About Epic Proportions

Set in the 1930’s EPIC PROPORTIONS tells the story of two brothers, Benny and Phil, who go to the Arizona desert to be extras in the huge Biblical epic Exeunt Omnes. Things move very quickly in this riotous comedy and before you know it, Phil is directing the movie, and Benny is starring in it. To complicate matters further they both fall in love with Louise, the assistant director in charge of the extras. Along the way there are gladiator battles, the Ten Plagues and a cast of thousands portrayed by eight other actors.  

Coal Creek Theater of Louisville

Coal Creek Theater of Louisville is a non-profit, 501[c]3 organization established in 1990. Its mission is to propagate and preserve the theater arts in eastern Boulder County and the surrounding area and is primarily intended to provide an arena for volunteers to perform and participate in theater arts. It concentrates on providing unique and challenging theater experiences that entertain, enrich, and inspire.