Pride and Prejudice Cast

Allie Schenewerk (Elizabeth Bennett)
Allie is a senior at Capital City High School and has been active in the theatre department for 3 years. It's become her creative outlet. She's always been a reader, but acting is the perfect way for her to completely immerse herself in a story. This is her first major role, and she could not be more excited that her senior show is based on one of her favorite classic novels, and she gets to play one of her role models. Allie is also a member of the National Honor Society and Gardening Club. On the rare nights that she isn't holed up at school until 9 PM, Allie can be found practicing her double salchow at the ice rink, going on tree identification hikes and building native pollinator gardens with Missouri Master Naturalists, or working at Trinklein Greenhouses with dirt on her jeans and a smile on her face (and quite possibly an orphaned kitten or baby bird in her pocket).
Christian Garza (Fitzwilliam Darcy)
Christian Garza is a Senior at Capital City High School while still being new to theater he is now on his second play. It has been a life changing experience and he is thankful for it all. He is also in his second year of being a yearbook member. His hobbies include listening to music, drawing, or spending time with friends. He will always have a place for theater in his heart but will likely just end up in marketing.
Madison Keep (Jane Bennett)
Madison Keep is a senior at Capital City High School. Madison has been apart of our theatre since we started and is also an avid member of ITS. Madison is one of those stereotypical thetare kids who have massive personalities. She uses this big personality of hers to tutor other students in math, raise money, recruit new members, and annoy the other members of the troupe. Madison recently attended the International Thespian Society Conference where she received a superior rating for her performance of two monologues. Madison is also a member of National Honor Society, as well as Female Empowerment Club, and FCCLA. After high school Madison will attend the University of Central Missouri where she will study to be a high school math and theatre teacher. This will be Madison's last high school play, she sends her most thankful and heartfelt, "Goodbye Troupe #10132".
Sam Bates (Charles Bingley)
Sam Bates is a senior at Capital City High School and is a part of Chorale, Royal Blues, and the CCHS Drama Club. He enjoys singing, theatre, watching movies, and eating food. Sam has been a part of every show with CCHS Theatre, so of course, Pride & Prejudice is no exception.
Abby Farris (Mrs. Bennett)
Abby Farris is a senior and the Vice President of Capital City Theatre. She has been involved in theatre all four years of high school and has been a member of the International Thespian Society for three of those four years. She is also the flute section leader in the Pride of Capital City Marching Band. Abby also is in Royal Blues, Jazz Band, and Pep Band. Some of her hobbies include crocheting, knitting, hiking, and thrifting. She choose to get back into theatre her freshmen year and immediately found a fun and creative environment where she can express herself and be around a great group of people.
Sofie Ogden (Mr. Bennett)
Sofie Ogden is a senior at Capital City High School and an avid theater kid. They've been borderline obsessed with theater, acting, and role-play games like D&D since early middle school. They are a self-described artist, but remain inconsistent in their artistry. While they have quite a few other hobbies, their main use of their free time is sleeping or cleaning. They work as a custodian at Lewis and Clark Middle School, and would recommend it to anyone not looking to be verbally abused in customer service or retail jobs. They chose to be a part of this show because it's fun, friendship, family, and great practice for somehow even nerdier things.
Sara Ogden (Lydia Bennett)
Sara Ogden is a Junior at Capital City High School and is currently one of two Junior Officers for Capital City High School Theater. This is her 3rd year being involved in Theater Club. Sara is also a member of National Honors Society and Female Empowerment Club. Sara loves spending time with her friends, including her best friend, her older sister (who is also in the play). Some things she enjoys doing with her friends includes playing video games, shopping, and sitting in restaurants and talking at a socially unacceptable volume about deep topics. Joining theater her freshman year is probably one of the greatest and most memorable decisions she has ever made. The people she has met in Theater are the people she hopes will continue to be in her life for as long as possible. She couldn't imagine spending her time doing anything else with anyone else.
Justin Yacob (Mr. Wickham)
Justin Yacob is a senior at CCHS. He has been in theatre for only one play (This one). He has been quite nervous about it but we'll see if his practice has paid off. Justin used to play football and track, he has since stopped participating in these activities to enjoy some of the free time before the busy days in college that are soon ahead. With this new found free time he picked up a variety of things such as theatre, golf, and other such things.
Yumi Robben (Caroline Bingley)
Yumi Robben is a senior at Capital City High School and active member in theatre for two years. Outside of the black box she is also on the school newspaper staff, a symphonic orchestra member and a track athlete. Some of her hobbies include photography, guitar, and building lego sets at impressive speeds. In her free time she enjoys hiking, listening to sad playlists and ranting. She chose to be a part of Pride and Prejudice because of her love for love stories and to wrap her senior year up in a bow.
Emma Richardson (Mary Bennett)
Emma Richardson is a senior at Capital City High School. She is a member of theater and a varsity member of speech and debate. Outside of school, she enjoys and creates music, art, and otherwise just lazes around. She is happy to be a part of Capital Citys theater and is thankful for the experiences the group has provided.
Amari Herndon-Goodman (Charlotte Lucas)
Amari Herndon-Goodman is a senior at Capital City High School and a leader in National Honor's Society, Orchestra, HOSA, and a handful of other clubs at school. She is a proud member of theater of 4 years, and a member of the International Thespian Society. She enjoys engaging in writing, Dungeons & Dragons, and of course, acting. After Triangle, Amari is looking forward to participating in a group scene at the national level in the summer.
Evan Weirich (Mr. Collins)
Evan is a senior and has been apart of CCHS theater for 2 years. He is a member of ITS and loves to act and is a member of Bass Choir. In his free time he is typically found playing games, writing, and reading.
Lucy Howser (Lady Catherine de Bourgh)
Lucia Howser is a Senior at capital high school and has been part of the the Theater program since her junior year. She joined theater after taking drama class and discovering a love for performing. Outside of theater she is an active member of the CCHS Plume and has played on the Girls golf team since her freshman year.
Vee Blase (Anne de Bourgh)
Vee is a freshman at CCHS and currently does Speech and Debate, Gardening, and Theater. They enjoy theater because it has been a huge help in getting them out into the world and helping them make friends. In their free time, Vee can be found cooking or finding new horror movies to watch. They chose to be a part of this show because they have always loved theatrics and saw this opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themself.
Holley Hagedorn (Lizzie and Jane Understudy)
Holley Hagedorn is a Senior at Capital City High School. Although she has been involved in theatre productions for 5 years, this is her first production with Capital City High School. She is a member of National Honors Society and is the President of Capital City's Speech and Debate Team. When Holley isn't caught up working on pieces for Speech and Debate, she loves to listen to music, sing, and crochet. She loves spending time with those who care about her, and she enjoys going places. Holley chose to do this show because she wanted to make her parents happy and proud, and also because it sounded like lots of fun!
Payton Ratcliff (Understudy)
Payton Ratcliff is a sophomore at Capital City High School. Payton has been in theater since she was in 2nd Grade. Payton has done everything she can in theater; on stage, behind stage, and even directing. She enjoys reading, being with her family, traveling, and music. Being with, traveling, and celebrating with her family is what makes her happiest. She loves hanging out with her cousins and older sister. Payton plans to continue theater after high school, while going into forensics and medicine.