Fairy Tale Misfits Cast

Shayne Easler (Ms. Rosewood )
Our narrator; an eccentric old woman with a story to tell
Haven Jorgenson  (Ellie )
Ms. Rosewood's younger self; reluctant heroine trying to find her way back home
Evan Guy (Groundhog)
Quick-witted, but sciophobic (that's someone who's afraid of shadows)
Ty Stanko (Mac)
Little-known eighth---and world's largest---dwarf
Zoey Lally (Jacqueline )
Jack's sister; greatest giant slayer of all, at least according to her
Sterling Leland (Fork In The Road and Sophisticated Troll)
F - Offers options; had fine points S - Guards his bridge with style, ego, and snobbery
Ashley Lobdell (Queen White-Out)
Master villain with an evil plan; keen on obliteration
Elizabeth Santistevan  (Larry, Vegetarian Witch, and Assistant's Helper)
L - Thought he was just going to see a play V - She'll make you eat your veggies A - Quiet, but helpful
Brynley Layton  (Pink Pearl and Big Bad Platypus)
P - Evil minion who erases characters forever B - Oversized, but hardly dreaded
Brooklynn Wickard  (Big Mistake )
Another; specializes in eliminating especially large items
Zephyr Madden (Sleepless Beauty )
Uber-energetic; ready to help no matter what time of day or night
Makenna Stanko  (Fairy Godfather and Baby Bear)
F - Food service and occasional rhyming are his things B - Excited to be on vacation with his parents
Leilah Tunink  (Indecisive Goldilocks and Papa Bear)
I - Nothing seems just right P - Baby's dad
Shane Reynolds  (Prince Appalling and Prince Raponio)
P - Anything but charming P - Stuck in a castle where no one can appreciate his epic beard
Saydee Hoops (Little Red Robin Hood)
Steals pastries to give to poor grannies
Abigale Lobdell (Little Inverted Mermaid )
Top-half fish, bottom-half human
Ivary Lawson  (Origami Pork)
Wise and mysterious; loves slop
Natalie Watts (Captain Chinook and Mama Bear)
C - Pirate with a salmon hand M - Baby's mom
Lexi Guy (Wonderful Stepmother and Keeper's Assistant )
W - Compassionate and caring; makes a mean pizza K - Storyteller land's zany caretaker