About Admissions

Eleanor is confused when she wakes up in a strange office.  The last thing she remembers is washing the dining room windows.  Then a patient and an efficient lady from behind a desk tell Eleanor that she is dead.  Eleanor must climb an emotional ladder in order to accept her fate.  She first refuses to believe it.  Then, after realizing the truth, she falls apart.  But after pulling herself back together, she gives an account of her life.  Within this verbal diary, a few ’admissions’ are told, parts of her past for which she still feels guilty.  As she speaks, her memories come alive...  especially one of a sad little girl Eleanor knew in grade school.  The chance to relive one moment allows Eleanor to close the door on her own life, and face, with a sense of serenity, admission to whatever comes next.

Caesar Rodney High School

The Stage Crew and Thespians of Caesar Rodney High School are considered by many in the community as the epitome of talent. The students involved in our theater program set it apart from other schools. We are a group of hard-working students who always place our full efforts into the activities of our Thespian Club. It is this dedication that helps elevate the status of our program in our community. When we put together a production or theater-related activity, everyone gets involved and many ideas are fused together to create an optimal plan of action for the activities.

There is a special bond that we all experience because of the togetherness of our group. We are a family; many in our group would say we are their only family. This familial bond helps us to produce superior results. There is a certain attention to detail that the commitment of our family creates. We make sure that every detail involved in our activities is up to par. Each meticulous detail must be perfect and this adherence to perfection allows our productions to achieve monumental status.

​Another important factor towards our success is the type of adult leaders in our school. The teachers at Caesar Rodney are all looking out for the betterment of the student body and their continued commitment aids the Thespians in our goals. It is especially important to have strong teachers involved in the activities, and we are fortunate to have such teachers.