Rodgers & Hammerstein's CINDERELLA (Enchanted Edition) Cast

Ethan Armbuster (King Maximillian)
Subject - Ethan M. Armbuster Age - 18 Educational Status - Grade 12 Expected Career Path - Video Game Development 2 / 3 / 24 The subject's location has been more erratic as of late. Luckily they still rarely venture far from their home, so I haven't lost them completely. They seem to still have been to be collecting seemingly unrelated items on their travels, to what end is currently unknown. Though it's seems to me like they are constructing *something*. As for what that something is; I am at a loss. Their motivations are still a mystery. More observation is required.
Mya Aviles (Grace)
Mya is a sophomore at Catasauqua High School. She’s sixteen years old and the oldest of 4 siblings. She is very excited to be performing in her first show. Not only does she do theater but she is also a part of the Indoor Color Guard, Marching Band, and Chorus. She wants to say a thank you to her family for being there for everything she does and a massive thank you to everybody who has helped her get where she is today. She sends much love and hopes you enjoy the show. <3
Kayla Davis (Stage Crew Lead)
Kayla is in the 10th Grad here at Catasauqua High School. This is her second year as being part of the Drama Club Stage Crew. Kayla keeps herself busy by playing Volleyball, doing Track & Field, being involved with Yearbook, Journalism, Interact Club, Stars Club, Student Council and Debate Team. She would like to thank her cousin, Jadah, who took her to a talent show years ago where she was first introduced to Hamilton and all musicals alike. She would also like to thank her dad, who pushed her to be a part of something bigger than herself.
Hannah Decker (Ensemble)
Hannah is a freshman at CHS and is THRILLED to be performing in her fist show with the Drama Club. Besides CHS, Hannah also attends LCTI as a part of the Advertising and Design level 1 lab. She would like to thank her family (and Jacki!) for all their support, as well as her amazing fellow cast members, directors, and everyone else involved for making this the best experience of high school so far!!
Cassius Estronza (Prince Christopher)
Cassius, who plays Prince Christopher, is a freshman here at Catasauqua High School. He enjoyed being in last year’s production of “Pippin” as Theo. He’s been performing in theatre since he was 8 years old, and hopes to continue to pursue a career in theatre more.
Amberlynn Faust (Joy)
Amberlynn is very excited to be a part of “Cinderella”! This is her first year being in the Drama Club through her years of high school, currently being a sophomore. She’s also taken part in Volleyball, Track & Field, Marching Band, Concert Band, Choir, Lehigh County Honors Band, Lehigh County Chorus, and Indoor Color Guard. She would like to thank her family, especially her wonderful mom and dad, Kristy and Don, who always support her and push her to her full potential. She would also like to thank her friends for always supporting her and helping her through her successes.
Kalei Hodson (Stepmother)
You can bet you haven’t watched Kalei perform yet, and that’s because she is taking part in her first ever show! As a junior at Catasauqua High School and a half-day LCTI student, Kalei is absolutely ecstatic to be making her debut in the world of the performing arts. She is beyond grateful for her ability to work past her previously crippling stage fright, and for the sheer privilege of being cast as Stepmother in this year’s show. And of course, she couldn’t have done it without the endless support of family and friends. Specifically, she would like to thank her best friend, who has been a constant, radiating beacon of love and encouragement since before she even signed up for auditions. Kalei also wants to thank her family - her parents, for being constant figures of support, and her brother, for continuing to inspire her every day. She would also like to thank her close friends, teachers, and other mentors that have helped her through her journey so far. Finally, she also wants to thank everyone that came out to support her and the CHS Drama Club. There is no way she would have come this far without every single one of them. Kalei can’t wait to show off what she’s got!
Kira Kiel (Young Cinderella/Butcher/Ensemble)
Kira is a freshman in Catasauqua High School. This is her first year in a Catasauqua High School Theater Production and is so excited to be a part of the show! Outside of drama, she is on the volleyball team and yearbook club.
Jillian LaPointe (Charles the Cat Puppeteer/Ensemble)
Jillian is an 8th grade student at Notre Dame of Bethlehem School. She has been participating in theater for three years, with this being her second performance at Catasauqua. Jillian’s background also includes dance and piano. Last year, Jillian played Lewis in the Freddy award winning production of Pippin. She also recently finished her time with the Becahi Youth Theater, having been in shows such as: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (Grace Bradley), A Fairytale Christmas Carol (Bale), and Glorious George (Grandma). Jillian is excited to be joining Catasauqua next year as a freshman! Break a leg everyone!
Lucinda Loftus (Fairy Godmother/Dance Captain)
Luci is thrilled to be playing the Fairy Godmother in CHS’s Cinderella! Though she is a sophomore at the school, this is her freshman year in the drama club, but she has been doing musical theatre since 2014 at the Civic Theatre of Allentown. She loves doing theatre at Civic and ballet at PCBA, as well as vocal lessons at Saucon Valley Music. She is currently playing in a few other shows; she is a Step-Sister in PCBA’s production of Cinderella the ballet, as well as being in Civic Theatre’s Beauty & The Beast as the assistant choreographer and a Silly Girl. She would like to thank her directors, cast, crew, family, and friends for their endless support.
Kaylee Monahan (Ensemble)
Kaylee is a senior at Catasauqua high school. This is Kaylee’s fourth year in drama. She is also in the chorus. Kaylee would also like to thank her parents Brian and Alison Monahan for supporting her these four years with all the rides. Kaylee is going to commute to LCCC. She hasn’t decided her major yet.
Delaine Popa-Nina (Queen Constantina)
Delaine is beyond excited to be taking the role of “Queen Constantina” for her first and last show here at Catasauqua High School Drama Club. Delaine is a senior at Catasauqua High School and outside of drama club she is a part of the CHS Volleyball team, Cross Country team, Softball Team, Manager for Basketball team, Marching Band, Indoor Color Guard, Yearbook Club, Varsity C Club, and Chorus Member. Outside of school Delaine also plays for a Club Volleyball team called “Starlings'' while also working a part time job. She plans to attend LCCC Community College for her General studies and then transfer to a 4 year college for a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion design and Film/cinema. Delaine would also like to thank her parents and family members for being nonstop supportive of all the activities and events she’s done throughout her 4 years of high school that turned her into the person she is today.
Diomar Quezada (Cheese Merchant/Mouse Puppeteer/Ensemble)
Diomar is an 8th grader who is excited about this year’s show “Cinderella”! After attending the CHS performance of “Chicago” a few years ago, Diomar found the fun of acting and pretending to be someone you’re not. This is technically his second year in the drama club and he is thrilled about being in the show this year!
Anessa Rodriguez (Cinderella)
Anessa is a junior in high school and this is her second show with the CHS Drama Club. Previously, she was part of the ensemble in “Chicago” her freshman year. Outside of theater, she also participates in Indoor Percussion, Marching Band, Cheerleading, Concert Band, and Chorus. She is thrilled to be a part of this cast, and she’s so honored to be playing the title role of Cinderella. Anessa would like to thank her dad for driving her to every single rehearsal, her mother for always being her biggest fan, and her friends and family for always encouraging her and supporting her through everything.
Nyya Rodriguez (Cloth Merchant/Ensemlbe)
Nyya is a sophomore at Catasauqua High School. This is her first year in the Drama Club. When she’s not at rehearsal, Nyya likes art, singing & dancing. She would like to thank her boyfriend and her grandma for supporting her in all she does.
Annette Saint-Amand (Cinderella's Father/Baker/Ensemble)
Annette is a freshman at CHS and will be performing in their first show! She has only been in Drama Club for a year and plans to continue on throughout her high school years. Annete doesn’t attend any sports currently, but plans to sign up for Track and Cross Country next year!
Maryellen Schlegel (Ensemble)
Mary is a junior here at Catasauqua High School. This is her 3rd year in Drama Club and her 1st year as president of the Drama Club. She’s so happy to be a part of Cinderella! Her other activities include: Chorus, Yearbook, and Girl Scouts. Mary is proud to be a Distinguished Honor Roll student. She is also starting her 1st job this summer at Dorney Park. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the love and support of her family.
Emma Schwenk (Ensemble)
Emma is a freshman here at Catasauqua High School. This is Emma's first show in drama and she is beyond excited. Outside of school she enjoys drawing, painting, animating, spending time with friends and traveling. Emma would like to thank her parents for the support and encouragement, her cast members for all the fun times and her directors for making this show possible. She hopes you enjoy that show!
Adyn Wellington (Lionel)
Deja Vu! He’s been in this place before, “Heyo” is his phrase, he’s not in a phase! Adyn is in his second show as of this year. Last year, he played as Charlemagne in “Pippin”, or as he likes to call him, the denier! He also performed in the Freddy Awards. He is greatly thankful for his family and the class of 2023 who helped him gain confidence in himself!
Carrera Wellington (Dove/Animal Puppeteer/Ensemble)
Carrera is an 8th grader from our very own Catty Middle School. This is her first year in Drama Club but not her last. She has been dancing for 7 years at Sue Albert’s School of Dance. She also plays the trumpet in the middle school band.