About Brent Webb, The Mentalist

Brent was on the BSPAC stage in 2020 and was enthusiastically received by our audiences!

Brent's show is a fast paced journey into our minds. Audience members actively participate in the mind reading program. You can feel the electricity in the room, as the entire audience may be interactively involved.

Thoughts and ideas are exchanged in a dynamic series of whirlwind revelations. For Example:

  • Words are selected at random from popular paperback novels, Brent names them instantly.
  • An audience member draws any picture, from the other side of the stage, Brent duplicates it perfectly.
  • One phone number is selected from a phone book of thousands...Brent has that number printed on a banner, inside an envelope that has been hanging in full view!
  • He is able to divine the serial number of a bill in someone's wallet from across the room..while blindfolded!
  • Brent is able to tell you the name of your childhood pet, or the amount of change in your pocket!

The personal, interactive energy moves like a wave throughout the entire audience, and in every corner of the room. Audience members are instantly laughing, stunned with wonder, and gasping in disbelief. 

There are thousands of magicians and mentalists, but there is only one BRENT WEBB!

Borrego Springs Performing Arts Center

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