Clue: On Stage (High School Edition) Cast

Luke Mortland (Wadsworth)
Luke Mortland is a sophomore. He played as Carlos in Disney Descendants, Laurie in Little Women, Prince Dauntless in Once Upon a Mattress and is playing Wadsworth in Clue. His future plans are to go to school for virology. Enjoy the show!
Rachel Riesing (Yvette)
Rachel is a junior. She was Aunt March in Little Women, Blind Pew in Treasure Island, and is now playing Yvette in Clue. She plans to go to college for Computer Resources and Information Management/Cybersecurity. See you in the stands!
Rhiannan Amerud (Miss Scarlet)
Rhiannan Amerud is a senior and is enrolled as a PSEO student. This is her first performance with BAHS. She first enjoyed participating in theatre with Prairie Fire Childrens Theatre. After high school Rhiannan plans to further her college education and continue pursing her interest in the medical field. I loved getting to play Miss Scarlet and I hope you enjoy the show!
Delaney Johnson (Mrs. Peacock)
Delaney Johnson is a junior. She played Mother in Treasure Island, Amy in Little Women, Mrs. Peacock in Clue, and many others. Her future plans are to going to college and study something she is passionate about. I had a lot of fun in this years show! Enjoy!
Alison Murrell (Mrs. White)
Alison Murrell is a senior and has played Young Jim in Treasure Island, Marmee in Little Women, and Mrs. White in Clue. Alison also participates in FFA, student council, NHS, and knowledge bowl. She plans to attend the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and major in Applied Economics within the College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resource Science. Enjoy the show!
Micah Robinson (Colonel Mustard)
I am a sophomore and I have acted in various plays and musicals such as "Once Upon a Mattress" where I played the Jester, "Little Women" where I played Professor Bhaer, and "Disney Descendants" where I played Doug. In Clue I play Colonel Mustard. I currently have no idea what I plan to do in the future. Enjoy the show :3
Ava Johnson (Professor Plum)
Ava Johnson is a Sophomore. She played Jane in Disney's Descendants, Beth in Little Women, Queen Aggravain in Once Upon a Mattress, and Professor Plum in Clue. Her future plans are to attend the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and study astronomy and astrophysics. I had loads of fun playing Professor Plum, and I hope you enjoy our performance!
Noah King (Mr. Green)
Noah King is a Freshman. He has been in the Lion King. Disney Descendants, and in Once Upon A Mattress. He plans to take PSEO when he can and will try to become a sports announcer.
Lindsay Erickson (Cook)
Lindsay Erickson is in 7th grade. She has played Lady Rowena in Once Upon an Mattress, Horace in 101 Dalmatians, and Rafiki in The Lion King. She doesn't have any plans for the future as of now. Enjoy the show!
Chloe Lucht (Singing Telegram Girl)
Hi, I’m Chloe Lucht and I’m a senior. I have been in other plays like The Pauper Princess, Oliver Twist and the Little Women. It was so fun being apart of all the plays and really sad to be graduating. I hope you enjoy the show!
Piper Anderson (Newscaster)
Piper Anderson is in Seventh grade. She played a Lioness in The Lion King and Lady Merrile in Once Upon a Mattress. She now controls the sound effects backstage and is the Newscaster in Clue. Her future plan is to be a medical examiner.
Autumn Noack (McCarthy's Voice)
Autumn Noack is a Freshman. She never played in any other Braham productions. Her future plans are to go to college and become a writer.
Carter Lotz (Mr. Boddy)
Carter Lotz is a Freshman. He played a Random Pirate in Treasure Island, Coach in Disney Descendants, Samuel in Little Women, King in Once Upon a Mattress, and now is playing Mr. Body. Enjoy the show.
Ayla Anderson (The Motorist)
Ayla Anderson is a sophomore. She has been in past productions such as: Guys and Dolls, Oliver Twist, All Shook Up, Treasure Island, Descendants, and Once Upon the Mattress. She is very excited to be part of the production Clue!
Avery Johnson (Cop)
My name is Avery Johnson and I am in 8th grade this year. I have appeared in Little Women and Disney Descendants. I was active in Summer Youth Theater. I was in Seussical, Willy Wonka, Lion King and Aristocats. I enjoyed playing the Cop in this year's play. I hope you enjoy the show as much as I did!
Marlin Schleicher (Chief of Police)
Marlin Schleicher is a 7th grader and plays the role of Chief of Police. In the future I hope a lot of good things happen like a good job but we'll see. I hope that I don't mess up my part which seems very likely, but I might be able to pull through. My word of advice is get good grades, don't do stupid things, and look at the sun. It's good for your eyes >:)
Ayla Edwards (Backup Cop)
Ayla Edwards is a 7th grader. She played Nightingale, Princess No. 12, Lady Mabelle, and was Winnifred for two preformances in Once Upon A Matress, and she is a Backup Cop in Clue. Her future plans are to go college and be a veterinarian. Hope you enjoy the show!
Leah Oliver (Backup Cop)
Leah Oliver is in 9th grade. She played Hans in Treasure Island, Isle Ensemble in Descendants, Kitty in Little Women, Lady Lucille in Once Upon a Mattress, and a Backup Cop in Clue. My future is unknown, but I plan to attend college. I enjoyed getting to learn the play, I hope you enjoy it too!
Andrea Christensen (Backup Cop)
Andrea Christiansen has been a giraffe in the summer program (The Lion King). She has also been a poodle in the summer program. (101 Dalmatians) Her future plans are to become a daycare teacher, or teacher. I really enjoyed working with everybody, and I hope you enjoy the show!
Bella Sheridan (Backup Cop)
Bella Sheridan is in 7th grade, and has had previous roles in Braham productions, such as Charlie and the Chocolate factory, 101 Dalmatians, The Aristocats, The Lion King, and Once Upon a Mattress. She has considered to taking a pathway into Chiropractic therapy.
Brett Lund (Production Assistant/Social Media)
Brett Lund is a senior. He's been in every fall musical and spring play production since his 7th grade year. His favorite parts were The Thing in Addams Family, and Young Shrek in Shrek the Musical. Brett plans to attend Saint John's University and major in Social Sciences along with minors in Psychology and Secondary Education. Brett may not be on stage, but is still part of the show. I hope you enjoy the show!
Elizabeth Fix (Pianist)
"Elizabeth Fix is a Junior this year. You will see her playing the gorgeous grand piano during the show. She has been involved in every show since seventh grade. Her favorite shows were Guys and Dolls and Little Women. My future plans are to go to college and hopefully go into genetics, or be a mortician. Wherever life takes me I guess. Anyways, big thanks to Joni for helping me with all the piano music and always making it fun to practice! Don't focus too much on the piano and enjoy the show!"
Grace Bergren (Tech)
Grace Bergren is a Senior. Her first show was Shrek the Musical. She has been in all but one show since then. Her future plans are to attend UMD to get a degree in Biology.
Matthew Kopel (Tech)
I have been in every play since my 7th grade year. I have had fun doing this activity and I hope you all enjoy the show!
Kruse Johnson (Tech)
Kruse Johnson is a Freshman. He has participated in tech for Treasure Island, Disney Descendants, Once Upon a Mattress, and now Clue. Other after school activities of his include basketball, baseball, and trap. Enjoy the show!
Everett Hirsch (Tech)
Everett Hirsch is an 8th grader. He was in the tech crew for the Decendants musical and ran lights for the Once Upon a Mattress musical. He plans on developing videogames forever. Enjoy the show!
Luke Fix (Tech)
Luke Fix is in 7th grade. He has also been part of the musical earlier this year. He also likes to play sports like cross country, basketball, and baseball. Enjoy the show.
Adam Fix (Tech )
Adam Fix is a 7th grader. He really likes to play baseball. He also likes to hang out with his friends in his free time. He has been in 101 Dalmatians, Willy Wonka, Aristocats, and Lion King. He has been apart of the Youth Summer Theatre Program and was in the Pit Band in Once Upon a Mattress.
Isabella Beinhoff (Tech)
Isabella Bienhoff is in 7th grade. She participated in Lion King Kids and Once Upon a Mattress for the tech crew.
Nathan Belden (Tech)
In the spring I like to play baseball, football, and sometimes soccer. In the summer I am going to play baseball.
Tycen Woods (Tech)
In the fall I participate in cross country. In the spring I like to participate in the spring play. In the summer I like to play baseball.