Radium Girls Cast

Emberleigh Schoensiegel (Grace Fryer)
A top-notch dialpainter, 15 at the start of the play, 26 at it's close.
Sophia Morrissey (Kathryn Schaub)
Grace's friend, another dialpainter, also 15 at the start of the play.
Marley Gibbons (Irene Rudolph)
Kathryn's cousin, 17 at the start of the play. Later she is on her 20's
Amanda Bianchi (Mrs Almo MacNeil)
The dialpainter supervisor
Ollie Elting (Arthur Roeder)
President of the US Radium Corp., 34 at start of play, 65 at it's close.
Bael DeYoung (Edward Markley)
Counsel for the company
Gelya Heinrich (C.B. "Charlie" Lee)
Vice President, later president of the company
Dillon Morressey (Dr. Von Sochocky)
Founder of the U.S. Radium Corp., inventor of the luminous paint
Addy Elting (Tom Kerider)
Grace's Boyfriend, several years older than she.
AnnabellaTorres (Diane Roeder)
Married to Arthur Roeder
Camila Garay (Harriet Roeder)
Their daughter, 9 years old at first, later she is in her 30's
Amanda Bianchi (Anna Fryer)
Grace's Mother
Cecilia Jones (Katherine Wiley)
The executive director, New Jersey Consumer's League
Jessica Davis (Raymond Berry)
An Attorney for the dialpainters
Maya Garay (Dr Cecil Drinker)
A Harvard industrial hygienist
Marley Gibbons (Dr Harrison Martland)
The county medical examiner
Camila Garay (Dr Joseph Knef)
A dentist
Claudia Slayter (Dr Marie Curie)
Discovered radium
Dillon Morrissey (Frederick Flinn, Ph.D.)
Columbia University industrial hygienist
Keara Langholf (Jack Youngwood - Reporter)
A reporter, Newark Ledger
Geneva Heinrich (Nany Jane Harlan - Sob Sister)
A tabloid reporter, New York Graphic
Maya Garay (William J.A. Bailey)
An enterpreneuer, manufacturer if Radithor
Claudia Slayter (Mrs Michales)
A consumer of Radithor
Bael DeYoung (Mrs Middleton - Society Woman)
Mrs James (Cora) Middleton, a well-bred woman
Maya Garay (Clerk)
An overworked public employee