo (Ensemble)
Darby Shea Del Broccolo (she/her) is thrilled to be making her Conundrum debut in Seussical. Her previous credits include Betty Rizzo (Grease Jr.) and hilarious (and accurate!) impressions of her dad. In her free time, she loves to draw, read, tease her brother Bobby and dominate on the soccer field. She would like to thank Dad, Cricket, Bobby, Grandma Ellen, Grandpa Roger and of course her momma, Courtney, who was an amazing actress and long-time friend of the Conundrum Company.
Doroteja "Dori" Jurican (Ensemble)
Dori Jurican (she/her) is excited to be making her Conundrum debut in Seussical, which happens to be her first ever performance in a musical production. In 2018, she moved from her home country Slovenia to California, to pursue education in theatre. At SMC & CSUN she gathered a few credits, which were primarily straight plays and short student films. Some of them include "Shakespeare In Love" (Pixie), "Infinite Black Suitcase" (April), "Façade"(Athena), and "Mr. Downtown" (Ella). Dori collaborates a lot, whether that be in making an original play "Medusa, Medea, and Me," writing a short film "A Blank Canvas," and more. In her spare time, she loves to play video games, paint, draw digitally, crochet, and sew/create cosplays. For more updates and work in progress on her art projects check out @adoribell.
Joony Kim (Ensemble)
Hae Jun (Joony) Kim (she/her) is so happy to be making her Conundrum debut in Seussical. Joony was born in Seoul, Korea, and learned to speak English by reading her favorite book: The Cat In The Hat. So, this is a full-circle moment for her! Joony recently graduated from the Voice Arts program at the California Institute of the Arts. While at CalArts, she performed in the opera Kopernikus, performed experimental music at REDCAT, traveled to Colombia to perform traditional Korean music, and was a recipient of the Lillian Disney scholarship. Joony also won the Rising Stars Competition in Seoul. She thanks her parents for always letting her pursue her dreams. She is grateful to her friends for their love and support. For more updates, check out @haejun_soprano
Kealoha Nakamura (Ensemble)
Kealoha Nakamura (he/him) is very excited to make his Conundrum debut as well as musical debut in Seussical. He loves musicals and would list In the Heights, Grease and Hairspray as his top 3 (but would vary depending on when you ask him). Outside of acting he enjoys being at the beach and playing sports as his ways of unwinding. He would like to thank his Mom and Dad for their constant support and Conundrum for giving him the opportunity to perform. You can find out more about Kealoha on Instagram @Kingaloha
Kristy Gutierrez (Ensemble)
Kristy Gutierrez (she/her) is ecstatic to be making her Conundrum debut in Seussical. She is a 2019 BFA graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, majoring in Musical Theatre Performance. Some of Kristy's past credits include online performances with The Cabaret Corner, as well as performing for Grams for Grams. In her free time, Kristy enjoys writing, painting, crafting, and baking. She'd like to thank Dilcia Guzman for introducing her to the Conundrum community, as well as her family for always supporting her passions. For more about Kristy, find her on Instagram at @thekristygutierrez.
Lillian Kautz (Ensemble)
Lillian Kautz (she/her) is ecstatic to be making her Conundrum debut in Seussical. She has a BA in Theatre Arts from Santa Clara University. Past performances include Spamalot (PAP), West Side Story (CLTC), Mary Poppins (TVRT), and Aquata in The Little Mermaid (PAP). She has studied with American Ballet Theatre, Ballet Petit, and the Royal Danish Ballet. Lillian has also choreographed multiple shows for StarStruck Theatre. She currently works as a video editor for Revolve Agency editing promotional videos and trailers. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Mallory Wynne (Ensemble)
Mallory Wynne (she/her) is so excited to be back on stage and making her Conundrum debut in Seussical. Some of her previous credits include Agwe (Once On This Island) and Snow White (Into the Woods). When she isn't a Who down in Whoville, Mallory works full-time in the music industry. She also records and produces her own pop music. To hear her most recent releases, check out @mallorywynne.
Marshall Englehart (Ensemble)
Marshall Englehart (he/him) fell in love with acting during the Summer of 2022 when he was a part of the Conundrum Theatre Musical for the Little Mermaid. He has wanted to do additional work since then. We are so very fortunate that this opportunity came up and he was able to audition and be a part of the Seussical Musical.
Maya Viloria (Ensemble)
Maya Viloria (she/her) is ecstatic to be making her Conundrum debut. Seussical officially marks her return to musical theatre after taking a hiatus to focus on school. Previous LA credits include Ginette (Almost, Maine). Originally from Hawaii, Maya moved to Los Angeles about a year ago. Since then she’s joined Image Powerhouse Agency and has been in a handful of short films, plays, and student films around the area. Follow @mayaviloria_ on insta!
Miranda Miller  (Ensemble)
Miranda Miller (she/her) is excited to be in her first Conundrum production. She has been doing musical theatre since age 3 and has sung and played piano, guitar, and ukulele in pop and rock bands throughout her life. Some of her favorite theatrical roles have included Liesl in The Sound of Music, Tenor 1 in Sweeney Todd, Sharpay in High School Musical, and Ewart Dunlop in The Music Man. Miranda teaches music lessons and has directed and/or music directed shows such as The Sound of Music, American Stranger, and Willy Wonka Jr.. She thanks the Conundrum cast and crew for welcoming her into such a fun show!
Morgan Moessinger  (Ensemble)
Morgan Moessinger (she/they) is so excited to return to Conundrum having previously appeared in The Wild Party. Some previous credits include Soupy Sue (Urinetown), Eulalie Shinn (Music Man), and Thalia (Roguelike Rumbles). In her free time, they love to play DnD with their friends and cosplay as her favorite characters. She would like to thank her amazing parents, incredible friends, and the wonderful people at Conundrum. For more updates check out @attackonmorgan.
Skylar Grace (Ensemble)
Skylar Grace (she/her) is happy to be making her Conundrum debut in Seussical.
Taylor Wesselman  (Ensemble)
Taylor Wesselman (he/him) is thrilled to be making his Conundrum debut in Seussical. Some previous credits include, The Tin Man (The Wizard of Oz), Hugo (Bye Bye Birdie) and The Baker (Into the Woods). He would like to thank the wonderful Conundrum team, his onstage family and off. Follow along @taytaythelatteboy
Victoria Camacho (Ensemble)
Victoria Camacho (she/her) is thrilled for you all to see her Conundrum debut in Suessical! Some of her show credits include “Sound of Music” “Oklahoma” “Mary Poppins” and “Our Town”. Victoria is a business owner of V.C. Photography (@vcphot0graphy on Instagram), as well as a Disney Cast Member in her free time, with a passion for creating art! Most importantly, she would like to thank those who came to support her reintroduction to performing live theatre. For more updates please follow her @iamvictoriacamacho on Instagram!
Wynn Tutt (Ensemble)
Wynn Tutt (she/her) is absolutely delighted to be making their Conundrum debut in Seussical. Some of her previous credits include WSKID Radio Announcer/Crystal (Little Shop of Horrors), Fairy Dancer (A Midsummer Night's Dream), and Flying Monkey (the Wizard of Oz). In her free time she takes joy in recording music, writing screenplays, and creating visual art. She is grateful to Mom, Dad, Kim, Rhys, and her wonderful extended family. Check out her latest endeavors at @guavavessel.
Amanda Campos (Reeds)
Amanda Campos is an active Los Angeles woodwinds doubler and composer. She has performed in musicals such as Cabaret, Chicago, and The Addams Family Musical. Recently She has performed in various music festivals, such as Monterey Jazz Fest and Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. She loves local music and community productions and finds herself working with many LA artists. She also teaches woodwinds in the La Canada school district as well as private lessons at her home studio.
Adam Hall (Trumpet)
Bio coming soon.
Ben Ede (Guitar)
Ben and his guitar “Jessie” have performed with and opened for hundreds of musical artists, including Grammy winners: John Legend, Ozomatli, Poncho Sanchez, Lady Gaga, and Oscar Hernandez. He has also recorded music for the National Parks Service, Kodak, and brands overseas as well as locally. In addition to his busy freelance life of recording and performing, Ben teaches music production and various instruments for the LA Philharmonic's afterschool programs and is extremely proud to be in the pit with 3 of his students from Sequoyah High School where he directs music and is the Art Department Chair. Far more important than all of this however is Ben's undying love of babies and his wife, possibly in that order.
Dan Gonda (Reeds)
Dan (he/hm) is a woodwind doubler that has been playing in musicals in LA ranging from "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" to "Legally Blonde" to "Assassins". He also plays with jazz combos, big bands, and his own combo, Tonic Trio. This is his third performed production with Conundrum Theatre Company, previously "Funny Girl" and "Cabaret", and he is always glad to work with them.
J. Spreling Reich (Trumpet)
When he's not practicing trumpet J. Sperling Reich is the executive editor of Celluloid Junkie, a film industry trade publication as well as the producer and co-host of the entertainment news podcast Showbiz Sandbox. As a "comeback" trumpet player, Seussical marks the first time in 25 years that Sperling has played in a group with other musicians. He's amazed at just how talented the Seussical musicians are.
Magnus Bjorgum (Bass)
Magnus Bjorgum (he/him) is in 10th grade and is excited to be making his Conundrum debut as Bassist for The Seussical. He began playing bass for a short lived cover band in middle school, and has previously played for a school production of Carrie: The Musical. He has also been involved in theater as a member of stage crew. He would like to thank everyone who drove him to and from Burbank as he has not yet earned his driver's license.
Paula Hu (Keyboard 1)
Paula Hu (she/her) will be playing keyboard for Seussical and this will be her first Conundrum debut. Paula is a student at Sequoyah High School in Pasadena, CA and she has been playing piano since she was young and has performed in several recitals. She is very happy to work with the band and will continue pursuing her musical career in the future.
Tiffany Ostubo (Keyboard 2)
Bio coming soon.
Tyler Stell (Drums/Percussion)
Bio coming soon.