About Fall Student Dance Concert

Choreographed, curated, and produced by students in the Dance Department, both graduate and undergraduate.


Featured student choreographers:

Mia Allison & Claire Schlutt, Aleah Feggins, Blake Hudson, Angelina Moors, Lily Santana, Jazlyn Tan, Vivian Torres-Acosta


Lighting designs by:

Semaja Barton, Aleah Feggins, Victoria Grimaldi, Venrick James, Angelina Moors, N'dea Price and Elora Probyn


For information about performance accessibility, please call (215) 204-6177


Dance performances are sponsored in part by the Rose Vernick Fund and Temple University's General Activities Fund.


Boyer College of Music and Dance

The Dance Department at Temple University is committed to excellence in teaching, scholarship and artistic practice. Understanding that we experience life through our bodies, our programs encourage students to consider how minds in motion contribute to knowledge, transform the social world, and facilitate community engagement. 

A founding member of the National Association of Schools of Dance, Boyer's Dance Department has provided a multi-layered creative, reflective, and inclusive dance learning environment for over fifty years. We continue to honor traditions while exploring new ways of knowing dance.

For more information about our programs and events, please visit: boyer.temple.edu