Little Shop of Horrors Cast

Ayanna Wash  (Seymour )
Ayanna Wash is excited and honored to be a part of Little Shop of Horrors. She is a senior at Bishop Noll Institute. She is the Vice President of Drama and has previously participated in the musical “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” as Leaf Coneybear, the play “She Kills Monster” as Orc Leader, the musical “Xanadu!” as Thalia/ Muse of Comedy, the play “Eurydice” as Big Stone, and as a part of set for the plays “Clue” and “Once Upon a Mattress”. She is very happy to be a part of her theatre family. Besides theatre, Ayanna is also the Valedictorian, the President of Band and first seat trumpet in the Bishop Noll band, and has been a part of D&D club, crochet club, wrestling, biology club, and student ambassadors. In her free time, Ayanna likes to crochet, sing, play with her dog, and spend time with her favorite people. She would like to thank her mother for always being there and supporting her through everything and all her endeavors. She would also like to thank her girlfriend Amy Ledezma and her best friend Iris Romero for also supporting her through everything she does. Finally, she would like to thank Mrs.K for supporting her through everything, always being proud of her, and genuinely taking care of her. She has pushed her to be her very best. So, come in and enjoy the show as we drag you through the horrors of Skid Row.
Maisie Wragg (Audrey)
Maisie Wragg is elated to be a part of Little shop of Horrors! She is 16 years old and in her sophomore year. This is her third production at BNI! She was previously in She Kills Monsters as the Skeleton Leader, and Xanadu! As Euterpe. Outside of BNI, she has been in Annie the Musical As Duffy and Charlie Brown as Marcie. Apart from drama club, Maisie has been an Irish dancer for 13 years, and she plays the piano. She’s a part of the Yoga and Meditation club, video game club, biology club, and Chinese club. In her spare time, she enjoys to watch dramas from all across the world and likes to read fictional novels. She’s also a fan of ATEEZ and Tomorrow X Together. She would like to thank all the cast members for creating a beautiful environment where everyone can be themselves, her parents and older sisters who are always such supportive people, and Mrs. K, Mr. Herr, Haley, and Mr. A for their time, dedication, and guidance throughout the whole thing. She’d also like to thank her bestie westie Jai for being there through everything, supporting her, and giving her confidence. <3 I love you guys!!
Jackson Montgomery  (Audrey II -The Plant )
Jackson Montgomery he is a senior playing as Audrey ll. He has been in Drama Club for 4 years. He is a student ambassador, played varsity bowling for 4 years and played varsity baseball for 3 years. He is going to further his academic and athletic career at Coppin State University to play Division 1 baseball. He is going to study psychology and theater arts. He has been in multiple shows like Sonny Malone in Xanadu, Mitch Mahoney in Putnam County Spelling Bee, Miles in She Kills Monsters, and the Nasty Interesting Man in Eurydice. He is very excited for this show being his last. He is thankful for Mrs. K giving him these opportunities to showcase his talents and gifts to his peers and family. He is very emotional with this being his last show and he hopes everyone enjoys and has a great time
Emiliano Soto (Mr. Mushnik )
Emiliano Soto is really happy to be a part of Little Shop of Horrors. Little Shop of Horrors is a musical he really loves, and he is even happier to be able to play Mushnik in this production. He is a junior at BNI, and this is his second production. He is glad to be rejoining the cast for the musical this year. This is his first musical to ever be casted in, and he is eager for opening night. Apart from being in theatre, he is a student ambassador and a part of the BNI band, Multicultural club, Art club, Chess club, Biology club, and Science Olympiad. In his free time he loves to listen to music and play video games. He would like to thank Mrs. K and the cast for always believing in him, when he wasn’t feeling so positive of his skills
Brian Barragan  (Orin the Dentist )
Brian Barragan is so stoked to be back on stage after being Orpheus in the fall. He is a senior at BNI, and he is excited to part of the production once again. While he’s not inhaling oxide, he’s playing guitar, playing The Last of Us, or listening to his favorite band, Eagles of Death Metal. Besides theatre, Brian is a part of Guitar Club, and Chess Club. Brian wants to thank his mom for pushing him to go to school. He would also like to thank Mr. Watrobka and Mr. Gleason for guiding him to do his best.
Hailey Wojtaszek  (Wanda (Urchin))
Hailey Wojtaszek is stoked to dominate the stage with her sassy Urchin sisters and perform Little Shop of Horrors.This is her fourth performance of her highschool career and has previously played Evil Tina in BNI’s fall production of She Kills Monsters, the lead, Kira/Clio in Xanadu, and Loud Stone in Eurydice. She is part of biology club, girls golf, theatre, and is the official drama club social media manager and senior night planner with the best co-planner, Iris❤️. She would like to thank her sister, Abby, for paving her path to stardom, her mom and dad for always supporting her after school endeavors and her Little Shop fam for making this show one for the books.❤️
Taylor Adams  (Chiffon (Urchin))
Taylor Adams (Chiffon) is a junior at Bishop Noll, and is so excited to be in the musical “Little Shop of Horrors”. This will be her fourth show she has ever been in. Freshman year she played as one of the cheerleaders in the musical “25th Putnam County Spelling Bee”. Then in sophomore year she had her first major role as Terpsichore in the musical “Xanadu”, and she was little stone in the fall play “Eurydice”. In her spare time, you can find Taylor dancing or singing to music or taking long naps. She is also apart of National Honor Society and the Bishop Noll volleyball team. Taylor would like to thank everyone that has helped her during this process and for believing in her.
Amanda Gholston (Ronnette (Urchin))
Amanda Gholston is excited to play Ronnette in Little Shop of Horros. She is sophmore at Bishop Noll Institute and, for the past three productions she has been a stage manager, but this year she decided to try things from the front of the stage. Besides theatre, Amanda is also a varsity cheerleader, a part of the Black Student Union, Speech and Debate, as well as a couple other extracurriculars. She would like too thank her parents and grandmother for loving and supporting her through everything. She also would like to thank and honor her late Pastor, Dr. Cedric Oliver for always encouraging and supporting her in everything she did.
Amy Ledezma (Crystal (Urchin) )
Amy Ledezma is extremely excited and honored to be a part of this year’s production of Little Shop of Horrors. This is her last year in Drama, as she is a senior, and is so grateful for these year past 3 years. Previous productions Amy has been in are: Eurydice, as Little Stone, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, as Rona Lisa Peretti, She Kills Monsters, as Farah the Fairy, Xanadu, as Erato the Muse of Lyrics, Once Upon a Mattress, as Nightingale/Princess, and Clue!, as a stage hand and student director. Besides the obnoxious amount of time Amy dedicates to Drama she also enjoys music, art, puzzles, crochet, scary movies, hanging out with friends, and helping out the band. She had an amazing time going through all the ups and downs of rehearsals and long nights in the auditorium. Firstly, she would like to thank her family, friends, and girlfriend for all the support and good times during the show and the past three years. A second thank you to all the friends Amy got closer too during this production. Lastly, a ginormous thank you to all of Drama Club and especially Mrs. Kay for getting Amy to where she is now, she wouldn’t have grown so much if it wasn’t for all of them. Enjoy the show, its going to be a wild ride! :)
Annica Thomas (Rochelle (Urchin))
Annica Thomas plays Rochelle in this year’s spring musical. She’s a Freshman and is more than grateful to bring this story to Bishop Noll. She played an ensemble stone in the fall play Eurydice. She was a cheerleader for the 22-23 season also is apart of Black Student Union, Student council, and Yearbook. She wants to thank her mother for always believing in her and wanting what’s best. Her immediate family for supporting her, her brother for being by her side, and her cousin Keyonna for being a constant in her life. So, come see this sassy sista in show!
Jamie Lee  (Audrey II Puppeteer)
Jamie Lee is excited to be a mean green mother from outer space! They are very excited to bring this villain to life in their last show at Bishop Noll. He is a senior at BNI and this will be the second musical that he is able to see performed. Outside of theater, Jamie was part of the Bowling Team, a member of D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) Club, and was a part of Shakespeare SLAM for their second year in a row. Jamie may not be an actual plant from outer space but he certainly likes to help others unlike a certain plant. They are excited to be with their friends for this hilariously dark show. Jamie likes to read, play D&D, cook/bake, watch cartoons, and be with his family and friends. Jamie would like to thank their family, friends, drama family, and school mom (Mrs. K) for being there when he needed them and encouraging him to do what makes him happy. Now sit back, relax, and don't feed the plants.
Iris Romero (Skip Snip)
Iris Romero is thrilled to be apart of this incredible musical! She is in her Junior year and this will be her 5th show! Iris stays involved in the theatre department in ways other besides acting such as; helping with the Hair & Makeup team, as well as having the role of a social media manager who helps with promoting the department. When not on stage Iris competes in Speech and Debate and is also a part of the National Honor Society! Outside of academics, Iris mostly enjoys the occasional trip to Chinatown with her friends. Lastly, Iris would like to thank the seniors participating in this show for guiding her the past few years. They’ve impacted her a great deal. In the future she hopes to see them all happy, healed, and protecting their peace. Special thank you to the seniors; Amy Ledezma, Ayanna Wash, Keira Quinlan, and Brian Barragan “I’m so proud of you guys”.
Keira Quinlan  (Customer )
Keira Quinlan is happy to be a part of Little Shop of Horrors! She is a senior at BNI and has been a member of the drama club for 4 years. This is her fifth time being in a production as she has been a cheerleader in the musical 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, a skeleton in She Kills Monsters, a cyclops in Xanadu and the Big Stone in Eurydice. Keira is in many clubs besides Drama Club. She is the member of Chess Club, Crochet Club, Video Game Club, Student Council, and she is president of the Chinese Club. Along with being a member of all these clubs, Keira is also a part of the girls Volleyball and softball team. In Keira’s free time she loves to read, play sports, dance, knit and watch movies. Keira would like to thank her parents and friends for always supporting her and always making her laugh. She would also would like to give a final thank you to Mrs. Kayla Konkle for letting her be a part of Little Shop of Horrors and providing a safe space at school. P.S. Audrey II can get hungry so try not to be eaten just yet, there is a show to watch after all. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!!
Joaquin Martinez (Mr. Bernstein/Ensemble )
Joaquin Martinez, a talented actor with a lot to him. A curious outgoing person with a nice personality. Very honest and loyal and has a sense of humor. He wanted to join this musical to have fun and make new friends, he also did it to show off his skill and confidence to the world and enjoys being a character in any play/musical.
Mathieu Jadrych  (Patrick Martin)
Mathieu Jadrych is glad to be a part of Little Shop of Horrors! He is currently a junior at Bishop Noll. In last year’s musical, He was a muse in the ensemble. Outside of theater, He is a part of the Student Council, an National Honor Society Member and a player on the baseball team. Outside of school, he also plays baseball and weightlifts. He also plays video games, spends time with his friends and family and hangs out with his dog. He wants to thank his parents for supporting me and his friends for always being there for him. He also wants to thank Mrs. K for pushing me as she has been so helpful. On that note, he hope you enjoy the show!
Sophia Mendez  (Mrs. Luce/Ensemble )
Sophia Mendez is excited to be in Little Shop of Horrors! Sophia is a senior and this is her sixth and final show at BNI! She was knight #3 in Once Upon a Mattress (canceled due to COVID), a police officer in Clue, Vice Principal Douglas Panch in 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Steve in She Kills Monsters, and a centaur in Xanadu. When she is not performing you can find Sophia watching TV, reading, drawing, daydreaming, and overthinking everything. You can also find Sophia doing homework till 12 in the morning. She played volleyball for two years and ran track for one. She is in the cross country. She is a part of the National Honor Society, Student Council, Art Club, Drama club, Women Empowerment Club, and now leads the Hispanic Student Union. Sophia would like to thank her parents for supporting her through everything and loves them very much. She would also like to thank her friends, who have been with her through thick and thin. She would also like to give a huge thank you to Mrs. K. Mrs. K is one of the best and most influential teachers at BNI. Sophia wishes Mrs. K the best and will miss her.
Lacey Stanford (Ensemble )
Lacey Stanford is a Junior at BNI. She has been in 2 previous shows 25th Annual Spelling Bee as a cheerleader and Xanadu as a Siren. She would also help out with house crew during the fall plays every year. Theater being one of her main activities she involved in she also involved in Volleyball ,chess club, and wrestling manager, Hispanic Student Union. She would like to give thank you to her grandpa for allowing her to be apart of multiple things at a time and dealing her her crazy schedule. She wants to thank her boyfriend for supporting her every time she would come to him saying she didn’t do go during auditions or at a volleyball game. She would like to thank Mrs.K for allowing her to be apart of this musical and all the ones previously.
Taylor Holland  (Ensemble )
Taylor Holland is extremely excited to be a part of Little Shop of Horrors!!! She is a freshman and this is her very first production. Taylor is in drama, art club, Science Olympiad, photography club, creative writing club, women's empowerment, and speech. During her free time Taylor loves drawing, writing, reading, learning, and taking photos of nature. She is very grateful to be a part of this musical and for the amazing support of her fellow cast members, friends, and family. Taylor would also like to give a VERY special thanks to Mrs. K, the amazing director of this musical.
Anna Gee (Wskid Interviewer/Ensemble)
Anna Gee is beyond excited to be joining the cast of Little Shop of Horrors! As a senior at Bishop Noll, you may have seen her as Mishkin in “Fools!” and Kaliope Darkwalker/Kelly in “She Kills Monsters!” Outside of drama club, Anna is a member of Shakespeare SLAM!, D&D Club, and Captain of the Girls’ Swim Team. Offstage, you can find her most likely in a pool somewhere or in her room writing, gaming, or singing showtunes absurdly loud. Anna would like to thank her parents, as well as her boyfriend, for their unconditional love and support.
Spell Moore (Ensemble )
Spell Moore (he/him) is happy to help bring the town of Skid Row to life before your very eyes. In previous years, he's played such characters as Professor Plum (Clue), Olive Ostrovsky (25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee), Tilly/Tillius the Paladin (She Kills Monsters), and Melpomene (Xanadu), as well as playing the titular character King Richard the IIIrd in Shakespeare Slam rather than participating in the play. Outside of theatre, he's a band officer, as well as part of the D&D club (though they haven't met recently) and entertains many hobbies and interests- writing, drawing, and playing and making music namely. He would like to extend his warmest thanks to his family for supporting him in all his endeavors, and to his friends for hyping him up through the audition process. Now, leave your trouble behind and focus on the much bigger trouble afflicting the people of Skid Row, New York in the form of Audrey II.
Jara Zamora  (Ensemble )
Jara Zamora is thrilled to be in BNI’s production of Little Shop of Horrors. She is a sophomore at BNI and has had the opportunity to showcase herself in her second musical, Little Shop of Horrors. She has had the pleasure of being in She Kills Monsters, Xanadu, and Eurydice. In regards to extracurriculars at BNI, she hopes to join tennis in the spring. Jara likes to explore nature, read books, listen to her favorite music, and be in the company of her loved ones. She would sincerely like to thank her family for being kind enough to not only allow but also support her in participating in any play or musical she can. She would also like to thank the wonderful director, Mrs. Konkle for including her in the current musical and providing her with previous acting experiences and heartwarming memories. She can not forget to thank all the members of the Drama Club that inspire and encourage her every rehearsal. Therefore, Jara can finally say take a seat and get ready to immerse yourself in the unforgettable experience of BNI’s Little Shop of Horrors!
Ruby Tolnai  (Ensemble )
Ruby Tolnai is once again excited to join BNI in their production of Little Shop of Horrors! (Ensemble). She is incredibly grateful to be doing one of her all-time favorite shows with a cast she loves! She is a junior at BNI and has been in theatre for six years! Past credits include A Pick-A-Little Lady in The Music Man Jr., an Oompa Loompa in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Jr, William Barfee in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, a Bugbear in She Kills Monsters, and a Muse in Xanadu. Besides theatre she keeps busy with playwriting (in which she won an Excellence award for her play "Until Tommorow Ends” at the Thespian State Confrence earlier this year!), managing the house, ushering at Towle Theatre, being in Shakespere Slam, playing D&D, convincing everyone around her that Starlight Express is peak theatre, doing some dramaturgy, and being in the NHS. She’d like to dedicate this performance to her Aunt B, as this is one her favorite shows. Lastly she’d like to thank her mom and dad for supporting her and all her endeavors. Thanks mom and dad!!!
Andres Torres-Cruz  (Ensemble )
Andres Torres-Cruz has been here and there at Bishop Noll (unofficially) for two years, almost three! He has two sisters at Bishop Noll, aspiring to take the role as a head. He plays tennis, and was the right elevator door in Eurydice. Take note, as he’ll remind you many times about his role in Eurydice as the self-proclaimed “best door”! In this show, he’s portrayed as the Dentist’s Secretary named Andre.
Aranza Toral-Arellano (Ensemble )
Hi!!! Aranza Toral-Arellano (Ensemble) is a senior here at Noll. She’s super stoked to be in this production. This is her sixth production and she's very excited hahaha. She’s in drama club, art club, video game club, and guitar club. Whenever she isn’t acting she's either sleeping, listening to music, or dancing (* '▽' *) She would like to thank her parents, sister, and most importantly Mrs. K for making it possible for her to be part of this great production (*≧∀≦*)~☆
Bella Garcia (Ensemble )
Bella M. Garcia is so excited and grateful to be apart in the musical “Little Shop of Horrors”! She is a junior at BNI. Though this is her first time in the production she has been in drama club behind the scenes for 3 years, doing hair and makeup for the productions “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”, “She Kills Monsters”, “Xanadu”, and “Eurydice”. Besides for theatre Bella is apart of Biology Club, Art Club, Women’s Empowerment Club, NHS, and runs for the Bishop Noll Cross Country Team. Outside of school Bella can be seen hanging out with friends, drawing, watching her favorite shows, listening to music, or catching up on sleep. She would like to thank her friends and family for always pushing her to do her best and Mrs K. for allowing her to be apart if this show!
Lizbeth Gonzalez (Ensemble )
Lizbeth Gonzalez is once again a part of the spring musical, Little Shop of Horrors. She is currently a sophomore at Bishop Noll Institute. She has been in the previous fall play ‘She Kills Monsters’ and the previous spring musical ‘Xanadu’. Other than being a part of theater they are also in band, girls soccer, and etc. When they're not working on a production you can find them enjoying their pastimes like playing video games, crocheting and arts and crafts.