About MFA Thesis Concert II

An evening of new choreography by Nycole Nurse, Shiyu Wang and CJ Whitmire


We are molded by our lived experiences, Shaped by the people around us. Our bodies are containers of the past, present, and surrounding environment. 

Vignettes illustrates the episodic endeavors related to discovering identity, culture, and community through dance. Witness three choreographic works created by Temple University Dance Department’s own graduating MFA Students, Nycole Nurse, Shiyu Wang, and CJ Whitmire. 

In The Caribbean Barbie Nycole Nurse explores the lived experience of black bodies, and the female black body as it relates to Caribbean women through the sensation of whining and the essence of pleasure. 

Shiyu Wang’s Inner Essence contemplates the profound and introspective quest of self-discovery and the importance of embracing this continual journey through life

CJ Whitmire’s What’s Inherited? / Shedding Skin explores one’s own past and the role it plays in discovering one’s present self. 


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Dance performances are sponsored in part by the Rose Vernick Fund and Temple University's General Activities Fund.


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