About Frankly Speaking

This 14 piece big band has been a dream project of mine for many years and just like some of my biggest idols.  I am so blessed to have the hardest swinging band to back the vocals and share this great music.  We have also added a smaller combo which features the rhythm section (piano, bass, drums), vocals and two horns so we are able to bring this incredible music to some of the smaller venues.  

We hope you will enjoy listening just as much as we enjoy playing this music, hope to see you soon!

‚Äč- Stephen Smietana, band leader/vocalist

Meet the band:

Alto Saxophone: 

     Robert Harris

     Jacob Mrochek

Tenor Saxophone: 

     Michael Pagnotta

     Ricardo Hayden Jr.

Bari Saxophone:

     Al Frantik


     Chris Snyder

     Scott DiTullio

     Jeremy Shirey


     Casey Bavera

     Matt Krachenko


     Roberta Breninghouse


     Matt McClintok


     Stephen Flory


     Stephen Smietana


Casino Theater