About CA Dances 2021 Festival

List of CA Dances 2021 Festival Participants

Branson School

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Cal State Fullerton

Campbell High School

Ceres High School 

Contra Costa School of Performing Arts

Culver City High School Academy of Visual and Performing Arts

De Anza High School

El Cerrito High School

Everybody Dance! Program of The Gabriella Foundation

Francis Parker School

Fullerton Union High School

Head Royce School

Irvine Valley College

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo High School

Lineage Dance Company

Lowell High School

Paloma Valley High School 

Santa Clara University Department of Theatre and Dance

Shawl-Anderson Dance Center

Sonoma State Theatre Arts & Dance Department

St. Margaret’s Episcopal School

Pitzer College/Together in Motion

Valley View High School 

Valverde School of Performing Arts

Whittier Christian High School

California Dance Education Association

California Dance Education Association (CDEA)

is a non-profit professional organization serving emerging, practicing and master dance artists, teachers and scholars through advocacy and professional development opportunities that advance dance as a performing art in diverse educational sectors and communities throughout California. 

CDEA identifies and acts in constructive and strategic ways to 
positively shape public, social and education policy. 

CDEA promotes greater knowledge, appreciation, and support of the processes of dance education and promotes excellence in practice, performance, and presentation of dance; 

CDEA plans and provides stimulating and forward looking professional development opportunities and supportive local networks for dance teachers and educators; 

CDEA acts as a clearinghouse and for issues directly related to the quality of dance arts education in dance studios, K-12 schools, higher education, teaching artist contexts and outreach programs of performing arts organizations in California.