2020 Hindsight WHO'S WHO

MARLO ALEXANDER (Freshman - 1st Year)
Marlo has had a great time in the CHS musical!
ROCKY ANICETTE (Junior - 3rd Year)
Rocky loves rollercoasters and honing her craft. She also started teaching herself how to play the piano during quarantine (still learning lol). She would like to thank her family and friends for always supporting her.
SIA BANGIA (Senior - 1st Year)
ALLY BARTON (Freshman - 1st Year)
Ally's dream is to become a zoologist.
HALEY CAROLAN (Senior - 3rd Year)
Haley’s music playlist is almost exclusively classic rock and Broadway soundtracks.
DECLAN CAVANAUGH (Freshman - 1st Year)
Declan loves to surf and play lacrosse.
MAGGIE CAVANAUGH (Senior - 4th Year)
Maggie loves to play the piano, and is also a part of the Unaccompanied Minors a capella group.
AIDAN CONWAY (Junior - 2nd Year)
Aidan performs with the Parnassian Society, plays ultimate frisbee, and flies drones.
MELODY CZUKOSKI (Sophomore - 2nd Year)
Melody likes playing softball and doing marching band. She would like to thank her family and friends for their support.
KEN DUBOSE (Senior - 3rd Year)
Ken likes to paint rocks from his backyard and sell them on Etsy. He would like to thank his parents!
DAVIS FAVORS (Sophomore - 2nd Year)
Davis is also in MAC and the CHS Marching Band.
ANGEL FIDELIS (Junior - 2nd Year)
Angel lived in Brazil for four years. She would like to thank everyone involved for making the musical happen.
ELOISE GLANTZ (Junior - 3rd Year)
Eloise is a baseball fanatic. She would like to thank her family and friends for their continued support.
LEAH GLASS (Freshman - 1st Year)
Leah loves to waterski!
GLYNNIS GOFF (Senior - 4th Year)
Glynnis has done design work for the Shakespeare Festival, Guildscript Magazine, the Columbian, and created the logo for 2020 Hindsight! She would like to thank Mom, Dad, Connor, and Ziggy!
ROWEN GORING (Junior - 3rd Year)
Rowen likes to hike and travel! She would like to thank Bethany, Tricia and Mr. Ezzo.
WILLIAM GRIFFITH (Senior - 3rd Year)
William is a runner and loves to travel.
BEN HALPERIN (Senior - 4th Year)
Ben can say the alphabet backwards in under three seconds. He would like to thank his Moms, Bethany, Tricia, and all of the cast and crew.
QUINCY HAMPTON (Sophomore - 2nd Year)
Quincy has been involved with theater since 4th grade, and also loves playing basketball. He would like to thank the directors, cast and crew, and his family.
DAVID HARPER (Junior - 3rd Year)
David is one of the leaders of environmental club. He would like his family and cast mates for the ongoing support throughout.
Charlotte enjoys spending time with others, laughing, drumming, and writing. She would also like to thank her family for supporting her and Jenny Turner-Hall for allowing her to write.
LILY HAWRYLUK (Junior - 3rd Year)
In her free time, Lily enjoys baking while singing to music on top volume. She would like to thank the cast and crew, as well as her amazing directors.
ANNA HIGER-PARIS (Junior - 3rd Year)
Anna enjoys riding her bike in the summer.
MAIA HUBSCHER (Junior - 3rd Year)
Maia arranges music for the school a cappella group Noteworthy! Shoutout to her EAC family for being awesome.
JESSICA HUTCHINSON (Sophomore - 1st Year)
Jessica spends her time mass producing delicious baked goods. She would also like to thank her friends for hyping her up!
ALEX IOZZIO (Junior - 3rd Year)
Alex dances at Class Act Performing Arts Studio! He would like to thank his parents and everyone who worked so hard to make this show happen!
ALYSSA LEWARS (Freshman - 1st Year)
Alyssa loves to dance and sing. She also loves listening to music and taking photos. She thanks her family for supporting her!
GOLAN MANDEL (Junior - 2nd Year)
Golan has solved a Rubik's Cube in under two minutes. We are facing this pandemic together, and though times are tough, we will make it through. Stay safe.
SKYLER MARTINEZ (Senior - 4th Year)
Skyler loves playing music with friends and is also a captain of the CHS Boys Varsity Swim Team. He would like to thank his family and friends for their endless support.
MADISON MCGEHEE (Sophomore - 2nd Year)
Madison likes to paddleboard at the beach. She is also a member of the CHS Parnassian Society. She'd like to thank Bethany and Tricia!!
ZÖE MCKAY (Sophomore - 2nd Year)
Zöe loves to write and spends lots of time watching Criminal Minds. She'd like to thank her sister for watching a Marvel movie over quarantine.
WILLIAM NASH (Junior - 3rd Year)
William plays on the CHS Lacrosse team and a club team, and sings with the a cappella group. He would like to thank his mother, sister, and family for their love.
ZOE NEWMAN (Senior - 3rd Year)
Zoe co-directs a sketch comedy group called Bitches Brouhaha! She would like to thank her family, Bethany, Tricia, Mr Ezzo, and Ms Kleppe.
FAITH ORZECK (Junior - 3rd Year)
Faith enjoys upcycling and making her own clothes. She would like to thank her family and friends for always being by her side.
ANNA PETTIGREW (Senior - 4th Year)
Anna loves to take walks in the reservation She thanks her friends and family!
SOPHIA PLAITAKIS (Senior - 2nd Year)
Sophia likes to play with her cat and make various baked goods.
JADE POLI (Senior - 3rd Year)
Jade loves avocado toast and Jane Austen novels. She would like to thank the amazing cast and crew!
ELLA REMY (Senior - 4th Year)
This is Ella's fourth year performing in the CHS Musical. She is also one of the Dance Captains for this year. She would like to thank her parents for truly being her biggest supporters.
Margaret has four adorable cats! She would like to thank everyone who has supported her.
MARYGRACE RUMLEY (Freshman - 1st Year)
Marygrace started performing in 6th grade. She would like to thank the directors for casting her in this year's show.
LYDIA RYAN (Freshman - 1st Year)
Lydia loves spending time with friends and performing. She would like to thank her cast mates!
SYDNEY SCHENKER (Senior - 4th Year)
Sydney can quote the entirety of all three John Mulaney stand-up specials on Netflix.
SYLVIE SCHUETZ (Senior - 3rd Year)
Sylvie enjoys writing and dancing alone in her bedroom. She would like to thank her parents for their endless support.
OLIVIA SELIG (Junior - 3rd Year)
Olivia loves playing bass in orchestra and singing in choir. She is also in a cappella. She would like to thank Bethany and Tricia, as well as her family.
CYRUS SHIELDS (Junior - 3rd Year)
Cyrus's favorite animal is a turtle. He would like to thank his family for their love.
MILES SILVERSTEIN (Senior - 2nd Year)
Miles has a solo album out and has played with bands across the country. He would like to thank his friends and family for the endless support.
MADELEINE SMITH (Senior - 4th Year)
Madeleine is a cinema buff, loves everything Disney, and has loved musicals since childhood. She would like to thank the Directors, Cast & Crew.
NAOMI STEFENS (Sophomore - 2nd Year)
Naomi is a singer/songwriter as well as being in the CHS Field Hockey program. She thinks the CHS musical program is amazing, and is so happy to be a part of it!
GRACE TRENOUTH (Junior - 3rd Year)
Grace plays Field Hockey and enjoys sewing in her spare time. She thanks Bethany & Tricia for this opportunity, even in COVID! Love to Mom and Dad.
KATIE TRZASKA (Junior - 3rd Year)
Katie loves to read at the beach. She thanks her friends and family for their constant love and support!!
OWEN UMIKER (Sophomore - 2nd Year)
Owen loves to take his beagle Scout on long walks around Maplewood. He would like to thank his family.
ROWAN WECHSLER (Freshman - 1st Year)
Rowan is a comedian who likes to act and dance.
EDIE WORRELL (Junior - 3rd Year)
Edie has an extensive lizard brooch collection. She thanks her family & her dearest friends.
ELLA FISK (Student Director)
Ella swims for the CHS swim team! She would like to thank her fellow student directors for all the help, and the rest of the cast and crew for being so phoenomenal.
ELI GOLDBERG (Student Director & Stage Manager)
Eli is a student director as well as the stage manager (student leader of stage crew). He plans to study Theater Design/Technology at Emerson College. Eli would like to thank the directors and Tara for the amazing experience.
ALEXA KAPLAN (Costume Captain)
Alexa is a Sophomore who also plays field hockey for CHS. She has a twin named Siena.
SIENA KAPLAN (Student Director)
Siena plays soccer for CHS and Alexa, from costumes, is her twin sister. She would also like to thank Eli and Ella for being the best partners!
BEHIND THE SCENES (Art Department)
Ellie Rojer & Sasha Rojer.
Alexa Kaplan (Captain); Caspian Dall, Tyler Goldberg, Maddie Goodrich, Olivia Graziano, and Caroline Griffiths
Peter Hamel & Lawson Saby.
BEHIND THE SCENES (Stage Crew Leaders)
Eli Goldberg (Stage Manager), Kaylin Baugh, Eli Greenstein, Phoebe Holt-Reiss, Julia Vitale, and Skylar Yarter,
Kaylin Baugh, Paige Fanneron, Eli Greenstein, Eli Goldberg, Molly Gray, Jasmine Justine, Nate Kianovsky, Julia Vitale, and Skylar Yarter.
Ryan Baum-Joseph, Isadora Boddeker, Ivy Choy, Sophia Franklin, Lindsey Leonard, Shaelyn McGowan, Rebecca Nusner, Evelyn Van de North, Ava Vroman, Katie Wilkes.
TRICIA BENN (Director & Choreographer)
Tricia has been choreographing the CHS musical for over 20 years. She and the amazing Bethany Pettigrew started directing eight years ago. Tricia is an alumnus of CHS. It truly takes a village to put on the CHS musical! Congratulations to the cast and crew! Special thanks to Duncan, Jenny, Alexa, Eli, Siena, Ella, Derek and of course her family for all their support and patience over the years.
BETHANY PETTIGREW (Director & Choreographer)
2020 Hindsight marks Bethany’s 21st CHS musical, and although things were a bit different this year, she was thrilled to be co-directing and choreographing. Bethany and Tricia have been nominated for numerous Papermill Rising Star Awards and were the recipients of the 2015 award for Best Director for their production of Ragtime. Bethany was lucky enough to enjoy a wonderful career as a Broadway performer but couldn’t be happier or more fulfilled working with the amazing performers right here at CHS. This musical event wouldn’t have been possible without the help of her patient and talented husband Duncan, the amazing and spirited script written by Jenny Turner Hall, and the technical and musical prowess of Jake Ezzo. Bethany and Tricia had a blast thinking outside the box and loved every minute of it. Thank you to all the alumni that donated their time and talent to our production. We are truly a family.
Mr. Ezzo is a GRAMMY nominated choir director at SOMS, where he directs 4 different choral ensembles. "2020 Hindsight" is his second venture into music directing at CHS, and he has worked on set construction and stage crew at SOMS. He has also music directed the Youth Productions with InterAct for the past few seasons. A resident of the MAPSO community for 4 years, he can be seen using his talents and passions at Morrow Methodist Church, working on 3D printing projects, and co-coaching the town’s only all girl’s robotics teams. Mr. Ezzo holds a bachelors and masters degree from Westminster Choir College, and resides in Maplewood with his two loving cats Gypsy and Simon.
Duncan is the owner and creative director of Samgrew Productions, Inc, a full service video production company. Samgrew has created content for film and television, corporate clients, and arts organizations. Duncan has worked closely with many local foundations such as The Valerie Fund, The Gold Foundation and even The Achieve Foundation creating videos for fundraising and awareness. Duncan was a competitive gymnast and dancer for many years before transitioning to a film and video career. He loved working on this project and was amazed by the talent and passion of the CHS Musical cast and crew. Duncan had a blast helping Tricia and Bethany reimagine these musical numbers for 2020 Hindsight.
This is LuAnne's third year in the Producer role after being very involved as a cast parent for six years. She loves working with Bethany and Tricia, and the amazing team they have built to create the magic that is the CHS musical. In her spare time, LuAnne is the Director of Sales for a local luxury hardware brand. She would like to thank her family for their love and support, and for never complaining over another pizza dinner.
Jenny Turner Hall is a Peabody Award Winner and a Writer/Director at the forefront of multi-platform storytelling. She has projects in film, television, podcasting, immersive theater, and fiction. With Marcy Thompson, Jenny produces and writes all the podcasts and live shows for Studio B, a non-profit arts organization featuring Broadway and Hollywood talent in the suburbs of New York City.
Frank Guastella is an Emmy-award winning producer, sound engineer, and videographer. He has created music and visuals for many artists and networks alike, and is extremely excited to be a part of the creative team behind this year’s musical. When he is not working in the studio, Frank's creativity extends into the classroom as a teacher of biology at South Orange Middle School. He wants to thank all of the talented cast members, crews, and production teams for their resilience and collaboration in putting together these inspiring performances.
Tara has been involved with the musical for the last eleven years, and has enjoyed every moment of it. She has had an amazing career in theatre working off-Broadway, at Walt Disney World, and locally in NJ. She would like to thank her family for their supporrt, especially her daughter Zooey for being her muse. She would also like to thank her amazing production team for their collaboration and vision, and mostly, her Stage Crew.