High School Musical Cast

Sam Bates (Troy Bolton )
Sam Bates is a senior at CCHS. This is his 4th year with CCHS Theatre, and he has been involved in every production to date! He has been an officer since his sophomore year, and is currently Troupe Treasurer. Sam plans to attend university next year. Thanks for supporting CCHS Theatre!
Shamier Sullivan (Gabriella Montez)
Shamier Sullivan is a Senior at Capital City Highschool. Shamier is involved in Royal Blues, FBLA, Nicholes Career Center Nursing Program and also became the Drumline Captain. She is also known as Capital City’s National Anthem Singer. Shamier loves singing and writing music it is one of her many passions. She also enjoys spending time with loved ones because time is valuable. She loves volunteering any chance she gets. After High school Shamier plans on starting a music career by getting a bachelor’s degrees in music production at FullSail University in Florida. After getting a bachelor’s degree She plan on joining the navy to become a psychiatric doctor. Shamier Joined theatre because she’s always wanted to sing in a musical. What she loves most about theatre is the fact that we’re one big family on and off stage.
Alahna Leavell (Sharpay Evans )
Alahna Leavell is a Senior (12) at Capital City Highschool, Here’s some super fun and fresh facts about Alahna: She cheered for four years, was in treble choir for 3 years, chorale for 2, royal blues for 3 years, this is her second year joining cchs theatre for the spring musical !! Alahna loves to write and read, her biggest hobby is making jewelry Alahna spends a lot of time doing that aside from annoying her her sister with her private musicals shows she puts on, she loved cheer and she also loves singing.. for the future she hopes to make a career out of what she loves ! Alahna joined theatre because Alahna loves the bonds that get built because of the production.. Alahna says “it’s a place where you can be yourself and feel good while doing so, everyone should join theatre , wether it’s on stage or backstage.. you’ll feel welcome, so basically everyone join theatre lol”.
Haylie Gaggens  (Ryan Evans )
Haylie is a Junior in High School and has been doing theatre since she was in 6th grade. She's involved in anything to do with singing including Chorale, Royal Blues, District Honor Choir, Mid MO, etc. Haylie joined theatre because she plans on performing in the future, for example, she wants to become a professional performer/singer. She's been singing since she was 4 years old and plans to do it for the rest of her life.
Marcus Cottrell (Chad Danforth)
Marcus Cottrell started off in drama class as a normal student who soon came to love drama class! He has worked really hard in drama class and wanted to take his acting to something other than just a class. So he talked to Mrs.Lecure about the further extent of acting and she introduced him to the CCHS theater program. Finding a passion for Musical Theatre, Marcus has worked with theater on their last year's Musical Cinderella. With that being his first try of theatre he has caught the theatre bug and grew a mad passion for its musicals. This is Marcus second year in another musical working with theatre.
Abigail Farris  (Taylor McKessie)
Abby Farris is a senior and the Vice President of Capital City Theatre. She has been involved in theatre all four years of high school and has been a member of the International Thespian Society for three of those four years. Abby was one of the qualifiers for nationals in the group scene. She is also the flute section leader in the Pride of Capital City Marching Band. Abby also is in Royal Blues, Jazz Band, and Pep Band. Some of her hobbies include crocheting, hiking, and thrifting. She choose to get back into theatre her freshmen year and immediately found a fun and creative environment where she can express herself and be around a great group of people. When Abby graduates she will be attending Truman state university and majoring in Music (flute).
Marcasia Cottrell  (Martha Cox)
Marcasia Cottrell is a senior at Capital City highschool. Marcasia got into the theatre program by auditioning for Capital City's first musical Cinderella! She soon grew a passion for musical theatre and decided to further her future career around theatre!
Lucia Howser (Mrs. Darbus)
Lucia Howser is a Senior at capital high school and has been part of the the Theater program since her junior year. She joined theater after taking drama class and discovering a love for performing. Outside of theater she is an active member of the CCHS Plume and has played on the Girls golf team since her freshman year.
Christian Garza (Jack Scott)
Christian Garza is a Senior at Capital City High School. While still being new to theatre, he is now on his second play. It has been a life changing experience and he is thankful for it all. He is also in his second year of being a yearbook member. His hobbies include listening to music, drawing, or spending time with friends. He will always have a place for theatre in his heart, but will likely just end up in marketing.
Payton Hogg Ratcliff (Kelsi Neilson )
Payton Hogg Ratcliff is a Sophomore at CCHS. She's been in CCHS Theatre for 1 year now and enjoys reading and performing. She's been in musical theatre since 2nd grade but started straight plays this year after moving to Capital City. She joined CCHS theatre to find a new comfort and a little home at her new school, and that is what she found. She says "I love coming into school everyday and seeing my friends in theater that make me laugh and smile and overall brighten my day"
Alonzo Marks  (Coach Bolton)
Alonzo Marks is a senior at CCHS. This is his first theatre show.
Holden Barber (Jason )
Holden Barber is a Senior at Capital City High School and started off in theatre as crew member for Pride and Prejudice. Seeing the process and dedication that was put into the art he decided to try out for High School Musical. He enjoys being in theatre because of the wide range of personality’s you get to experience, growing close with one another, and building new relationships. Following graduation Holden plans on attending Mizzou and majoring in psychology.
Mia Meyers (Susan)
Mia Meyers is a freshman at Capital City High School. She enjoys hanging out with friends. Her first CCHS show was Triangle and she has been in 2 other shows.
Dustyn Doss (Zeke Baylor)
Dustyn Doss is a freshman at Capital City High School, he started doing theatre in 6th grade. His hobbies include Brazilian jiu-jitsu, spending time with family and acting. After school Dustyn wants to be a teacher. Dustyn started doing theatre because it's fun and he loves to perform.
Dakiah Langford (Mongo)
Dakiah Langford is a freshman who is apart of the Spanish club, Zonta, female empowerment club, and more! She loves to learn new hobbies and gets involved in new activities. She joined theatre because theatre is like one big family and she loves to help out whenever she can!
Anusha Bichkar (Ripper)
Anusha Bichkar is a freshman in highschool. This is her first year in Theatre. She also is in Speech and Debate, and CCHS Colorguard.She joined theater because it gives a place to play other people and escape from reality.
Ellie Harris (Ensemble)
Ellie Harris is a Freshman at Capital City High School and is a part of Treble Choir and the Capital City Dance Team. This is her first year doing theatre. She is very excited to join this family and cannot wait to see where this journey takes her. When she isn’t dancing (which is rare), she enjoys singing, reading, listening to music, drawing, and dreaming about her dream job, being a Disney Imagineer. Ellie plans on continuing to participate in CCHS Theatre’s shows until she graduates.
Rachael Ousley (Ensemble)
Rachael Ousley is a freshman at Capital City High School, this is her first show with the CCHS Theatre. She is a member of the Pride of Capital City High School Marching Band, as well as jazz and concert band. She joined theatre to do what she enjoyed with people who share the same interests as her.
Keith Sheets (Ensemble)
Keith has always been interested in a multitude of things, he joined theatre in his sophomore year and participated in Silent Sky. This was his first time being cast into a musical, or a play in general.
Madison Linhardt (Cathy)
Madison Linhardt is a freshman at Capital City High School. She is currently active in CCHS theatre and student council. She enjoys reading and playing video games with her sister.
Ryder Flower (Ensemble)
Ryder Flower is a Sophmore at CCHS, this is his first year in Theatre. Ryder also partakes in E-sports Club and Choir. He likes to play video games in his free time. Ryder plans to do theatre throughout the rest of his high school career, and he is glad he got to know the people in theatre.
Shelbi Ritter (Ensemble)
Shelbi Ritter is a junior at Capital City High School, is a District Officer for SkillUSA, and has been in theatre for 3 years. Shelbi loves archery, graphic design/animation and voice acting. She plans to go to college and get a Bachelor’s in Computer Arts to become an animator. Shelbi joined theatre to gain experience in acting and she wanted to have some fun and make memories. She wants to show that anyone can do whatever they want no matter what.
Megan Wilde (Ensemble)
Megan Wilde is a freshman at Capital City High School. She is the number two player on the tennis team, and is also in female empowerment club. She loves music and makeup. She is excited to be apart of the production of High School Musical.
Alexis Diehls (Ensemble)